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Book Blast for Texting All Hearts Box Set (GIVEAWAY)

Those looking for a steamy collection of stories will enjoy this newly-released box set from start to finish.  Texting All Hearts features seven of today's favorite authors and their unique and intensely sensual storytelling.  Keep reading to get a tantalizing taste of what this box set offers and visit the other blogs hosting this tour to learn even more about this collection.  Make sure to fill out the form for the chance to win a $25 bookstore GC too!

***What do rodeos, otherworldly encounters, exotic dancers, bondage, hot sex, refound love, and time travel have in common? Besides romantic, edge of your seat fun and intrigue, they all evolve from a single text. Seven multi-genre novellas that promise to heat your nights and warm your hearts.***

Her Cowboy Dom by Bliss
Tate Hardy’s best friend leaves him all his cattle if he spends thirty days on a ranch with a woman he wants but can't have. Jess is a nice girl, and Tate doesn't do nice. Jessica Campbell needs her brother’s cattle as collateral for a loan. To get rid of the sexy bull rider, she suggests he teach her about D/s. When he agrees, Jess gets more than she bargained for from her cowboy Dom.
Midnight Road by Lorelei Buckley
Drew Mathews cherishes her deceased husband’s lingering spirit. When his best friend, Dominic, reveals her late spouse’s dark secrets, Drew's crushed. She turns to Dominic and neighbors for support and stumbles into a passionate love affair and a slew of bizarre commonalities restricted to the residents of Midnight Road. As mysteries unfold, inalterable conditions threaten her romantic relationship, her life, and possibly, the world.
A Lethal Affair by Debra Jupe
With a rumored serial killer targeting exotic dancers, Daisy Piper is more than a little worried when her co-worker goes missing. Her concern escalates when a guy she’s never met shows up claiming her friend stole his laptop. A mild-mannered computer whiz on the surface, Miles Garton is a total contrast from the streetwise Daisy. But he’s on a mission of his own, making the jaded stripper suspicious. Fighting each other, a mutual attraction, and the truth, they team up to find the missing woman.
Sexting Texas by Darah Lace
Texas Tallulah Taylor never thought she’d be turned on by a dirty text from a stranger, one that leads to a delicious sexting session with her best friend. Will Sanderson never thought the love of his life would see him as anything but a friend. Maybe sexting Texas will show her this cowboy aims to give her the ride of her life…for the rest of her life.
The Dom Delivers by Nese Lane
He’s a Dominant, and she’s as vanilla as they come…
Designer Jenna Jaynes enjoys the safe bubble of her creative world, until her delivery guy bursts through and steals her heart. CFO Aden Kelley’s regimented world is thrown into chaos when a spitfire dressmaker captures his soul. Will the Dom convince vanilla to swirl?
Wounded Hearts by Linda LaRoque
Sarah Lawson's fiancé Logan Miller died in Afghanistan. She receives a text from Brandon Perdue, one of his war buddies, who wants to meet and deliver a message from Logan. Physically and emotionally scarred, Brandon values Sarah's friendship. Sarah wants their relationship to deepen, but he fears she's projecting her feelings for Logan on to him.
Brandon lay in bed reliving the gentle touch of Sarah's lips against his. The kiss was such a surprise, and over before he realized her intentions. Could someone like her really care for him? His heart pounded in his rib cage, and hurt and longing clogged his throat. Tears pricked his eyes, and he closed them.
He slept in the nude, so it wasn't hard for him to take inventory of the scars on his body with his hands. He didn't need to see them. He knew them by heart, but allowed his palm to roam over them for the millionth time. His torso was puckered and lumpy from the burns. They traveled down his torso to just below his navel. Fortunately the flames hadn't reached his genitals, and he was able to function sexually. Not that he'd had an opportunity for a test run, but seeing Sarah, being close to her, breathing in her special scent had made his trousers uncomfortable on more than one occasion.
The burns covered his shoulders, arms, and parts of his back. And then there was his face. It had not been spared. His helmet had protected most of his head and somehow his eyes hadn't been damaged. Considering how bad the damage could have been, he was a lucky son-of-a-gun. But he wasn't what Sarah needed. She deserved a man without scars, physical or emotional. She was projecting her feelings for Logan onto him. That wouldn't do, for either of them. What if they married and she decided later she couldn't live with his scars? He shuddered. No, he'd never take that chance.
Pale With Color by Susan JP Owens
Cheyenne Clark doubts Captain Joseph Westerly’s beliefs about reincarnation, but a twenty-first century gal stuck in 1862, during the Battle of Gettysburg, creates a new perception about philosophies and physics. After Joseph’s death, Cheyenne returns to her time period and anticipates his rebirth. Will Joseph find her?


