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Book Tour for Russian Heat by Lily Harlem (Review & GIVEAWAY)

The hockey world takes center stage in this erotically-charged romance between a sexy Russian devoted to his family and the one-night stand who quickly becomes more.  Keep reading to get a tempting taste of Russian Heat by Lily Harlem, along with my impressions of it, then add it to your bookshelf.  In honor of this seventh installment in the Hot Ice series make sure to fill out the form below for the chance for 3 winners to win copies of the first two books in this series too!

One night stands should be exactly that, one wild night. Somebody should tell that to the sexy Russian.
I love working for an airline and traveling the world—it’s everything I'd ever hoped and more. I work hard and play hard, and if I can have some sexy time with a hot guy, why not? I'm a free agent.
When my one-night stand is a hunk of a hockey player with a smooth Russian accent and an even smoother way of sweet talking me into his bed, not once but several times over, things definitely get complicated for my heart. I have no intention of having it broken again.
Will he be able to make it up to me? Has he even returned from his homeland? And what the hell is going to happen when engine failure makes my life flash before my eyes? Only one way to find out, and that's to hang on for the ride.
***First time in print! Includes the bonus short story: “Rookie Rules”!***


“Vadmir,” the man in front of me said, holding out his hand. “My name is Vadmir Arefyev."
I tore my attention from the departing couple and let his warm fingers wrap around mine. He had a few callouses on his palm and his nails were neat and square-shaped. “Samantha.” I paused. “But I guess you know that because my friend just said it."
“Yes.” He grinned, a proper smile this time, not the half-amused curl of his lips he’d had before. “But it looks like you have lost your friend.” He spoke with an accent, Russian I guessed, having heard passengers speak that way.
He released my hand.
“I’ve only lost her for a few hours.” I knotted my fingers together, trapping the warmth infused from his palm. “Let’s hope she doesn’t eat him alive."
He laughed, a deep, rumbling chuckle that shifted his huge pecs beneath his t-shirt. “I hope she does. Jackson is still getting used to his new Viper fame and it might teach him a lesson. Knock him up a peg or two."
“Do you mean down a peg or two?"
“Yes, yes, that’s what I mean, down.” He smiled again and I noticed that his two front teeth were slightly crossed.
“Yes, and he is new, isn’t he?” Harmony had mentioned that earlier. “In that case, he might be a little worn-out at practice tomorrow."
He rubbed his hand over his chin, creating a sharp sound over his dusting of pale stubble. “I’m not here tomorrow but it would be good to see.” He nodded at the parking lot. “So do you need a ride now?"
“I’ll grab a cab, that’s how we got here."
“I don’t mind taking you somewhere. I’ve finished for the day."
“No really, I don’t want to bother you."
“It is no…er…bother.” He gestured to the lot. “Anyway, there are no cabs here."
A small, welcome breeze lifted my hair from my shoulders and wafted the scent of dew-coated moss and light herbs my way. He was wearing an unusual cologne that seeped into my nose and heightened my awareness of his magnetism. There was definitely something seriously sexy about Vadmir Arefyev.
Damn, I really should get a ride out of here.
In fact, better still. I should make him my ride.
“Well I guess you’re right,” I said, “there are no cabs about, so yes, a ride would be cool. As long as you don’t mind?"
“I really don’t mind.” He adjusted his bag, his upper arm muscles straining against the sleeve of his t-shirt. “It’s this way."
He turned to the lot and I fell into step beside him. I had to take two strides to his one but luckily my Hermes wedges were up to the job.
He swung his keys around his fingers again. “Samantha, that’s a pretty name."
“Thanks, yours is…unusual."
“Not where I’m from.” He shrugged. “There are plenty of Vadmirs there."
“Where is that, then?"
He glanced at me. “You are not a Vipers fan?"
“No, sorry, I was just hanging out here with Harmony. I’m more of a Prada, Gucci and Jimmy Choo fan. Don’t mind a bit of Donna Karan and Armani, either."
He chuckled again. “I get your drift."
“So you’re from where exactly?” I asked.
“Russia. North of Moscow. I’ve been here four years now, though."
“Your English is good."
“Thank you. I have worked very hard to get it right."
“And do you miss home? Russia?"
He paused at a white convertible Chevy Camero and clicked his key fob. The car beeped to life and he tugged open the passenger door for me. “Yes, of course. I miss my family, my parents are not getting younger but at least, doing this, playing here, it means I can provide for them."
“That’s very kind of you."
“They’ve always been very kind to me.” He smiled and gestured for me to climb into the car.
I climbed inside and he shut the door. As he walked around the front, I buckled up and placed my purse down at my side.
“And you,” he said, dropping into the driver’s seat. “You’re not American. I can tell."
“Ah, well spotted. No, I’m English, well, technically half-and-half but I grew up in England so that’s home. But my father lives over here, in Denver. America has been home for a long time now."
“We played Denver last month. I liked the cold. The heat in Florida can be very…tiring.” He revved the engine and flicked on the air-conditioning.
“I won’t disagree with you there.” I crossed my legs.
His gaze drifted over my thighs and knees and I couldn’t help yet another small thrill. It seemed Vadmir was a leg man, which was just as well. I had great legs. Not by chance but by hours in hotel gyms and a healthy dose of good genes from my grandmother and mother. Right now my legs were also tanned to a milky-coffee shade of brown and freshly waxed.
“Tell me if you get cold,” he said. “You’re…er…not wearing much."
Now it was my turn to laugh. “I’m fine, it’s a relief to be out of the sun."
He looked me in the eye and my breath hitched. There really was something captivating about him, and being this close to him—his handsome face, his scent and his obvious interest in me—was hitting all my buttons.
I pulled in a deep breath, licked my lips and willed my heart not to race too much.
“So where do you want me to take you?” he asked, his attention dropping to my mouth and his eyelids getting heavy.
On a fast and sweaty one-way trip to Heaven.


