Sunday, October 13, 2013

The Walking Dead Returns Tonight!!!!

As a huge fan of The Walking Dead I've had this date marked on my calendar for months......and now it's here!  Tonight at 8pm CST on AMC this pulse-pounding show returns for another season of gore and intense drama with life or death situations around every corner.  This season promises more death and a traitor or two amongst the group to create even more danger for our ragtag group of survivors.  

As I've mentioned throughout cyberspace I'm particularly fond of reluctant hero Daryl (or Dirty Daryl as I call him since he's usually sweaty while flexing his muscles and firing his beloved crossbow) who's portrayed by the amazingly charismatic Norman Reedus.  I've enjoyed his journey from bad boy to the soft-spoken savior everyone looks up to.  If I had to survive during a zombie apocalypse I'd definitely want him by my side!

So, my fellow zombie-addicts, here's to another exciting season of watching and waiting to see who gets munched on next......and to watching my sexy and sweaty Dirty Daryl!  What, or who, are you looking forward to seeing this season?

*I had great videos up but YouTube isn't loading them for me soooooo......We'll just chat instead.....

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