Linda LaRoque is a Texas girl, but the first time she got on a horse, it tossed her in the road dislocating her right shoulder. Forty years passed before she got on another, but it was older, slower, and she was wiser. Plus, her students looked on and it was important to save face.
A retired teacher who loves West Texas, its flora and fauna, and its people, Linda’s stories paint pictures of life, love, and learning set against the raw landscape of ranches and rural communities in Texas and the Midwest. She is a member of RWA, her local chapter of HOTRWA, NTRWA and Texas Mountain Trail Writers.
Linda writes contemporary western romances, time travel romances and futuristic romances.
Linda’s Amazon Page:
Lorelei Buckley
Debra Jupe
Twitter: @DebJupeAuthor
Darah Lace
Blog: ‪‬‬‬‬
Facebook:  ‪‬‬‬‬
Twitter:  @DarahLace
Pintrest:  www.‪‬‬‬
Nese Lane
Susan JP Owens
Twitter:  @SusanJPOwens


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Book Release Blitz for Sidelined by Emma Hart

Ms. Hart's By His Game series continues today with the release of Sidelined, a super steamy story full of rapid-fire banter.  Keep reading for a tantalizing taste of the story and get a sample of the previous installment in the series and then add them to your bookshelf.....

Three people. Three motives. Three reasons.
When the game leaves the field in the second book in the USA Today bestselling BY HIS GAME series and mixes with sex, lies, and betrayal, the future isn't the only thing on the line...
Macey Kelly has sworn off men. Unless they’re going to zip in and out of her apartment—and her vagina—quicker than they can give her an orgasm, she’s not interested. Finding out her boyfriend of three years got her cousin pregnant was a total confidence knock. Luckily for Macey, confidence is something she has in abundance, so all Mitch’s asshole move did was make her pretty cynical toward men.
The last thing Jack Carr needs at the start of the season is for a dark-haired, sexy as sin, gyspyesque beauty to be consuming his thoughts. Football is his life, which leaves no time for girls. Unless they’re the love ‘em and leave ‘em girls. Becoming one of the best running backs the league has ever seen by racking up the yards is his top priority… not bedding Macey Kelly, despite her affinity for blow jobs and total sexual abandon.
Avoiding each other is the perfect solution, but when your best friends are in a serious living together kind of relationship, that isn’t always an option. Sometimes, sex on tap is the easiest option. And the sweetest.
Until Mitch shows up with a bombshell that could shatter Macey’s perfectly carved out life. It’s been a year, but he isn’t giving her up, not now he has a chance at winning her back. And he knows her buttons. Every single one of them.
Unfortunately for him, Jack Carr isn’t a loser. The star running back has his eye on the Vince Lombardi—and on Macey. But seeing her hanging between them both isn’t something he’s down with, not when he discovers why she’s so against anything more-ish, as she puts it. Macey quickly realizes she’s the ball being passed between two desperate yet opposing teams, and that only one of them can score the touchdown. But will the winner be the guy she lived with and loved for three years, or will the winner be the guy who understands her and makes her body come alive?
In this game, someone will be sidelined, and calling the play isn’t always as easy as it seems.


