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Book Release Blast for Legacy by Marie James (REVIEW)……

 An unconventional promise leads to an unforgettable romance between two people brought together through their mutual loss and pain.  Keep reading to get a tempting taste of Legacy by Marie James, along with getting my impressions of it, then add this 28th installment in the Cerberus MC series to your bookshelf too!

I never expected to see her again.
The connection we shared through her brother was severed when he died in combat.
Their parents were adamant that I never reach out to them again.
I forgot about the pact I made, my promise to make her mine if I wasn’t married by thirty.
The only answer I had for her when she showed up with that handwritten note was no.
Only Devyn Malloy isn’t the type to take no for an answer.
Cerberus welcomed her with open arms, but as that became enough for her, I realized it might not be enough for me...

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Twenty eight installments and still going strong!  Whenever I need a sweet and sensual tale I know that the Cerberus MC will give me just that in a reliably entertaining story.  And that is definitely what readers will get with this standalone story of loss and finding love and happiness when you least expect it.  With each turn of the page readers will be charmed by this slow-burn romance based on a promise to the sister of a best friend, a promise that eventually becomes a lifeline to reaching a dream and getting a HEA.

Emmett “Legacy” Wilson always knew he was destined to be a Marine.  Too bad that once he joined up things didn't go as planned.  With the painful death of his best friend, who joined because of their friendship, Legacy was left adrift and feeling guilty.  Because of the death he's further banished from being part of his friend's family, instead becoming a part of the Cerberus MC.  Years later though there's a blast from the past courtesy of his friend's little sister and the endearing promise he made her years ago...a promise that's now a lifeline for her.  Coming face to face with the young girl he feels obligated to rouses all sorts of feelings within him, feelings of attraction and guilt just a few of those feelings in a slow and steady journey to HEA.  Legacy's a likable hero with an endearing sense of honor.  My heart hurt for him as he dealt with the loss of his friend, cut off from those most likely to help him heal.  Upon seeing Devyn he immediately felt unworthy of her, saw all the reasons they shouldn't be together, but her determination fueled their journey to HEA.

Devyn Malloy also suffered much when her brother died.  She became nothing but a ghost in the eyes of her parents as everything was always about their son.  They took care of her basic needs but none of her emotional ones.  For years she puts up with being a shadow but the moment she decides to grab something for herself, her parents kick her out and try to derail her dream of becoming a fashion designer.  Devyn thankfully remembers a long ago promise that has Legacy (and the Cerberus MC) acting as a safe haven where she finally starts to feel loved, acknowledged, and supported.  Devyn's a likable heroine with a surprising sense of maturity.  She might be 18 in years, but her actions and decisions speak of someone much older.  Devyn's a determined young woman, determined in her choice of careers, and in claiming the man she's always been drawn to in a slow-burn romance I was cheering for every step of the way.

This was a sweet, sentimental, and sensual second chance romance that warmed my heart while slowly building and becoming more richly rewarding.  The connection between Legacy and Devyn also evolved into something more emotional, something that acted as a healing balm to them both after their mutual loss.  The Cerberus MC once again offered solid support, giving Devyn a sense of family that she's been missing.  Old faces, along with a few new ones, has me looking forward to what comes next courtesy of this unconventional family.

My rating for this is a B+

*I got this book from the author for review in exchange for my honest opinion.


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