Friday, January 24, 2014

Book Review of Hot For the Uniform by Layla Chase

Rikka Brendan accepts a teaching position in small town Arroyo, Texas, hoping the new location will help her fight her attraction to men in uniforms. Her logic? She’ll get to know the guys as people and the fetish will lessen. Enter newly installed Captain Conor Malloy to investigate three rescue calls in less than eight weeks. When the attraction flames from sparks to 3-alarm lust, does Conor have any hope of convincing Rikka they have more than a sexy combustion?


Those looking for a hot and quick to satisfy read will find exactly that in this story of a woman unable to commit and her obsession with men in uniform.  Sparks, and flames, fly when she meets the confident and self-assured Captain Conor and he tries to teach her how to control her fire-making tendencies while making a claim on her.  It will take a battle of the sexes to get her to admit her true feelings for him in this HFN story.

Rikka is an entertaining character that's a bit clumsy at times.  She has an obsession for men in uniform, with firemen her particular enticement right now, which she readily admits to.  She has a flirty personality and no fear in being aggressive in going after what she wants which leads to non-stop sexual tension and steamy encounters.  She's a woman who enjoys fun and isn't ashamed to admit it, but isn't ready to settle down with just one man.  Conor is her opposite in many ways as he's a serious-minded soul hurt by his past but more than willing to commit to the enticing and fun loving Rikka.  He's drawn to her freespiritedness but makes her work for what she wants while forming an undeniable connection with her.

This is a story written purely for entertainment.  We don't dig into the character's lives but enjoy the fiery banter and steamy interactions that lead to a satisfying conclusion.  Those looking merely for a sexy and entertaining way to spend the afternoon with find this a perfect choice and want to read more by Ms. Chase in the future.

My rating for this is a C+

*I received this book from the author for review in exchange for my opinion.

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