“Mitch.” I spit his name like the poison he is. “Seems he has a message for me.”
“Doesn’t matter,” Macey mutters, walking into the kitchen.
She reaches for the tequila bottle, but I dart forward and spin her so her back is against the counter. No way is she drowning her shit in a tequila bottle this time. No fucking running.
“Leah says otherwise, so, M, why don’t you tell me about his message for me?”
“I said it doesn’t matter!” Macey’s eyes flash with an anger and vulnerability stronger than I’ve ever noticed before.
“It does to me!” I yell, leaning into her. My eyes search her face. “It fucking matters to me, babe, so spit it the hell out.”
“I said. It. Doesn’t. Matter.”
“I say you’re full of shit.” My mouth moves to her ear. “You gonna tell me or do I hafta fuck it out of you, huh? I’m not averse to either, but his name could really kill the mood when my cock is inside you.”
Macey shoves at me and I release her. She storms away from me, toward her room, then stops. “You wanna know? You really want to know what that asshole has to say to you?”
“Believe me, babe. I’d love him to say this bullshit to me. Seems he’s a pussy who has to use his ex-girl to tell me though. So let’s paraphrase. I’d love to know what that asshole has to get you to say to me, okay? Enlighten me, baby. Go ahead.”
“‘Tell your fuck buddy he’s playing to win a whole lot more than the Super Bowl this season,’” she whispers. “Or something along those lines. Close enough, I guess.”
Every nerve in my body goes on high alert. Electric jolt after jolt booms through me, my adrenaline peaking with his threat. The threat he can’t even fucking say to my face. More than that, every protective instinct in my body roars to life louder than an MC club starting their bikes. I feel those words crawling over my fucking skin, almost paralyzing in their determination but laughable in their weakness.
“Baby.” I move toward Macey, determined, certain, strong.
She breathes heavily, her eyes screwed shut, her fists clenched at her sides.
“Look at me.”
She shakes her head.
I grab her jaw and force her head up. “Look. At. Me.”
Her eyes open, and in them, I see a roaring sea of fear and uncertainty tinted with resignation to the words she expects. The words she won’t hear.
“What?” Her whispered word is barely audible.
“If you don’t know the rules, you don’t play the game,” I rasp. “Now, Mitch? He thinks he knows the rules. He thinks he can come back into your life and dictate shit his way. I think he’s sorely fucking mistaken, because he has no idea who he’s messing with.” My fingers creep around to the back of her neck, and her back flattens against the wall. “I play a game every day of my life, baby. I know more rules than you can ever believe exist. He thinks he can meet you for a half-assed drink and threaten me? He’s a joke. I laugh. Really, I do.”
“What?” she breathes again.
“If your fucking ex thinks he can walk back into your life, into my life, and threaten me with taking something that is inconceivably, irrevocably, indisputably fucking mine, he has the shock of his life coming to him.” My words are growled into her ear. “Let him play, baby. He has no idea what he’s just done.”




Two people. Two agendas. Two games.
What happens when the out-there It-Boy of football meets the secret It-Girl of fashion?
As the daughter of Hollywood’s sweetheart, Leah Veronica can’t even buy a coffee without finding her face on a magazine stand, so it’s no wonder she’s launching her first fashion line in secret. With it debuting at New York Fashion Week in just under a month, extra time in the spotlight is the last thing she needs.
The son of the best quarterback the league has ever seen, filling legendary shoes as the L.A. Vipers’ quarterback was inevitable for Corey Jackson. So was meeting Leah Veronica—the first girl to hand him his ass without putting a hair out of place.
Getting the handsome, prickly blonde into his bed becomes his number one goal. But getting the sexy, over-confident footballer the hell away from her becomes Leah’s—at least until she realizes the best way to do that is to give him what he wants.
If only it was that simple.
When Corey discovers who she is, and private photos of Hollywood’s finest find their way online, everything they thought they knew is thrown into disarray.
And when secrets are exposed and hearts are shattered, they have to figure out if they’ve been blindsided by love or reality, and if it’s worth running the extra yard to win the game they never meant to play.



By day, New York Times and USA Today bestselling New Adult author Emma Hart dons a cape and calls herself Super Mum to two beautiful little monsters. By night, she drops the cape, pours a glass of whatever she fancies - usually wine - and writes books.
Emma is working on Top Secret projects she will share with her followers and fans at every available opportunity. Naturally, all Top Secret projects involve a dashingly hot guy who likes to forget to wear a shirt, a sprinkling (or several) of hold-onto-your-panties hot scenes, and a whole lotta love.
She likes to be busy - unless busy involves doing the dishes, but that seems to be when all the ideas come to life.

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Book Tour for Pros & Cons by Sydney Logan (Review & GIVEAWAY)

Readers who like their books full of energy and their couples bursting with combustible chemistry will be drawn to Pros & Cons by Sydney Logan.  Keep reading to get a tantalizing taste of this book along with my impressions of it.  Make sure to fill out the form below for the chance to win a signed print copy of this book as well as signed bookmarks too!

Con artists Jenna York and Ethan Summers always seem to cross paths during their travels around the world. With their partners in tow, the cunning criminals wreak havoc across the globe, stealing from the rich and giving to the richer. While Jenna tries to convince herself that she sees him as nothing more than a professional rival, Ethan finds it a little harder to fight his attraction to the beautiful thief.
When tragedy strikes, Jenna and Ethan join forces, but are the stakes too high? Can they escape this last job with their lives—and their hearts—intact?


