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Book Tour for Loup Garou For You by Katalina Leon (Review & GIVEAWAY)

I'm bringing a bit of steam to your Saturday with a return visit from Katalina Leon and her historical/paranormal read, Loup Garou For You.  Keep reading to get my impressions of this book and make sure to fill out the form for your chance to win a $15 Amazon GC!

Bayou Country, 1834. Aubert Marston awakens on the eve of his twenty-seventh birthday to discover he’s undergone some disturbing physical changes. His body is bigger, stronger and hairier than it’s ever been, and burns with the lust of a beast. To make matters worse, a hundred guests are about to arrive for the plantation’s annual ball.
A mysterious young woman named Corrine appears in his home, tempting Aubert to unleash the inner lycan, and family secrets from a medieval past surface. Corrine lures Aubert to a bayou camp of Cajun Loup-Garous—werewolves. Aubert’s wealth and good looks are no advantage here. He must surrender to his feral nature and fight tooth and claw against another male pack member to claim Corrine as his own.


Fans of werewolves will find much to entertain them in this fast-paced and super sexy paranormal read that reunites lovers from a past life.  Combining heart-pounding suspense and numerous erotic scenes the clock keeps ticking until one man's life changes forever as a family's bloodline comes to fruition.

At first Aubert seems like any other rich young man, but as his birthday approaches he starts changing in unexplained ways.  He starts growing more hair on his chest, he's bigger and stronger, his sexual appetite's increased, and he's having recurring dreams of a woman he feels connected to but has never met.  He's always been good and honorable to those on his plantation, but these changes scare him and have him fearing for those around him.  Unbeknownst to him it's just part of being a Marston and the only way to cope with the change is to find a wife.  He's held off too long though, not knowing the truth about himself and the ramifications has him on edge with the threat of death hanging over him if he can't learn how to control his other half.  Into this moment of fear and chaos comes a mysterious woman whose scent he's drawn to as he races against time to claim her as his own.  The bayou's a much more dangerous place than his plantation and entering it introduces him to others of his kind and an intensely erotic and bloodthirsty way of life.  I felt sympathetic towards Aubert and the changes he couldn't control and the mysteries kept from him.  He handled it better than I would and ended up living up to the meaning of hero.

Corrine was an exotic and strong-willed woman whose life was vastly different to how Aubert grew up.  She may have struggled to make a living but she at least knew what she was and how to live with it.  She's intensely erotic and has been saving herself for him.  Their initial meeting is very HOT with her using sex to teach him the control he needs to live with his other half.  The sexual tension between them is off the charts no matter if they're together or apart.  With her life on the line as the Queen of her pack from a vicious usurper, she must rely on Aubert and hope he can gain the control he'll need to claim her completely.

Ms. Leon vividly depicted the differences between the lavish plantation life and the dark and dangerous bayou that Corrine's pack inhabits.  I could almost feel the humidity while watching the pack prepare for the full moon.  For all their wild ways Aubert finally felt as though he found a family.  After living alone as an only child he feels an immediate connection to his new pack made up of people he's known his whole life but didn't "know" the truth about.  He and Corrine are a great match for all their differences.  Though she's younger than him she shows a strong hand in ushering him into his new life.  The only issue I had was with the usurper to the pack, Braud.  His actions felt over-the-top and the big fight he kept demanding from Aubert ended up being a huge disappointment as was the lack of a conclusion to his character.  His purpose was to be the big bad and nothing more.  On a whole though I found this an entertaining read nicely balancing past loves with new loves.  The erotic scenes were nicely spaced throughout the story so as to not overwhelm the storyline.  This steamy read with its steamy locale is another fine addition to Ms. Leon's repertoire and fans of the paranormal will find this a satisfying read.

My rating for this is a B.

*I received this book from the author for review in exchange for my honest opinion.



I’m an artist, an author, mother and wife. I write for Ellora’s Cave, Loose Id Publishing and a couple new publishers to be announced soon. I try to bring a touch of the mystical and a big sense of adventure to everything I write because I believe there’s a bold, kick-ass heroine inside all of us who wants to take a wild ride with a strong worthy hero.

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  1. Thank you Jodi for this beautifully written review, I'm wowed!
    Braud the trouble maker will be back in book three--making more trouble in New Orleans as will Mister Payne and some of the folks at the ball.

    1. Thank YOU for your kind words! I'm excited to know there's more to come from this intriguing world you've created as the mystery man from the ball left an impression on me.

      Welcome back any time!

      The Scarf Princess

  2. Great review! Sadly, I don't use any of those things named in the Rafflecopter but I enjoyed reading the blurb and review anyway.

    1. Hi Elf! Thanks for your comment and I apologize for the type of entries on the giveaway form. I can understand not wanting to use all the various forms of social media and agree that it kinda stinks that everything seems to be going that way now. I wish you the best though with lots of Happy Reading!

      The Scarf Princess