When it comes to sports-themed romances, the best ones balance moments of sexiness with action-packed athletic interludes.  The best ones have your heart pounding in and out of the bedroom.  With her Hot Ice series Ms. Harlem has crafted an erotically-charged series of books featuring one sexy hockey player after another while putting readers in a sexual haze.

One-night stand takes on a whole new meaning in this latest installment in the series as a stewardess who likes the finer things in life finds herself drawn to a sexy Russian who sweeps her off her feet in a whirlwind connection that looks to be heading towards HEA until fate steps in.  Samantha's still reeling from a past relationship that's left her doubting love, but she's more than willing to spend a few hours indulging in the drool-worthy hockey player with a charming Russian accent.  At first she's happy with their night of debauchery, but when she's offered more she grabs on to it with both hands.  Samantha's a strong-willed and likable heroine unafraid of saying what she wants which leads to numerous decadent encounters that left me parched.  Though she has fears over the L word she willingly puts her heart on the line which leads to heartache and near-death that ultimately shows her the true meaning of love.

Vadmir's a delicious hero, loyal and caring to those he calls his.  He showed a bit of dominance when it came to Samantha's safety which had me cheering and was one of many subtle ways he expressed his love for her.  From the first moment they meet theirs is a connection that crackles as he's immediately drawn to Samantha, charming her in and out of the bedroom and doing everything he can to stretch their one-night stand into something longer. Seeing him with his family in Russia is charming too and shows him as a sweet and gentle soul and it's an enjoyable juxtaposition when he unleashes his naughty side.  Vadmir's immensely appealing with his broken English and loving comments, his loyalty equally as endearing as he proclaims himself a one-woman man.  From my first glimpse of him to my last I proudly add him to my list of book boyfriends for being so sweet and sexy!

This was an enjoyable read from the first page to the last as it nicely balanced erotic encounters with heartwarming familial interactions.  Samantha and Vadmir are electric together whether in or out of the bedroom with scorching yet playful encounters that took up quite a bit of the narrative.  The middle part of this story takes readers to exotic Russia in a loving postcard that had me enjoying the ride and this couple's carefree romance.  Add in exhilarating hockey scenes and it all makes for an entertaining journey to HEA that was slightly marred by an overly dramatic ending that ultimately brought the couple back together.  Along with a likable main couple readers get a glimpse of the rocky romance between Samantha's friend and Vadmir's teammate that wraps up in a short story included with this book.  On a whole, fans of erotic romances will find this a decadently delightful read and a reason to learn a bit of Russian for the dirty talk that Vadmir eloquently speaks that left me breathless!

My rating for this is a B+

*I got this book from the author for review in exchange for my honest opinion.


Lily Harlem lives in the UK with a workaholic hunk and a crazy cat. With a desk overlooking farmland, she allows her imagination to run free and revels in being able to use the written word as an outlet for her creativity. Lily’s stories are made up of colorful characters traveling on everyone’s favorite journey—falling in love. If the story isn’t romantic, sexy and exciting, it won’t be written, at least not by this author.


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