As I slip quietly out of the suite and rush toward the elevator, I can’t deny I’m feeling a little better about Vegas.
That is, until the elevator doors open.
Standing there, leaning against the stainless steel wall with a cocky smile on his face, is the one person I really didn’t want to see this weekend.
With a miserable groan, I step inside the elevator and furiously stab the button.
“Are you following me, Summers?”
“I’d follow your dimples anywhere, York.”
Ethan Summers is infuriatingly charming and handsome. Both assets have proven to be beneficial to his career and detrimental to mine.
“Well, these dimples just lifted Bradley Jones’ credit card numbers.”
“Impressive. Although, one might argue that a more superior con artist would be capable of accomplishing such a feat without showing a little skin. Really, Jenna, I’m disappointed.”
He rarely calls me by my first name. Last names have always been our thing.
“Were you watching me?”
“Every heterosexual man in the casino was watching your little performance. Nice legs, by the way.”
“Not good,” I mutter.
“No, but I enjoyed it.”
Ethan grins as the elevator doors open. I don’t protest when he grabs me by the elbow and leads me toward the nearest exit. It’s not brightly lit, but there’s a very nice bouncer that Ethan greets by name who allows us to walk right out the door and into the starry Nevada night. He doesn’t let go of my arm as we hurry toward a black SUV.
“Why are you helping me?”
“You drugged a millionaire and stole his credit card info. I think it’s best we get you out of town.”
That doesn’t really answer my question, but I can’t argue with his logic.
Ethan opens the passenger door and helps me inside.
“Nice stilettos.”
I glare at him, and he shoots me a sexy smile before slamming my door.
It’s really too bad that I hate his guts.
Ethan Summers and I have crossed paths many times throughout the past couple years. It’s unavoidable, considering we’re two of the finest criminal minds in the world.
That’s what the news says, anyway. 
“Let me guess,” Ethan says as he pulls the SUV out onto the highway. “You used Rohypnol on Jones?”
I roll my eyes. “I’m a thief, not a sexual predator.”
“Well, you obviously slipped something into his drink.”
“Sleeping pill.”
Ethan hums his disapproval. I can’t argue with him. Slipping Bradley a sedative is so amateur.
“I was desperate. The entire weekend has been a complete waste of time. When did the Viper install dome cams?”
“A few weeks ago. The casino’s hosting the U.S. Poker Championship next month. Ceiling cams are a requirement.”
“I know.”
“So, if you knew about the cameras, what were you doing at the casino?”
“Let’s just say a little birdie told me you were hitting the Viper tonight. I had a feeling you might need my assistance.”
“So you’ve been talking to Abby.”
He remains silent and keeps his eyes trained on the freeway, giving me the chance to study his profile. Ethan has a mop of unruly dark hair and deep blue eyes that make most girls go weak in the knees.
Not this girl. Nope.
“Like what you see?”
My face heats. I hate when he catches me ogling him.
“You’re an ass.”
He laughs. “Someday, Jenna, you’re going to stop fighting this attraction between us. I’m really looking forward to that.”





Fans of the TV show Leverage will find themselves captivated by what Ms. Logan has crafted with her compelling characters and edge of your seat action.  From the first page to the last it's a thrill ride tempered with sensuality and humor courtesy of the immensely likable main characters and equally engaging cast of secondary characters.  Ms. Logan will earn new readers with this fun and flirty read with its surprising depth that leaves you rooting for the criminals.

Ethan and Jenna are masters in the world of cons and from the first time their paths crossed they were drawn to each other but refused to act on it.  Each subsequent meeting further enhanced their combustible connection.  Brought together to aid in their friend's last con unfortunately leads to tragedy but brings them closer than ever to finally act on their feelings as they look for a way out of this world.  What follows is an emotional roller coaster ride that brings laughter, tears, heartbreak, and joy amidst unrelenting sexual tension as their choices lead to danger and revenge on the way to HEA.

This was a delightful read that occasionally required you to suspend belief to fully embrace the entertaining journey as the ending is a little too easily tied up.  The characters though are what drive this story and Ethan and Jenna are larger than life characters very confident in their abilities.  Their connection is crackling and full of playful and witty banter and when together you're breathlessly waiting for them to jump each other as the sexual tension is off the charts.  The story allows their romance to progress believably and ultimately leads to sexual interludes that are a nice balance of sweet and steamy.  They're both strong-willed but willing to accept help from the other when needed.  Ethan is suave, charming, sexy, and sweet and I was utterly enamored with him.  Jenna is his perfect match and gives as good as she gets and together they're a formidable couple you can't help but like despite their career choice.  Along with this intriguing main couple comes a slew of equally entertaining secondary characters who are just as capable and provide admirable support with a touch of humor.  With so many memorable characters I hope this isn't the last we see of this colorful crew and that Ms. Logan brings us back into this world in the future.

