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Book Release Blast for Restless Rockstar by Gina Azzi (REVIEW)……

 The all-consuming romance between Derek and Allegra comes to a hard-fought conclusion in this emotionally intense tale of love and personal growth.  Keep reading to get a tempting taste of Restless Rockstar by Gina Azzi, along with getting my impressions of this second chance romance, then add this third and final installment in The Burnt Clovers Trilogy to your bookshelf!

Derek Reiner is an epic, consuming, forever, kind of love.
He’s also at the center of my deepest heartache.
While he focuses on his personal growth, I figure out my future.
As much as I want him in it, I won't choose Derek at the expense of myself. Not anymore.
My rockstar may be desperate and restless, but I’m calm and decisive. Some epic loves burn out before they have the chance to blaze. Sometimes, it’s for the best.



The connection between Derek and Allegra has been obvious from the very start!  That connection, while undeniable, put them and us through the wringer throughout the previous two installments and continues here.  There's a lot of angst in this story, but instead of breaking these two, it helped them grow and become who they were meant to be.  Derek in particular showed a deeper level of maturity here, using his past pain as a learning moment...learning more about himself in order to reach a well-deserved HEA. He's worked hard to become the man Allegra deserves, learning forgiveness and a better way to be with his bandmates and Allegra.  He's been through so much throughout this trilogy, breaking my heart repeatedly (along with frustrating me as well), with him finally rising from the ashes to live up to all the promises he's given Allegra over the years.

Allegra showed emotional growth here too, but it didn't hit me as hard.  That's not to say that I didn't enjoy watching her mature though...because I definitely did as it was needed.  She was a lovestruck young girl when readers first met her, but here she's become a strong and independent woman who knows what she wants.  She stands on her own two feet in a determined path to HEA that had me cheering her on.

This is a story full of twists and turns, a story full of personal growth and emotional inner dialogues that pulled at my heartstrings.  It's a tale that builds you up before knocking you back before building you up again.  Derek and Allegra worked hard to be together, growing up themselves before being able to stand beside the one person always meant to be theirs.  It made for a heavy-handed journey at times.  Thankfully readers can count on the friends and bandmates of this pair to lighten up things.  The banter they engage in is funny and feel-good and I hope to see these secondary characters in the future.  This story ends on just the right note, wrapping up the past while giving a taste of the future.  Two epilogues give readers reason to cheer and have definitely left me longing for more of Maverick.

My rating for this is an A.

*I got this book from the author for review in exchange for my honest opinion.


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