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Book Review of Daddy Morebucks by Normandie Alleman

From the moment she laid eyes upon him, Marley knew in her heart that James was not just another client, and the difference wasn’t even the large sum of money he offered in return for a single night of submission. No, what set him apart was the fact that when she called James “daddy”, it was her own heart which beat faster and her own body which ached with need.
After that night, Marley does her best to put all thought of him behind her, using the huge payday he provided to get on her feet again and start over… until James knocks on her door and walks right back into her life. He makes her a simple offer: if she will live with him and submit to him whenever he wishes, he will provide for her every desire.
Even before she accepts his offer, Marley knows that what she truly wants is not money or clothing or even a fancy new car. What she longs for is a daddy who will give his little girl what she really needs… a daddy who will spank her bare bottom when she is naughty, tie her up and take her any way he pleases, and then cuddle her until she falls asleep in his arms. Can she dare to hope that James will be that daddy?


As a reader who doesn't read many BDSM-themed stories, I still found myself intrigued by Daddy Morebucks as well as still confused by the appeal to those who choose this lifestyle.  Unlike most of the BDSM stories I've read before, this one takes on a more psychological slant to the sexual interludes.  It was a lot of specialized talk that formed the relationship between Marley and James and set the boundaries between them.  While there was intense physicality here, I've read other works that delved into even harsher physical scenes.  So those readers who have trouble with BDSM stories dealing with whipping, bondage, and depravation will find this read a kinder, gentler BDSM story.

Marley grew up harshly with only her brother to care about her.  But with his recent death she's fallen on hard times and become a prostitute.  Luckily for her a white knight comes calling as we evolve into a modern-day Pretty Woman with a kinky spin to the story.  Marley soon learns that she's to be a rich man's little girl who must obey the rules while he's to be called Daddy.  She easily accepts this role as she enjoys being taking care of, likes the safety her Daddy provides her as well as the gifts he gives.  Though she loves these benefits she constantly feels inferior and worries that her Daddy will tire of her.  She worries too that she'll embarrass him if people find out about her past.  She doesn't see any self-worth beyond the sex she provides which leads to a disastrous choice for a Christmas gift that almost destroys the fantasy-life they have together.  She truly loved James but couldn't understand that she was the only gift he needed.  Marley was a tough character to relate to.  I never really got a grasp on Marley's actual age as she acted the little girl part to a tee with pouting down to an art form and exuberance that was childlike.  She wholeheartedly embraced this lifestyle though and seemed to thrive on it at times.

James is a workaholic who's found that his specific kink leads to problems in his relationships.  After a particularly nasty break-up he turned to prostitutes.  With each one similar to the last, meeting Marley is like a breath of fresh air.  He sees no artifice surrounding her and she seems to genuinely enjoy being with him.  He feels sympathetic for everything she's gone through in life and just wants to protect her and give her everything she's missed out on.  Until now women seemed to want him only for his money but she gives him a reason to live life to the fullest as opposed to just living to work and he looks forward to coming home to her everyday.  He will do anything to keep her there permanently, if he can just convince her of her self-worth.  James is clearly the more mature of the two of them though his age isn't clear either.  I found him charming but there's still a bit of the ick-factor in his referring to/thinking of Marley as a little girl that I couldn't ignore no matter how sexy he was.

On a whole this was a well-written story vividly depicting a particular form of BDSM that essentially encourages the complete care of the one you love.  While these two characters seem complete opposites they bring exactly what the other needs to an immensely satisfying relationship.  Each character is unique which provides for a variety of super hot sexual encounters that take over the story at times.  Though the desire behind this kind of lifestyle isn't made too clear the author did make this couple's relationship mutually satisfying which makes for a HEA which is what every romance reader ultimately wants.

My rating for this is a C+

*I received this book from the author for review in exchange for my honest opinion.

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