Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Book Review of Claimed By You by K.A. M'Lady

On Vranthia, The Wasting is spreading, mutating, claiming not only the women of this fierce, warrior race, but stealing the lives of men, children, warriors, and now, some say, even the Elders among their race.
Rumors of the trion – the ancient joining of Vranthian, Darengy and Outworlder blood and magic as a cure – is growing beyond the halls of Prince Kuthar’s court. With his brother, Prince Draven’s recent joining, there is the first glimmer of hope for their people. But with hope comes lies and growing subterfuge. The Elders demand a rightful ruler and some will stop at nothing to get it. 
Kuthar Balacjek – leader, warrior, and vampire is first in line to be the rightful king. Bred to rule from an early age, he has learned Vranthian laws, and their ancient history. He has studied their past, and fought their battles with the blood, sweat and ferocity, that only a true ruler can comprehend. But The Wasting is an enemy that even he is uncertain how to conquer. Will he find the answers he seeks in the ones whose fate he now controls? Or have they laid claim to his soul?
Cynthiana Rue – Cyn – has never been more irritated in her life. Space-napped by her best-friend and a misfit crew of alien vampires she is swept up in Vranthian legend, war and her captors’ unbridled passions. Will she fight for her freedom or give in to the unknown?
Ooen has known slavery his entire life. Bound since youth to guard the Elder, Vogeth, he has known a life of deception. And now, The Wasting has changed everything. Accused of Vogeth’s death, his fate now lies in the hands of the Vranthian ruler – something his human captive can comprehend. Will he too rebel, or will his magic help to set them all free?


This book picks up immediately where the previous installment ended with this ragtag group of aliens on the run to discovering a cure to The Wasting and discovering who's really behind the treachery.  For human Cynthiana it's a jarring change that has her caught up in danger and an intense attraction to the domineering man who lays immediate claim to her.  We don't get to know her too well beyond the fact that she's strong-willed, gives as good as she gets, and has a secret talent that is being kept hidden for now.

Prince Kuthar's life up to now has revolved around training and studies and it's led to a lonely existence.  After seeing his brother's happiness in finding his Trion he now hopes to find one of his own and immediately senses Cynthiana is the first piece to the romantic puzzle.  He's overbearing with her early on and sets out to overpower her in a sensual haze that leaves her in bed for the first half of the story.  Amongst all the sexual encounters he finds time to discover his other Mate in the physically and mentally tortured healer Ooen.  These two men work together to discover who the real traitor is while struggling to keep themselves and Cynthiana safe from those close to Kuthar bent on destroying his family.  Ooen is exotic, exudes confidence, and has no doubt that Kuthar and Cynthiana are his Mates.  He immediately claims Cynthiana in a sexual encounter just as scorching as Kuthar's claiming and shows both men equal in her eyes which makes their Trion believable.  Through their combined joining they're no longer alone and finally have another there to share the burdens that have come before and those still to come.

The majority of this story revolves around sex and the intense feelings and power generated by the Trion.  We don't get to know these characters too deeply but I still found myself drawn to them and their fight to save their people.  This is an entertaining transitional story that promises an exciting conclusion to the series.  With its steamy sexual interludes and exciting action sequences you can't help but keep turning the pages to find out what happens next.

My rating for this is a B-

*I bought this book for my personal library using my own money.

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