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Book Tour for Say It Louder by Heidi Joy Tretheway (Review & GIVEAWAY)

As a fan of rockstar romances I can never get enough of the glitzy and gritty world crafted by the authors who depict the highs and lows of fame.  I've enjoyed the Tattoo Thief series, with all its twists and turns, as each couple has captivated me throughout all the machinations befalling the band.  Today I'm introducing you to the latest installment so keep reading to get a tempting taste of Say It Louder by Heidi Joy Tretheway, along with my impressions of it, then add it to your bookshelf.  In honor of this fourth installment in this sensual series full of loyalty and lies make sure to fill out the form below for the chance to win 1 of 10 signed print copies of this book.  I also have a print copy of this book to give away to one of my fellow US/CAN book lovers, with the winner randomly chosen from those giving me the title of your favorite rockstar romance (along with your email addy) in the comments below!

I had a choice—dump my toxic girlfriend, or break up my band.
It should have been easy. But she’s been collecting dirt on all of us for years.
Just when I think I’ve hit rock bottom, a pink-haired street artist rocks my world. They call Willa “the Parking Lot Picasso.” I call her my refuge, my center, my last reason to hope.
When Willa’s life on the streets collides with a sudden spotlight on her art, I’ll stop at nothing to protect her. But when the spotlight turns on my secret shame, she might be my only salvation.


She snags the keys to my Audi and slams the door. The house echoes with emptiness and I trip to the bathroom, just in time to retch into the toilet. I heave until it’s all gone, then heave some more.
When I’m sure my stomach is as empty as my house, I raise my head, run my face under a full-blast faucet until it throbs, and then grip the sides of the pedestal sink as I search my reflection for an answer.
It’s not there.
Haunted eyes stare back at me, bloodshot from the force of vomiting. I look a decade older than my twenty-five years and I have no fucking clue how, when I’m supposed to be on the top of the world with my band and our music, everything has fallen apart.
I’m one police report away from being a suspect and maybe even a prisoner.
I walk back to my bedroom and see the rumpled sheets and a bottle of lube on the bedside table. It almost sends me back to the toilet for more dry heaves, so I quickly descend the stairs, aching for an escape from this place.
But I have nowhere to go.
Jayce hates me—or at least he isn’t ready to forgive me for how Kristina betrayed his girlfriend Violet by outing her naked pictures to the media.
Tyler’s on his side, too. He always is, and sometimes it feels like those two gang up on me simply out of solidarity, rather than siding with what’s right for our band and our careers.
So I call Gavin.
“Did you do it?” He doesn’t even bother with a hello. He needs to know if I’ve cut Kristina out of my life yet, because she could set off a chain reaction that could go very, very badly for him.
“It’s complicated."
“It’s not. Dump that bitch. We can’t trust her."
“You can say that again.” My lips twist with black humor. “I threw her out of my house, but not because of what she knows about us."
Gavin’s line blares with traffic noise. “Hang on. I’m just getting back to my place. It gets patchy in the elevator."
“I pace my kitchen, trying to decide my next move.
“So start over. Tell me what happened,” Gavin says. He’s calm like I need to be, and so I tell it like a news report, like I’m not invested in this shit at all. When I finish, he lets out a low whistle. “Oh, man. There’s more what-the-fuck in your fucking story than in the history of fucked-up clusterfucks."
I bark out a laugh, loving Gavin’s ability to drop the F-bomb in virtually every part of speech. It releases some of the tension from the tight band that’s compressed my chest steadily since Kristina slammed out of here, like I’m rising higher and higher into the atmosphere, where the air’s so thin every movement feels like a marathon.
“I don’t know what to do,” I confess.
God, I feel like such a wimp to admit it. I’m the sure one, the sharp one, our band’s first manager and the guy who always knows what to do in a bad situation.
I knew what to do when Lulu died, even when Gavin panicked and fled. And now I’m just … lost.
“You know what? Neither do I. But I do know we’re going to fire Chief’s ass—formally—and get you as far away from Kristina as possible."
“Then what should I do?” I pound my fist on my kitchen counter in frustration.
He rattles off an address. “Go see Stella.”




Through three previous installments the band members of Tattoo Thief have seen their share of emotional highs and lows due to their own actions as well as the machinations of Kristina, their fellow bandmate's girlfriend.  Everything comes to a head in this book full of twists and turns as it's time to call her bluff. Dave's let her threats and manipulations weigh on him for seven years, but when he must choose between her and his band he's willing to give her almost everything of his to send her on her way.  A vengeful ex knows no bounds though as her anger jeopardizes his burgeoning relationship with the exotic and refreshing Willa as well as his entire future in a fast-paced conclusion that will keep readers on the edge of their seats.