My rating for this is an A-

*I got this book from the author for review in exchange for my honest opinion.


Amazon bestselling author Sydney Logan holds a Master's degree in Elementary Education. She is the author of three novels - Lessons Learned, Mountain Charm, and Soldier On. Sydney has also penned four short stories and is a contributor to Chicken Soup for the Soul.
A native of East Tennessee, Sydney enjoys playing piano and relaxing on her porch with her wonderful husband and their very spoiled cat.


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Book Tour for In Darkest Peru by Louise Lyons (GIVEAWAY)

Fan of the m/m genre will be drawn to the endearing main character and exotic promise of In Darkest Peru by Louise Lyons.  Keep reading to get a glimpse of this engaging book and then fill out the form for the chance to win bookstore GCs and eBooks too!

Shy and geeky Rhys White, has recently been ditched by his boyfriend of five years. On top of that he’s been made redundant from his job as a computer programmer.
Tired of being boring and unadventurous, he throws caution to the winds and buys a plane ticket to Peru.
Rhys’ adventure in Peru starts out well, but then disaster strikes. All of his belongings are stolen. Everything is gone—passport, wallet, phone, clothing, the lot.
Stranded in Cuzco, not too far from the famous Machu Picchu, Rhys tries to find someone to help him. He's about to give up, when a sexy Brazilian named Rafael, comes to his rescue…


“It’s freezing,” Rhys protested. He wondered what Rafael had in mind, but he hoped fervently that it might involve more contact between them.
“You will soon be warm.” Rafael reached over and fumbled for the zip on Rhys’s sleeping bag. Rhys wriggled out of it and rubbed his upper arms. He waited as Rafael moved around in the near darkness, wondering how he could do anything without at least a torch. “Here.” Rafael touched Rhys’s shoulder. “Get in.”
As Rhys slipped back into the sleeping bag, he realized Rafael had zipped the two together, making one large one. He swallowed nervously, his pulse racing, as Rafael got into the bag with him and snuggled close. Warm breath fanned his cheek again and Rafael rested a heavy arm across his middle. Rhys shivered, not only from the cold this time.
“Better?” Rafael inquired.
“Um…yes, thank you.” Rhys felt his cheeks heat up at his prim response and Rafael laughed softly.
“You are shy.”
“You like me?” Rafael whispered.
Hell, yes! Rhys struggled to think of an answer that wouldn’t sound too eager or too cold. He had no idea what was going to happen, but he thought Rafael might kiss him. He hoped Rafael would kiss him. Immediately his head filled with images of their lips clinging, tongues entwining and their hands stroking each other’s bodies. His cock twitched and began to fill.
“Yes, I like you,” he said eventually.
Rafael slid his hand up to touch Rhys’s face. His palm was warm as it cupped his cool skin and Rhys held his breath. Rafael’s nose bumped his again as he angled his head and brought their lips together. Rhys let out a soft groan as Rafael’s mouth fitted over his. His lips were warm, soft and moist and they caressed Rhys’s lips gently. Rhys lifted his hands cautiously, unsure where to put them. Rafael’s tongue licked along the seam of his mouth and then entered when he parted his lips on a gasp. Rhys laid one hand on Rafael’s chest and felt his heartbeat, as rapid as his own. Rhys could feel the heat of Rafael’s body coming through the layers of clothing he wore and he longed to feel the man’s skin under his fingers. He stroked his hand tentatively over Rafael’s left pectoral and then lowered it to his ribcage. Rafael groaned and kissed him deeper. His tongue plunged urgently into Rhys’s mouth, teasing his own and flicking against the roof of his mouth. Rhys had to tell himself to breathe and he sucked in small breaths of air through his nose as he pressed his lips harder against Rafael’s and sucked at his tongue.



