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Book Tour for A Playboy's Love Affair by Emily Quinn (Review & GIVEAWAY)

Today I bring to you a contemporary romance full of angst and steaminess.  Keep reading to learn more about A Playboy's Love Affair by Emily Quinn through my review and by visiting the other blogs hosting this tour.  Make sure to leave a comment for your chance to win a digital copy of this book!

What a playboy wants, a playboy gets…
Alex St. Jones, black sheep of the famous St. Joneses, is the playboy of playboys whose only love affair is his freedom. He lives by one rule: Enchant them. Seduce them. Leave them. But that’s about to change when a midnight temptress stumbles upon him and demands he kiss her.
Carly Mitchell wants nothing to do with Alex St. Jones. She hates his good looks, his arrogance. Plus, he won’t leave her alone no matter what she does. Most importantly, she hates that she’s falling for him. But she’s determined not to go down without a fight and to teach him a lesson at that. Alex may have met the one woman he cannot tame, but he doesn’t plan on letting that stop him.
Will Carly withstand his charms? When two strong personalities collide, sparks are sure to fly.

Carly stopped in her tracks and faced him. “Yes! I’m jealous. I admit it. I’m dying of jealousy. Satisfied? Now you know my big secret. Carly Mitchell is jealous because—” She stopped mid-sentence, covering her mouth with a hand, twirling back around and walked out the door. “To hell with you and your contract too. You can sue me all you want. I don’t give a s—”
Alex’s strong hand grasped her upper arms.
“You’re not going anywhere.” He twirled her back around and flattened her against the wall.
“Let me go!” Carly struggled.
Alex pressed her harder, his leg between her thighs. One hand held her neck, his other hand gripped her chin, as he captured her mouth with a kiss. Carly gave up fighting him the moment his tongue collided with hers. Instead, she dragged her hands up his arms and allowed him to cup her bottom lifting her, wrapping her legs around his hips.
He groaned at the contact of her fingers sliding in his hair, pulling it back as she held on to him. He enjoyed makeup sex, except that wasn’t how tonight should’ve ended. There was no stopping him now; Alex hadn’t seen her in a week and wanted nothing more than to be with her. Carly had looked beautiful in that dress.
Alex would’ve liked nothing more than to take it off slowly, but she’d undressed herself. Fury blinded him seeing her with Jay and the way he’d touched her. That would never happen again, not if he had a say in it, and he did.
His lips left her mouth and feasted on her delicate neck, his hands wandering inside her cami and grabbing her bare breasts. Carly pulled her arms up, inviting Alex to rid her of her cami, moaning when his mouth closed around her breast, his teeth grazing her tight nipple.

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A Playboy's Love Affair is a contemporary read where much of the action is familiar but in the hands of Ms. Quinn the characters and the interactions become memorable in their angst.  What starts out as a rich man's contract to gain the woman he's become obsessed with, soon evolves into true romance that confuses this carefree playboy.

Carly is a strong-willed woman with a good job at the height of her career but who's unlucky in love after finding her fiancée with another woman.  From the little white lie this event triggers Carly finds herself in the presence of a man unused to taking no for an answer.  The early scenes show a woman quick to argue and not above using a friend to arouse jealousy.  Even as she accuses Alex of manipulation, she too engages in this act.  I found Carly difficult to like early on with her argumentative nature and tendency to jump to conclusions but as she started falling for Alex a kinder, gentler woman emerged that I felt sympathetic for once Fate dealt her a very unexpected surprise.

Alex is considered the black sheep of his family.  He's a self-made man used to getting everything he wants.  Women have always thrown themselves at him but he's grown bored of that which is why he's drawn to the unattainable Carly.  Not used to dealing with feelings he enacts a contract to get them together which complicates their burgeoning relationship.  His emotional denials weigh on their relationship and it will take a grand gesture to convince Carly that he deserves to be a part of her future.  Against my better judgement I found myself drawn to Alex and his suave and sexy nature.  He doesn't like to express his emotions but certainly displays them in other ways.  He has a tendency to be overbearing but wants to give Carly everything if she'll just stay by his side.  

The sexual tension between these two is off-the-charts from the first moment they meet.  From early bouts of non-stop verbal sparring to scorching sexual interludes between the sheets their relationship is tumultuous but invigorating.  Though the story drags at the mid-way point I still found myself drawn to Alex as he worked through his deepening feelings and how he could accept the dramatic change to his life.  Surrounding these main protagonists is a small cast of secondary characters that we don't see much of but who push the main couple together and keep the story flowing.  Ms. Quinn has created a scorching story with lots of emotional upheaval that though not groundbreaking is entertaining and has me intrigued by what she'll create next.

My rating for this is a B.

*I received this book from the author for review in exchange for my honest opinion.

Emily Quinn writes sexy contemporary romances with irresistible bad boys, feisty heroines, a bit of conflict, humor and a dash of spice.
She loves books and falls in love with every hero she reads. Emily lives in sunny Southern California with her husband, two kids, and her dog. She also writes as Evie Knight.



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