Dave's life revolves around Tattoo Thief and from a young age he exerted control over his bandmates to guide them to success.  He acted as their manager as well as drummer, though it was clear his talent was in business dealings.  Knowing that he was the weak link in their band has led to a lot of hard feelings exacerbated by the manipulative Kristina who's been a cancer to the band leaking secrets through the years.  It's made Dave feel even more separated from the band and now leaves their future in doubt.  Just as he finds the strength to push Kristina out of his life the past comes back to haunt him in a conclusion full of suspense that will either bring the band together or break them apart forever.  Dave's an immensely sympathetic character.  For years he's been loyal to Kristina, giving her everything, in the belief that she loved him.  As he's always felt alone when it comes to the various bonds of his bandmates he could only count on her but it's clear she's become a dangerous enemy.  Finding Willa is an eye-opening experience, a breath of fresh air and goodness after the toxicity of Kristina, and he latches on to her wholeheartedly. Dave's feeling lost when he meets Willa but she doesn't let him wallow in pity, pushing him to be strong when it comes to the vile Kristina and it's strength of spirit that binds these two together.  Dave's a kindhearted man who would give Willa everything if she'd let him.  He's supportive and pushes her to show her art to the world, keeping her safe from those who would take advantage of her. By spending time in her world he sees his life in a whole new way that changes his own path for the future.  Just when he's at his happiest though Kristina hurls one more bomb in his path to HEA and it's a crushing blow that had me aching right alongside him.  It's a credit to the author to make Dave worth rooting for after all the years he stood by while Kristina hurt his bandmates.  I fell in love with Dave here, hurt when he hurt and cheered as he triumphed, and it's a compelling journey readers get to take with him.

Willa's an intriguing heroine who's been through a lot in her life and instead of caving under the pain she rose high above it.  She's a bundle of energy and strength, solid in her build but ethereal in her outlook on life.  She lived on the streets as a teen, finding a home and acceptance amongst the homeless, and it's made her a strong-willed young woman full of wisdom.  She's a bit leery of getting too close to people or accepting help, but no matter how far she tries to keep Dave at arm's length she finds herself drawn to him.  She gives him a place of safety, taking his worries away, and in return he gives her a chance to make a future from her art.  Willa tells it like it is, never letting Dave wallow in pity, and it made for a combustible first meeting and a crackling connection that led to steamy encounters and supportive words and deeds.  She's an immensely likable character, one you admire, which is why her moments of self-doubt hit you hard.  It made her even easier to relate to though and one I'll never forget.

From start to finish this was a story that moved at a fast pace, and due to Kristina, it also leaves a sense of foreboding hanging over readers.  You keep expecting something bad to happen and when it does it's one heckuva bomb that's dropped.  Though I knew what the outcome would be it was still an exciting and suspenseful denouement to the story.  In battle the band finally united as a formidable force which had me cheering.  The romance between Willa and Dave crackled and teemed with sexual tension as they both fought their feelings early on.  Their unlikely friendship quickly morphed into scorching encounters and unforgettable interludes that give new meaning to creating art. Theirs is an intensely emotional relationship based on painful pasts that binds them together in a journey that puts that bond to the test.  Alongside this unforgettable couple are the men and women who keep Tattoo Thief at the top of the charts.  They were a bit fractured at the start of the story but when things really get tough they put past pain behind them to support the man who got them where they are today.  In the crowded genre of rockstar romances this series stands tall for its heartbreaking moments, delicious heroes, and strong-willed heroines and is one I recommend to those looking for HEAs worth fighting for.

My rating for this is an A-

*I got this book from the author for review in exchange for my honest opinion.


Heidi Joy Tretheway is a sucker for campfires, craft cocktails, and steamy romance in books and real life. She sings along with musicals (badly), craves French carbs, and buys plane tickets the way some women buy shoes.
Her first career as a journalist took Heidi behind the scenes with politicians, rock stars, and chefs, all of whom inspire her stories. Heidi Joy is currently working on her tenth book from her home in southwestern Washington.


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    Omg I can't just pick just 1 fav rockster romance ... but let's see if I can narrow some of the down;
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    1. HI Lilah,

      Thanks so much for responding! There are a lot of rockstar-themed romances out there so it is hard to pick just one. I've read Rock With Me and found it a solid read & will look into her new series.

      Good luck in both giveaways! They both end on 11/18.

      The Scarf Princess

  2. I really liked the excerpt. Sounds like a great book.