Louise Lyons comes from a family of writers. Her mother has a number of poems published in poetry anthologies, her aunt wrote poems for the Church, and her grandmother sparked her inspiration with tales of fantasy. Louise first ventured into writing short stories at the grand old age of eight, mostly about little girls and ponies. She branched into romance in her teens, and MM romance a few years later, but none of her work saw the light of day until she discovered Fan Fiction in her late twenties.
Posting stories based on some of her favorite movies, provoked a surprisingly positive response from readers. This gave Louise the confidence to submit some of her work to publishers, and made her take her writing “hobby” more seriously.
Louise lives in the UK, about an hour north of London, with a mad Dobermann, and a collection of tropical fish and tarantulas. She works in the insurance industry by day, and spends every spare minute writing. She is a keen horse-rider, and loves to run long distance. Some of her best writing inspiration comes to her, when her feet are pounding the open road. She often races into the house afterward, and grabs pen and paper to make notes.
Louise has always been a bit of a tomboy, and one of her other great loves is cars and motorcycles. Her car and bike are her pride and joy, and she loves to exhibit the car at shows, and take off for long days out on the bike, with no one for company but herself.


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Book Tour for The Other Brother Part 1: Forbidden by Lauren Hawkeye & Tawny Stokes (Review & GIVEAWAY)

In this provocative tale a bad boy tempts a good girl who he should never claim as loose familial ties complicate their futures.  Keep reading to get a tantalizing taste of The Other Brother Part 1: Forbidden by Lauren Hawkeye & Tawny Stokes, along with my impressions of it, and then get a look at future installments in this series!  Make sure to go to the giveaway link below for the chance to win a $25 Amazon GC too!

From two New York Times bestselling authors comes a stunning tale of betrayal and blood…
Simple. The consummate good girl, this is the word I used to describe my life… until my stepbrother Seth came to live with us. Until that point, I’d been a very good girl… but my older, emotionally blocked stepbrother made me want to do very bad things.
With him.
In the course of one night everything changed, and my simple world was torn to shreds. I wanted to hate him. I did hate him. Mostly. But now he’s back. And nothing will ever be simple again.
The Other Brother is a novel told in three parts. This is part one of three.

***The Other Brother Part 1 is on sale for 0.99 during preorder and the first two days of sale only… get yours now before the price goes up!***

BUY LINKS:  Kindle  |  Nook  |  Kobo


You can read chapter one here!
You can read chapter two here!
You can read chapter three here!


Those looking for an intense read that puts its characters, and readers, through the emotional wringer will find this an apt description of The Other Brother Part 1: Forbidden.  From start to finish there's a sense of foreboding as bad boy Seth tries to do good while apparent good boy Theo starts losing control.  Caught in the middle of their tug of war is a sweet and innocent girl attracted to Seth against her better judgement and his last shred of goodness.  One fateful night changes everything irrevocably, leaving all of them bruised and as the years pass they're all once again set on a collision course that leaves you screaming as the final page is turned.

Allegra was the good girl who got good grades and knew very little about what went on between a man and a woman.  She instantly became attracted to her new step-brother and the brief glimpses of compassion he showed her.  She knew he was dangerous but he was also a big temptation.  She's older and wiser now that he's returned, with an attraction just as intense, but there's anger in her now where once there was awe.  She hates that his actions tore her family apart and led her on a path of self-destruction but she's still drawn to him and when Theo returns too she'll again need the protection Seth once promised her.  I felt sympathetic towards Allegra and the overpowering feelings Seth engendered in her.  The rush and sexual promise he represented was understandably intoxicating though she was much too young to handle those feelings.  I look forward to their now being on a level playing feel.

Seth tried to make a home with his newly-remarried mom but Fate set him on a different path which led to heartache for everyone.  He was attracted to his young step-sister but kept his distance, only showing his true emotions when she needed comfort.  Unfortunately he saw the perverted and dangerous looks his step-brother aimed at Allegra and acted as her white knight which resulted in a horrific outcome.  He's stayed away since that night and made something of himself though thoughts of Allegra never left him and there's now nothing holding him back in claiming her.  I was drawn to Seth's intensity and sexiness.  He cared for Allegra, she was one of the few people he truly did care for.  He's a different man now, closed off and desperately fighting for control so he doesn't lose it again.  With the return of the creepy Theo though he might have to do whatever necessary to keep the somewhat clueless Allegra safe.

This was a fast read, an atmospheric one that kept the sexual tension high.  The writing here was enthralling too but massive typos, which I've never commented on before, pulled me out of the story frequently.  As the story progressed I became just as obsessed with Seth as Allegra did as I was drawn to his bad boy/good guy mentality.  Seth just wanted to find a welcoming place with someone who cared for him and it was heartbreaking that the promise in Allegra's eyes was snuffed out over his hidden deed of protection.  I look forward to when the truth comes out about that night, and about Theo, which will hopefully pave the way for Seth and Allegra to be together as adults.

