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Book Release Blast for Good Trouble by Lani Lynn Vale (REVIEW)…….

Two people form a connection on the night of her prom when they were young, a connection that's only grown stronger and become more conflicted over the years.  With her marriage to his brother, his return from Afghanistan, and a horrific night that shows her who she's truly meant to be with, readers will find themselves on the edge of their seats in an angsty tale set within the MC world.  Keep reading to get a tempting taste of Good Trouble by Lani Lynn Vale, along with getting my impressions of this exhilarating and emotionally intense tale, then add this second installment in the Gator Bait series to your bookshelf!

Bain met Diana, a.k.a. Luce, the night before he was set to deploy to Afghanistan.
It’s not every day that you take your brother’s girlfriend to prom because he refuses to put out the effort.
That night was one of the best nights of his life and the next day, he leaves and doesn’t see her again.
But there are letters. Not many, but enough for them to form a connection.
Over the two-year deployment, they became great friends.
The best of friends—at least, as good of friends as you can be when it’s your brother’s wife. Fast-forward six years and she still counts him as one of her greatest friends. Even going as far as to stick by him when he’s sent to prison because his own brother turned on him.
Luce had a crush on her then-boyfriend’s brother since way before she and Bain’s brother were married. From the moment he volunteered to take her to prom, she’d fallen.
Over the years, she’d tried to hide it. Tried to go on with her life and act like she loved her husband and only her husband. But as time went on and Braxton started to treat her more and more like crap, she realized the truth. Her husband wasn’t Bain. Her husband would never be him.
Hell, that’d been proven time and time again.
The smoking gun, though? The thing that made her realize it was time to leave?
When her husband stood by while she was assaulted, while the man she tried to act like was just a friend protected her. Then was sentenced to eight years in jail for it.
It was time to admit the truth.
Bain McDempsey was it for her. She just had to help him see it. Oh, and get him out of prison first.




When it comes to emotionally intense tales full of heart and soul, tales that pull you in courtesy of characters you can see yourself in, I know I can always count on Lani Lynn Vale to put me through the wringer...in a really good way.  With this new series Ms. Vale has crafted another winner, another tale of a romance meant to be, and the incredible journey it took to get there!  With each turn of the page my heart was warmed, my anger was fueled, and a smile was put on my face, all while I was falling in love with this unforgettable main couple.

Bain McDempsey has been a part of Luce's life since she was a teen, brother to her boyfriend and her knight in shining armor on the night of her prom.  From that moment on he's always been there for her, no matter the thousands of miles separating them. He's a great friend, saying exactly what she needs to hear as she deals with her own demons.  He's a strong support to her, uber protective, both mentally and physically...especially when she's assaulted and he's the one who comes to her rescue (instead of her husband-his brother).  His actions that day had him making the ultimate sacrifice for Luce and his words and deeds throughout the story made me love him all the more as he proved himself the quintessential hero.  He's a sweet and sexy man, one who subtly and boldly showed his feelings to the world regarding Luce and who easily earned his place on my list of book boyfriends.

Luce too is an unforgettable part of this pairing with a chemistry that crackled from the very start.  She was drawn to Bain from the very beginning, won over by his kind heart and caring words.  She never felt worthy of him though, battling the demons in her head, which had her settling for Bain's brother.  Years of unhappiness, battles with her depression, finally had her coming out the other side though in an emotionally satisfying revelation that had her finally going after what her heart knew all along...that she and Bain were meant to be.  It's a difficult life journey for Luce, one that Ms. Vale realistically and respectfully depicted and that had me aching for her when the thoughts in her head became particularly weighty.  On a whole she's an immensely likable heroine, brave and loyal, and I was cheering her on every step of the way as she bravely battled every high and low thrown her way.

By the turn of the final page I was exhausted, but satisfied, by all that came before in this angst-fueled journey of friends to lovers.  The main couple captivated me from the very start, invested me in their unwavering connection to one another, showing them to be there for each other when they needed support most.  Their love was meant to be and I was so happy to see them both fighting for their HEA as the story took even more dangerous turns.  Theirs was a hard-fought journey to HEA, a journey that played with every one of my emotions, and left me in awe once again at the knots the talented Ms. Vale twists us readers into.  Along with this unforgettable main couple was a character you definitely booed...Bain's brother, Braxton.  He was despicable and cruel, fueled the negativity in Luce's mind, and I hated him for everything he did to her and his own brother.  Later in the story danger once again comes for Luce and Bain in scenes that kept me on the edge of my seat along with keeping me guessing.  From exhilaration to steamy encounters to laugh out loud moments...this book has it all and it has me excited for what comes next.  The interactions between the members of the Gator Bait MC were brotherly, supportive, with witty and playful banter that made them feel like a family.  Though this branch of the family was a bit dysfunctional at first they quickly showed themselves to be decadently delightful in a romance that still makes me smile for how perfectly imperfect Bain and Luce are!

My rating for this is an A.

*I got this book from the author for review in exchange for my honest opinion.

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