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Book Tour for Closer to You by Cat Mason (Review)

There are a few elements that promise me an enjoyable read when I choose a book and in this steamy read with bits of humor there's an addictive blend of rock star decadence blended with sexy athlete that made for hours of enjoyment.  Keep reading to get a tempting glimpse of Closer to You by Cat Mason and its tale of a glamorous rocker becoming disenchanted with the limelight who finds decadent delights with an ex-hockey player who misses the game along with my impressions of it.  Once you get a taste of all the steamy fun found in this first installment of the Grindstone Harbor series make sure to add it to your bookshelf too!

Life in the limelight isn't all it's cracked up to be. After years of constant touring, and a close call with an overly obsessive fan, Bristol Lachlan has reached her breaking point. Running on fumes, and fighting a wicked case of writer's block, the lead singer of Absent Without Leave has gone missing in action.
Tage Crosby has taken more than his share of hits, both on and off the ice. Hanging up his Captain's jersey, he now spends his time running the only bar in the small town of Grindstone Harbor. The last thing he expected was for a woman to come into town and rock his world, but his beautiful new neighbor has a way of leaving him tongue tied and tripping over himself every time he gets near her.
Bristol knows her time in Grindstone Harbor is only temporary. The recording studio calls and so does the stage. But, what happens when your private life is exposed by flashing lights and what you see suddenly isn't enough anymore?
Do you go after what is missing and pull it closer to you?
Warning: This is a hilarious romantic comedy that may cause you to need spare panties for several reasons. The pages are full of steam, awkward moments of hilarity, and general epic fails of the human kind. Please read with caution.




As a fan of rock star romances there's always a bit of similarity when it comes to the narrative, but in the case of Ms. Mason's series starter it's these similarities that gave me lots of enjoyable warm fuzzies while wrapping me up in its decadently delightful blanket.  To immerse me even more fully into this story is the sassy humor that energizes the already combustible connection between sexy singer Bristol and former hockey phenom Tage.  It fuels their fiery banter and had me laughing one moment and blushing the next.  Balanced amongst the humor and steaminess are the band members of AWOL who are a close-knit group whose interactions are familial in their playfulness and snark, but flashes of tension can be seen due to unrequited affections that promise more romantic tales in the future.  This band's on the cusp of changes, both internally and externally, and I look forward to the enticing journey ahead.

Bristol's been riding high with AWOL's success and has always found joy being on the stage until the night a crazed fan takes away her sense of security and taints her view of fame.  Looking to lick her wounds she heads to her deceased grandmother's house and soon finds not only peace and quiet, but also love. It's a scorching connection that progresses in the blink of an eye before hitting a huge roadblock that leaves her open to danger and needing Tage more than ever.  Bristol's a strong-willed woman who's quick with a comeback and isn't shy about going after Tage the moment she realizes how free he makes her feel. Their interactions are flirty and fun, their sexual interludes intensely erotic, and each time they're together lots of humor ensues.  When it comes to her intense feelings for Tage she doesn't always make the right decisions though as her need to defend their relationship to the press has her overreacting out of fear and sabotaging their future just as it's begun.  Thankfully their issues are quickly resolved in an exhilarating and heart pounding finale that left me cheering as Bristol discovered what's truly important to her.

Tage was once a star hockey player whose career ended due to the betrayal of his wife and best friend.  He's made a new life though, one that brings him just as much satisfaction.  The moment Bristol enters his life though he knows he has to claim her, despite being forced back into the glare of the spotlights in a relationship that's combustible from the moment he catches her in her bra on her balcony.  Tage is a strong-willed hero who seems beloved by all in his small town.  He could easily be jaded and angry over his past, but he's not which made him all the more appealing.  Tage is one sexy beast with a talent for dirty talk which made their encounters even more intensely erotic.  His interactions with his Uncle Felix had me laughing with their inappropriate banter which was as entertaining as the interactions he had with the other older men who inhabit his bar like those on Cheers.  Tage's dog Moo was another delightful addition to the town who charmed me at every turn.  From his stealing food to destruction of property I couldn't help but love him and with an act of bravery late in the story he earned the right to do whatever he wanted.

On a whole this was an entertaining story that beautifully balanced the sexy romance with engaging interactions outside the bedroom as well.  It was a fun and flirty story that included a bit of suspense to make the conclusion a memorable one.  Tage and Bristol were a delightful couple whose romance was almost picture perfect but for a bit of Bristol's needless worrying and assumptions towards the end.  The secondary characters were exciting and colorful with issues of their own that leave you clamoring for more.  The undefined connection between band mates Quinn and Tanner was made even more complicated by Bristol's bodyguard Evan and an out of the blue shocker that will leave reader's jaws on the floor as they breathlessly wait for the next installment!  This story was mostly told from Bristol's perspective but a few chapters gave us a glimpse from other's POVs which sets things up nicely for the next installment, giving insight into the complicated feelings of other characters.  Though this is a rock star-themed romance, not much time is spent in that world.  This is more of a small town romance that gave us a charming and picturesque backdrop to show the dichotomy of Bristol's rock star life and the one she's now found with Tage.  From the first page to the last this was a decadently delightful read that captivated me with each turn of the page and has me counting down the days until I see the fall-out from the squeal-inducing conclusion of Closer to You!

My rating for this is an A-

*I got this book from the author for review in exchange for my honest opinion.


Cat Mason is a thirty year old, married mother of three. When she isn't writing; she is spending time with her kiddos or reading. She was born and raised outside of St. Louis, Missouri, just over the Mississippi River in Granite City, Illinois. Cat writes romance of all kinds with twists of humor.

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