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Book Release Blast for The Bonds We Break by S. Cole (REVIEW)…..

 It's a war between a Club President and the sister of a man believed to be a traitor that will captivate readers as matters of the heart come to the forefront in this sensual and suspenseful tale.  Keep reading to get a tempting taste of The Bonds We Break by S. Cole, along with getting my impressions of this fourth installment in the Iron Outlaws MC series, then add it to your bookshelf!

When Uther "King" Hills, president of the Iron Outlaws MC, shows up at my home, I know it's for one thing. Revenge.
My life for my brother's, a traitor to the club.
My sacrifice to ensure his loyalty.
But I know a thing or two about tragic kings.
They never win.
What I didn't know was how they can steal your heart in the process of trying.
Rae Miller is my enemy's little sister.
And I intend to ruin her before I toss her back at her brother's feet.
Even as my actions tear my club apart.
Except this Shakespeare-quoting fire-cracker has me seeing ghosts.
I don't scare her. She outwits me at every turn and has a body I can't get enough of. The fact I want to kill every person who ever hurt her is irrelevant.
Only, when she's at risk because of me, I pray the bonds I've broken can mend themselves. Because without my club, we don't have a hope of surviving.



It's another exhilarating and emotionally intense tale set in the MC world with S. Cole guiding readers down the highway of life.  From the very first page events show themselves to be raw and gritty as punishment is doled out for a man thought to be a traitor.  The fallout from that belief is huge though when the lives of the club president and the perceived traitor's sister are changed dramatically as anger, revenge, and past pain all meet in a connection between two apparent opposites that becomes unforgettable.  Action in and out of the bedroom, secrets and all adds up to a story that will keep readers on the edge of their seats and rooting for this larger than life pair to find some sort of HEA.

At the start of this story Club President King is clearly reeling from his brother's decision to save the perceived traitor.  Already feeling unworthy of the title of president it's an extra blow to his ego for his brother's to go against him which leads to a life-altering decision of holding Rae Miller as collateral to keep her brother in line.  Theirs is a combustible connection from the very start as she's one to rely on her brains while he relies on his brawn in a dark, yet sensual battle of wills that ultimately becomes something more.  Both have been hurt by their pasts, both have experienced pain that has led to big walls enclosing their hearts.  These are not warm and fuzzy folks, but they are people who devote themselves wholeheartedly to what they believe in.  As a psychologist, Rae works on people's minds and emotions and it becomes an all-out war with King early on as she flexes her mental strength.  I loved her tough exterior, her ability to wield words like a weapon, and she's a heroine I found easy to relate to. King's more accustomed to demanding and giving subtle threats though which surrounded him with an air of danger.  He exuded strength but it was his vulnerabilities that really drew me to him as the weight of the presidency is becoming an anchor full of contradictions.  Seeing them was like watching a powder keg getting ready to explode and I found myself frantically turning the pages to see where things would go for them next.  Over time though their emotional walls came down and a formidable pairing was created.  We (and they) discovered their true selves in a hard-fought journey that displayed a perfectly imperfect couple whose rocky journey captivated me.  Seeing them together pulled at my heartstrings, brought out a tear or two, along with numerous blushes courtesy of King's oh so delightful talent for dirty talking.

The Iron Outlaws series continues to set fire to my bookshelves with storylines that don't pull any punches.  These MC romances are dark and gritty, pushing boundaries while setting itself apart from the rest of the genre.  The next installment looks to be equally unforgettable with a male lead with anger issues of his own and an epilogue that has left me thoroughly tantalized to see what happens with Niro next.

My rating for this is an A.

*I got this book from the author for review in exchange for my honest opinion.


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