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Book Tour for Redeemed By You by K.A. M'Lady (Review & GIVEAWAY)

The Vranthian Vampires series continues in this action-packed and highly sexualized third installment, Redeemed By You by K.A. M'Lady.  Keep reading to get a tantalizing taste of this book along with my impressions of it.  Make sure to fill out the form below for the chance to win gorgeous custom made earrings and eBook sets of the three books in the Vranthian Vampires series too!

In Vranthia, The Wasting has claimed the lives of women, children, and warriors alike; many have fallen to this great plague. No one is safe from its darkness. Recklessness and subterfuge walk hand and hand amongst the Elders, as they seek a means to rule. With ferocity they intend to control the meek, with gluttony they will bleed the docile; destroying all who stand in their way.
But The Wasting can no longer be contained. What began as a dark elixir, stoked in the veins of hatred and revenge, from an enemy long thought dead, has spread beyond the great halls of the Vranthian Kingdom. And no one is certain when or where its darkness will end. Is the mystery and magic of the trion enough to save this great nation?
Kantella Balacjek is a lot of things, but a traitor to his people he is not. He needs to find the source of the darkness to prove his innocence, but the evidence against him grows almost daily. Lies told and enemies made have a way of shielding the truth from the light, even when the truth rages in the blood. Death and her harbinger await him. Will he succumb, or will The Wasting consume them all?
The Darengy grave-warriors have always walked in the shadows. But even they have their outcasts, the creatures that they fear. Onya knows what it is to be different, to be alone with the dying. The shadows and darkness hold their whispers and their pleas. Only she has the power to choose who crosses over. Enslaved by the resistance, she has learned the capacity for evil. Does her blood hold the power to seal the fate of many nations? Does she the courage to change that fate?
Mercenary, loner, wanderer – Traegar is one of the first among the Elders. He is a maker and destroyer of life. Time has jaded him. His people’s level of debauchery and power disgusts him. When the Great Wars ended he chose to walk away and hunt what he despises and loves the most; burying the pieces within him instead. Now his kindred are dying in droves. The Elders have grown unruly, and unstable in their bid for domination. In his dreams the whispers of the ancients fire his blood with the heat of the mating.
Will finding his trion redeem his faith in his people? Will their belief in each other be enough to set them all free?
Strong are the Binds of Love, Faith and Magic.

Draven filled half of the shot glass, his blood thick and clinging to its sides. Ooen silently did the same, filling it to the rim. With a subtle grace, Traegar tossed it back, the truth hitting his tongue like lightning. 
The instant the fiery mix of blood and memories touched his lips, Traegar’s mind filled with a vivid catalog of events. Draven’s mates, Leah and Ook— human and Darengy—captured his senses. The female, tiny and lithe; gifted and blessed with a soothing spirit both Draven and his warrior match needed.
Their memories and emotions coiled through him picking up visions of lost friends and companions long dead. Sifting through the heat and filtering through the images, he touched Ooen, the Darengy healer with his waves of oceanic blue hair and fascinating eyes. He found the learned ruler Kuthar and their feisty, fiery human mate, Cyn; her warm skintone a rich, contrasting heat against her partner’s cool, fierce strength. He knew her secrets without meeting her, for the fire of her soul burned bright.
She’d keep them dancing in her flames for a long time to come. Then the truth of this chance happening came to the front of the images pulsing through his veins.
Old wounds and perceived deceptions warred with lies and betrayals; each treachery hidden in the shadows and forged in the blood. One image in particular struck him like a punch to the gut and the name coursed fire down his spine: Kantella. A name known and yet, not.
“The truth you seek,” he finally stated, opening his eyes and staring, unseeing at the gyrating bodies before him on the dance floor, “is darker and far more dangerous than you may be willing to endure.”
“My brother must pay for his sins,” Draven growled, pounding his fist on the tabletop, the shot glass rattling against its flat surface.
Traegar canted his head, faced his young student, now Vranthia’s most feared and revered warrior, and gazed into his anger-filled eyes. He could feel the hurt and fury radiate from him in waves. “The truth, as you know it, is a dual-edged sword, Draven. Darker forces are at work here. Many have crossed over in too short of a time, and the seeker of their demise whispers in my dreams.” 
“What does she say to you?” Ooen questioned.
Traegar sighed. He’d unintentionally shared too much. “She calls to me to aid her. But I know not her name. Or where to find her.”
“I know how you can find her.” Ooen blinked calmly at the mercenary.
“Tell me,” Traegar growled, grabbing the Darengy by the arm and pulling him near. His fangs lowered as rage knifed through him like an inferno; a firestorm blazing in his belly. The need to extol destruction and death in her name—a name he still did not know—awakened his beast. The need to protect her warred with the need to take her, to keep her for himself. Possession was not an emotion he’d known before.
Ooen laid a calm hand on top of Traegar’s, waves of comfort flowing between them. “Not here. Come,” he stated, sliding over towards the edge of the booth. 
His arm stretched in Traegar’s grip, causing him to release him. “I will tell you her story, and we will piece this puzzle together. Then you will have the knowledge to find the first of your mates.”

