Friday, December 16, 2022

Book Release Blast for The Target by Lena Hendrix (REVIEW)……..

 It's an exhilarating cross-country trip for a young woman traveling to testify against the man who kidnapped her.  With her brother's best friend protecting her on the journey, she's busy protecting her heart from a past confession she made to him.  Keep reading to get a tempting taste of The Target by Lena Hendrix, then get my impressions of it which will have you wanting to add this younger woman/older man-fueled fourth installment in the Redemption Ranch series to your bookshelf!

All I wanted was a break from my small town life. Not to be stuck driving across the country with my older brother's gorgeous, infuriating best friend. Charming, cocky federal agent Scott Dunn is back in my life. And I hate him.Four years ago, Scotty was the center of every one of my fantasies. He was funny, kind, and eleven years older than me–a protector. But one ill-timed confession and he vanished from my life without so much as a goodbye.
Now I am called to testify against the men who kidnapped me and the gorgeous, infuriating man I tried so hard to forget is assigned to protect me. I want answers and he refuses to give them.
But as much as he claims to hate me too, I see the way his eyes linger on my skin. How his hands itch to reach out. He understands me in a way I’ve never let another man get close enough to know. My scars, physical and emotional, are a constant reminder of the girl I used to be.
A girl I try to forget.
As we travel across the country, the tension and simmering heat becomes unbearable. He’s pushing me outside my comfort zone while I’m desperately searching for control––until I realize Scott is more than willing to give it to me.
Once this is over, I know he’ll disappear again. But for now, he’s surrendering his control, and I'm going to take it.


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From the first page to the last this book kept me completely engrossed courtesy of its slow-burn road trip to HEA, a journey of second chances and healing for the heroine. This couple called to me, a couple who dealt with the pain of their pasts together in an empowering tale that played with my emotions.

Gemma's been in Scotty's life for years as he's the best friend of her brother, the strong and protective older friend who she wants in her life more than anything.  That truth had him running away four years ago, but he's now back to escort her to the trial of those who kidnapped her and left her with scars inside and out.  This time around Scotty doesn't plan on running away.  He wants Gemma and makes it his mission to give her the control her life's been lacking since her kidnapping.  He wants to empower her after her power was taken away by evil and with each mile traveled readers can see her getting stronger and more self-assured while bathing in his love.  The connection of these two started off a bit battered but grew stronger while warming my heart through their heartfelt talks.  Through it all Scotty is a drool-worthy hero, a strong man unwavering in his need to keep Gemma safe.  Gemma's a guarded but bruised heroine who's never wavered in her love for Scotty and their steamy interludes were powerful while making me blush a time or two.  Their connection might be seen as forbidden by some but I found it a richly rewarding journey to HEA that brought this series full circle. With this BIG CASE coming to an end, so too does the Redemption Road series, ended with a beautiful bow of love overcoming all and giving away power to show strength. Readers can definitely read this book on its own but will definitely want to get to know these characters better by reading about them from the very beginning in a series that I wholeheartedly recommend!

My rating for this is an A-

*I got this book from the author for review in exchange for my honest opinion.


Lena Hendrix is a contemporary romance author living in the Midwest. Her love for romance started with sneaking racy Harlequin paperbacks and now she writes her own hot-as-sin small town romance novels. Lena has a soft spot for strong alphas with marshmallow insides, heroines who clap back, and sizzling tension. Her novels pack in small town heart with a whole lotta heat.
When she’s not writing or devouring new novels, you can find her hiking, camping, fishing, and sipping a spicy margarita!
Want to hang out? Find Lena on TikTok or IG!

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