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Book Tour for Luke by Diana Bocco (Review & GIVEAWAY)

Those looking for a bit of naughtiness and steam will get exactly that with Luke by Diana Bocco.  Keep reading to get a taste of this book as well as my impressions of it and learn even more by visiting the other blogs hosting this tour.  Make sure to fill out the form below for your chance to win two $10 Amazon GCs and a copy of this book too!

Of all the men in the world, Cailin Walker fell in love with the one she cannot have. The one her sister married.
Billionaire Luke Blackwell made the biggest mistake of his life when he married the wrong Walker sister, but that’s one mistake he intends to rectify.
Cailin’s stayed away for the past three years to fight what she feels.
But all it takes is one drunken mistake for passion to ignite.
Now that they’ve tasted the forbidden, there’s no turning back. They’ll either have to fight the passion threatening to consume them or take a chance and risk losing everything.
Losing it all might just be worthy.




Those looking for a quick and steamy read will get exactly that with this book that poses the question....What happens when you realize you're with the wrong person?  For rich man Luke the woman he's come to realize as the one he wants is his sister-in-law Cailin which causes a lot of internal conflict amongst the intensely erotic sexual interludes they ultimately give in to.  For some readers, they might have issues with Luke cheating on his wife, but it's made clear early on that he and Erika have a marriage in name only with both of them finding entertainment elsewhere.  Luke's been unhappy for a long time and bored with the superficiality of his and Erika's life and is immediately drawn to the substance and reality Cailin represents and that's been eating at him since their clandestine kiss a year ago.  He's a strong-willed man when it comes to matters of sex but lets Erika dictate their life into complacency.  Being with Cailin gives him the impetus to change his life and make it worth living.

Cailin and Erika have a very contentious relationship where Erika always got what she wanted as the prettier and more outgoing sister.  Cailin was quieter and always felt inferior to her older sister and though she loved Luke she walked away knowing she couldn't compete.  Cailin still feels the same which is why I was so surprised she finally fought for Luke.  Cailin's an extremely likable character but almost too sweet at times thinking her sister will change for the better but definitely deserves the walk on the wild side that Luke offers her.  From start to finish though Erika stays her unlikable, manipulative melodramatic self and is ultimately unforgettable.

This is a quickly paced read that takes many expected turns but ends up being a satisfying read.  The sexual interludes are intense, sweat-inducing, and are the main draw to the story.  Though there's no clear-cut ending, there's a definite HFN conclusion that's just as satisfying and has me wanting to read more of these delectably naughty novellas.

My rating for this is a B.

*I received this book from the author for review in exchange for my honest opinion.


Growing up, Diana Bocco wanted to be Indiana Jones. She ended up not pursuing a degree in Archaeology (though she toyed with the idea for a while) but she did become a huge lover of travel and history. Aside from traveling to all corners of the world, Diana has also lived in five countries in three continents -- including three years in Siberia and two in Vietnam. She's currently living in Thailand.
Diana is also the author of the dystopian/vampire romance, City of the Fallen, as well as other novels and nonfiction books.


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