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The quest to find a cure for The Wasting continues in the third installment of the Vranthian Vampires series.  Bad boy brother Kantella has been portrayed as a traitor to his people and a defiler of his brother's mate, but all these perceptions are based on lies perpetrated by power hungry Elders whose hate drives them to the annihilation of many.  Instead he's been tortured and left adrift by the mates he can't reach.  It's a race against the clock to reach him though before the poison running through him consumes him.  The only thing keeping him alive is Onya, whose people transition the dying towards their end.  It's her voice that guides him and keeps him hoping as she lies bound and tortured waiting to be saved and joined to her mates.  She's as lost and alone as Kantella, on the fringe of all their species, and will never feel whole until they can create their Trion.

Traegar is a loner amongst his fellow Elders as he sees that they're completely out of control.  He's feared for his hunting skills and ability to kill without remorse.  Into this world of darkness comes a sweet voice that offers him hope and guides him to those wanting to stop The Wasting.  Once he joins the journey to find Kantella and the treacherous Elders his life will never be the same in a fast-paced trek to discovering the truth and finding the Mates that will heal his soul.

This story brings everything full circle that has been touched on in the previous installments.  We get an in-depth background into each member of this Trion but on an impersonal level that shows their connection through their shared loneliness and separateness.  The main form of their connection is through dreams which made their physical joining all the more anticipatory and satisfying in its steaminess.  We get glimpses of the previous installment's pairings which made the final battle more powerful and brought the brothers back together after clearing away all the lies.  The mythology of the Trion and the Elders ultimate plan can sometimes be confusing but the characters and pace of this story kept me turning the pages in this cleverly crafted story that leaves readers with an ultimately satisfying conclusion.

My rating for this is a C+

*I received this book from the author for review in exchange for my honest opinion.


Author K.A. M’Lady lives a few stone throws from corn fields, chaos and congestion; all lying on the outskirts of the many burbs of Chicago. KA M'lady spends her days calculating life expectancies, mortality and the certainty of death and taxes while in her free time the dead wander freely, buy shoes, homes, the occasional odd business or two and, if you even think of charging them too much in taxes…well, let’s just say the tax man may never come back. But if he does he might just shamble a bit.
An All Romance eBooks bestselling author, K.A. M'lady's work has been described as scary, descriptive, beautiful, dark, frightening, addictive, sexy and believable. She loves to read paranormal romances, watching horror movies, westerns on Sundays with her husband, playing fetch with her pocket beagle, Chevy and buying weird shoes. Her friends call her eccentric, her family refuses to comment. She’s been lost in the world of fiction since she was a small child, and frankly, never wants to be found—at least not any time soon. “Myth and magic builds dreams and inspirations – and in an insane world, it is our dreams that spark the revolution of change. No matter which world is being conquered. Within our dreams – all things are possible.”


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