My rating for this is a B+

*I got this book from the author in exchange for my honest opinion.


Lauren Hawkeye/Lauren Jameson never imagined that she’d wind up telling stories for a living… though when she looks back, it’s easy to see that she’s the only one who is surprised. Always “the kid who read all the time”, Lauren made up stories about her favorite characters once she’d finished a book… and once spent an entire year narrating her own life internally. No, really. But where she was just plain odd before publication, now she can at least claim to have an artistic temperament.

Lauren lives in the Rocky Mountains of Alberta, Canada with her husband, toddler, pit bull and idiot cat, though they do not live in an igloo, nor do they drive a dogsled. In her nonexistent spare time Lauren can be found knitting (her husband claims that her snobby yarn collection is exorbitant), reading anything she can get her hands on, or sweating her way through spin class. She loves to hear from her readers!

Tawny Stokes has always been a writer. From an early age, she’d spin tales of serial killers in love, vampires taking over the world, and sometimes about fluffy bunnies turned bunnicidal maniacs. An honour student in high school, with a penchant for math and English, you’d never know it by the foot high blue Mohawk and Doc Martens, which often got her into trouble. No longer a Mohawk wearer, Tawny still enjoys old school punk rock, trance, zombie movies, teen horror films, and fluffy bunnies. She lives in Canada with her fantastical daughter, two cats, and spends most of her time creating new stories for teens.
Tawny also writes adult paranormal/urban fantasy fiction under the name Vivi Anna, and is an aspiring screenwriter.
Website | Facebook | Twitter


Book Spotlight for Make Me Up by Avery Flynn (Review & GIVEAWAY)

Readers who enjoy sensual stories with witty banter between a delicious hero and a strong-willed heroine will be drawn to Make Me Up by Avery Flynn.  Keep reading to get a tantalizing taste of this book, along with my impressions of it.  To celebrate it's recent release too there's a great giveaway of make-up items that you might win after filling out the form below!

Murder, mayhem and makeup.
Panty dropper, knee knocker and all-around-good time Cam Hardy leaves a trail of broken hearts wherever he goes. His lady killer reputation never bothered the private investigator until he met Drea Sanford. Getting the tough as nails make up artist in his bed proved to be the easy part. It’s keeping her there that’s harder than any of the special ops missions he’s run in South America.
Falling into Harbor City’s modern day Casanova’s bed was never on Drea’s list of smart things to do—but hotness happens, especially in the form of the six-foot-five-inch motorcycle riding Cam. Then he takes their secret affair public and she swears to never let him crinkle her sheets again. But when one of Drea’s clients is murdered and the police zero in on her, the only person she can count on is the one man she never thought she could trust.


Drea got out of the seat and turned around to face him, but she was lost for words when she realized standing up had just given him a better view. Cam’s green-eyed gaze took in her entire body. Then he grinned, pissing her off and drenching her panties at the same damn time. 
If anyone could carry off absolutely wicked and totally charismatic at the same time, it was Cam. She itched to run her fingers through his thick mass of tousled honey blond hair. His murky green eyes were full of dark promise, the kind she knew he could deliver. 
And then there was his body. She could eat Jell-O off of his tanned washboard abs and the gelatin wouldn’t have the courage to jiggle. Being near him was like standing at the edge of the subway platform as the train whooshed by—exhilarating, dangerous, and addicting on a completely visceral level. 
But he’d broken her rule. The one thing she’d asked him not to do—and he’d gone and done it anyway. She wasn’t sure whether knowing he’d done it without thinking made the situation worse or just sad. But she couldn’t keep seeing him if she couldn’t trust him to keep this a secret. Hell, after that kiss, there was no secret. Cover blown. Everyone knew.
Time to cut her losses. Breaking it off now was the smart plan.
“I know what it is.” He stood up and closed the distance between them. “You’re embarrassed because you think someone saw your tongue push its way into my mouth—accidentally, I’m sure. And heard that sweet, soft moan of pleasure—”
She pushed her hand against his chest and forced him back. “Get over yourself, pretty boy.”
He didn’t even blink at the insult. “You want me. I want you. The sex is amazing. Why are you fighting so damn hard against letting people know we’re together?”
“Because we’re not.” She had no plans to trod down the well-worn path to Cam Hardy’s bed again. “You knew the rules when this thing started.”
“No going public.” His gaze pinned her to the spot, and he looked at her like she was the only woman in the world. “Look, babe, give me another chance.”
It made her mouth go dry and other places get wet. They’d had one hell of a wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am twisting of the sheets, but they’d known from the start this was temporary. She’d known it. He’d known it. They’d agreed to keep it secret.
“It’s over.” Drea took a single step away from him.
He moved lightning fast to get in front of her, his bulk blocking her view of the rest of the group. “Don’t go away mad, babe. Let me make it up to you. Tonight. My place. No one has to know.”
She tossed her cup and plate into the trashcan. “Charming.”
He threw up his hands in frustration. “Around most people, I am.”
“And I’m not most people.” Pushing her point home, she traced a finger across his broad, sinewy shoulders and used the softest hint of pressure to nudge him out of her way so she could march across the grass to say goodbye to her best friends. “You should remember that.”
“As if I could ever forget.”





