Thursday, April 3, 2014

Book Blast for What a Bride Wants by Kelly Hunter (GIVEAWAY)

Those looking for a modern-day twist to a mail order bride of long ago will get just that in What a Bride Wants by Kelly Hunter, a fun loving story where this time it's the woman finding a husband.  Keep reading to get a taste of this book and make sure to fill out the form below for the chance to win a $20 Amazon GC too!

What a bride wants…
Ella Grace Emerson adores her father, but he keeps trying to marry her off to every eligible rancher in Montana. When he puts an ad in the paper on her behalf – for a docile house-husband – Ella retaliates with one of her own, pinned to the noticeboard of the local saloon. No husband required, housebroken or otherwise. What she wants is the perfect lover.
What a bride needs…
Newcomer Cam Sawyer is perfectly willing to tear up the sheets with Ella and be her partner in chaos. She wants a bad boy and he’s had experience aplenty. But what she really needs is a strong and loving partner, and until Sawyer stops running from his past he can never be that.
Sawyer’s the one Ella wants. But can he be the man she needs?


Jo snatched for the Copper Mountain Courier at the same time Ella did. Ella got there first and wore Jo’s slender body slamming up against her side a heartbeat later.
“Oh, look,” Jo said helpfully. “A picture of you. And it’s a good one.”
“Color too,” Mardie pointed out. “Only colored ad on the page. Makes it pop.”
“Make it stop,” muttered Ella as Mardie hastened away, trying to disguise her smile.
The heading on the ad was arresting.
They read in silence. Moments later, Jo’s hand crept up to cover her mouth.
“If you laugh—” Ella threatened darkly. At which point her sweet and ever loving childhood companion did a mighty fine impression of someone about to cough up a cow.
It was a full one minute and thirty-seven seconds before Jo could even speak. “I’m not laughing. I was choking.”
“Have you read down further?”
Jo nodded vigorously. “I particularly like the bit about him needing to be able to cook, clean, iron, keep a tidy house, and raise well-mannered, obedient children.”
“And the rest?”
“Well, who wouldn’t want a man who’s committed to due diligence, the greater good, and sparkling silverware?”
Ella drained her drink in one long swallow and signaled for another. “I’m going to kill him.”


Accidentally educated in the sciences, Kelly Hunter didn't think to start writing romances until she was surrounded by the jungles of Malaysia for a year and didn't have anything to read. Eventually she decided that writing romance suited her far better than throwing sterile screw-worm flies out of airplane windows, and changed careers.
Kelly now lives in Australia, surrounded by lush farmland and family, 2 dogs, 3 miniature cows, a miniature pig, a 3-legged cat and a small flock of curious chickens. There are still flies, but their maggots don’t feed on flesh. Bargain.
Kelly is a USA Today bestselling author, a three time Romance Writers of America RITA finalist and loves writing to the short contemporary romance form.



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  1. Sounds like a really sweet read. Thank you for posting it!


  2. i would have loved a private beach honeymoon but money was such that I never had a honeymoon at all. Thank you for this chance

  3. I love the originality of the premise of What a Bride Wants~ sounds like a really fun read.

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  4. Have already read. I really enjoyed the sizzling romance between Ella and Sawyer. A quick fun read. Looking forward to reading more of the bride stories in this series.

  5. Greece, I really want to go there.
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