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Book Spotlight on This Is Our Song by Samantha Chase (GIVEAWAY)

Readers who enjoy rock star romances will find themselves charmed by this tale of two people from opposite sides of fame finding each other in an unlikely relationship.  Keep reading to get a tempting taste of This Is Our Song by Samantha Chase, as well as learning why the author thinks readers love rock star romances, then add then count down the days until its December 6th release.  In honor of this third installment in The Shaughnessy Brothers series make sure to follow the directions below for the chance for US and CA readers to win a print copy of the previous installment in this series (Always My Girl) too!

Growing up, I think we’ve all had our share of crushes on a rock/pop star.  Every generation has had their poster boy of who they were drawn to and why – going back to the days of Elvis and the Beatles.  If you go back and watch footage of when they would perform, you normally saw throngs of screaming girls who were crying and doing their best to even just touch one of their idols.  And from that point forward, we looked at these performers as sexy/sex symbols and they become a little bit of a fantasy.  So rock star romances allow us to live a bit of that.
As an author, we get to create the ‘ideal’ rock star – he’s talented and maybe a little bit cocky, but has a heart of gold.  What woman wouldn’t want that?  Throw in talent and maybe a ballad or two that he writes just for the heroine and really, that’s a little bit like living the dream.
I know I had the walls of my bedroom covered in posters of Bon Jovi or Duran Duran or Rick Springfield (totally dating myself here!) and was in love with each and every one of those men.  And I’ll bet if you asked, most women did the same thing at one time or another.  Singers/musicians are sexy – their presence/performances are very…physical. There’s a lot of sweat and swagger and they really work to make you feel a connection.
It’s really kind of attractive and sexy and just…again…a fantasy.  So for that reason, I think readers are drawn to those stories because while we’re engrossed in the story, we can imagine ourselves as the heroine.

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Samantha Chase crafts a tender, hopeful family-centered romance...
She knows him by reputation
Riley Shaughnessy knew that to stand out in his large family, he'd have to go big. Making a name for himself as a musician wasn’t easy, but he followed his dreams to rock-star success. But the relentless expectations of fans is not helping the slump he's in now. So of course the person who attracts him is the woman who is not impressed by fame.
Which gives Riley Shaughnessy a lot to prove
Entertainment reporter Savannah Daly is completely unfazed by pretty-boy rock stars. She’s just here to get her interview and write her story. But spending an entire month with the Shaughnessys is going to show Savannah a side of Riley she never could have guessed.


He didn’t just beat her in the best of three.
Oh, no. That would have been too easy.
No, Savannah—who realized too late that she was a very sore loser—kept egging him on until he finally put the paddle down after beating her in twelve games. Twelve! Why did she have to keep taunting him? Even while they were playing she couldn’t make herself ask him anything important. They talked about useless stuff—favorite bands, favorite foods—hell, at one point she’d even asked him his favorite color.
She hung her head low in defeat and put her paddle on the table. Riley had excused himself and went to get them each a drink. She prayed it was vodka. Something to make her forget this humiliation.
His prize at the end of the first three games was that she’d stay and have dinner with him.
After the next three she’d stay for a movie.
She really thought she was going to beat him in the third round. Unfortunately, it had been her biggest loss, and he’d simply chuckled and said he’d have to think about his reward. And he’d repeated that after the fourth and final win.
Riley cleared his throat when he walked back into the room and handed her a glass of ice water. They drank in silence for a few minutes. “That was fun,” he finally said, and Savannah realized he wasn’t being obnoxious and he wasn’t gloating. He genuinely looked like he’d had a good time.
And despite all the losing, Savannah would have to agree. It was fun.
“How do you feel about salmon for dinner?"
“It’s one of my favorites,” she said and was relieved he wasn’t gloating.
“It’s kind of early yet. Maybe we can watch a movie first?"
That was a reasonable request, and she agreed. Together they picked out a classic Neil Simon movie from 1967, Barefoot in the Park. “Ooo…Robert Redford.” She sighed. “Another favorite."
Tucked away in a corner was one of the biggest flat-screen TVs Savannah had ever seen. Riley noticed her stunned look. “It’s one hundred ten inches. They don’t come any bigger than this right now. The picture’s great too."
Two oversized recliners were centered in front of the screen and they each sat down. Riley started the movie and within minutes Savannah was more relaxed and they were both laughing along with the story.
She kicked her sandals off and tucked her feet up on the chair beside her. Next she pulled the clip out of her hair so she could relax her head against the back of the comfortable chair. Looking to her right, she saw Riley was watching her. His expression was intense and for the life of her, she couldn’t figure out what was wrong. “Is everything okay?"
He didn’t answer right away.
“I still have to decide what I get for winning those last two rounds,” he said, his voice low and gravelly.
Savannah nodded, hypnotized by the way his eyes had gone so dark.
“I’m going to combine them into one request,” he said, and it sounded more like a warning than a statement.
“Okay.” Her own voice was almost a breathy whisper.
Leaning closer, Riley’s eyes zeroed in on her lips before meeting her eyes. “Savannah?"
“I’m going to kiss you. Twice."
His hand snaked out and around her nape and slowly drew her closer to him. And then his lips touched hers and Savannah’s brain simply stopped functioning.



New York Times and USA Today Bestseller Samantha Chase released her debut novel, Jordan's Return, in November 2011. Teaching creative writing to students from elementary through high school motivated Samantha to take that step as well. Since then, she has become a NYT and USA  Today bestselling author. She lives with her husband of 25 years and their two sons in North Carolina.




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