What do you get when you combine two strong-willed characters with lots of emotional baggage with on-the-edge suspense courtesy of somewhat stereotypical get an energetic read with lots of steaminess in a story that's a comfort read for all its predictability.  As the third book in the Killer Style series main character's Cam and Drea have a past connection that's easy to pick up on even if you haven't read the other installments and it's their interactions that keep the story sailing along in crackling style.

Cam and Drea have been having a secret affair that he's tired of keeping secret.  His decision has Drea running away from him and headlong into trouble when she's accused of murder.  Not only are the cops now looking for her but so too are the real bad guys which leads her right back into Cam's strong arms.  With his security and military knowledge he'll do whatever it takes to keep her safe and find the bad guys before they find them.  All this leads to a fast-paced tale of cat and mouse intrigue amidst crackling sensual interludes between Cam and Drea.  The more time they spend together though the more they have to deal with their pasts and the resulting emotions.  Drea's scared of opening her heart for fear of losing the one she's come to love as her past has taught her that happiness can be snatched away in the blink of an eye.  Her past is further tied up in the murder she's found herself caught up in and could eventually destroy her family.  Cam too is letting past insecurities weigh on him making him feel unworthy of Drea.  He had a difficult upbringing and seen lots of vileness in his life and it's left it's mark.  All in all, their feelings are those seen in numerous romances but are still easy to understand.  Drea's a strong-willed woman more than capable of keeping up with Cam.  Though she's a bit superior at first, she becomes more sympathetic as readers discover more about her past.  Cam's always seemed so self-assured so his feelings of unworthiness don't exactly ring true but I like that these feelings draw them closer together ultimately, as does the danger.

This was a sexually tense read full of witty and sensually-tinged banter flaring often between Cam and Drea.  They're a fun and flirty couple who barrel their way to the truth in this fast-paced story that's full of twists and turns.  The secondary characters provide good support to keep the story progressing at a good pace that resulted in a conclusion that left me sighing in relief and in satisfaction.  I hope there's more tales to tell in the Killer Style series as the combination of action and romance is an engaging one and well-handled by Ms. Flynn.

My rating for this is a B.

*I got this book from the author for review in exchange for my honest opinion.


Avery Flynn has three slightly-wild children, loves a hockey-addicted husband and is desperately hoping someone invents the coffee IV drip.
She fell in love with romance while reading Johanna Lindsey’s Mallory books. It wasn’t long before Avery had read through all the romance offerings at her local library. Needing a romance fix, she turned to Harlequin’s four books a month home delivery service to ease the withdrawal symptoms. That worked for a short time, but it wasn’t long before the local book stores’ staffs knew her by name.
Avery was a reader before she was a writer and hopes to always be both. She loves to write about smartass alpha heroes who are as good with a quip as they are with their *ahem* other God-given talents. Her heroines are feisty, fierce and fantastic. Brainy and brave, these ladies know how to stand on their own two feet and knock the bad guys off theirs.



When you're a makeup artist, you have to look good--even when you're on the run from the cops and a crime boss. Of course, it doesn't hurt that the person standing between you and the bad guys is a sexy, motorcycle-riding former special ops hottie who just happens to be your ex-lover. Yeah, those kind of days require Sexy Mother Pucker lipstick, Most Wanted eyeliner, Making Headlines nail polish, Gun Ammo eye shadow and Sweet Verbena scents. Lucky you, you don't have to be on the run like Drea and Cam in Make Me Up to get all of these goodies. Just enter the giveaway for your chance to win the Make Me Up Makeover Basket from author Avery Flynn & Entangled Publishing!

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