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Book Tour for Line Drive by Erin Lindsey Maurer (Review & GIVEAWAY)

Fans of baseball will enjoy their introduction to Line Drive by Erin Lindsey Maurer as the romance off the field and play on the field are perfectly balanced.  Keep reading to learn more about the first book in the Philadelphia Liberty series along with learning what's next for the series.  Learn my impressions of this book and learn even more things about this book by visiting the other blogs hosting this tour.  Make sure to fill out the form below for your chance to win 1 of 5 digital copies of this book too!

Like any good author, Line Drive has been my baby. For the better of the last year, I have been swimming in Mattie and Ashlynn’s story. I love them. They’ve become my dear friends. The Liberty has become my second family. I love this world and I have no intention of abandoning it.
I still can’t believe I am sending Line Drive out into the world, all by itself. In all honesty, I’m terrified. This is my first major publication. This is the beginning of my career as a romance writer, I hope. I’m equal parts excited and scared sh*tless. Throughout this whole process, one thing as surprised me: having your dreams come true feels an awful lot like losing your mind.
I wrote Line Drive with the intentions of it being a part of a series. The Liberty world is full of strong, complex, inspiring characters. I cannot wait to to tell more stories from this world. But, writing Line Drive has been like giving birth. It’s scary...and time consuming. Now that I’m hitting publish, I can finally start looking forward.
My immediate next step is already in progress: I’m plotting out the next tale in the Liberty series. Bases Empty (Philadelphia Liberty #2), will focus on a new relationship between some of Line Drive’s most beloved characters (at least beloved by me!). I don’t want to give it away, but I love Tasty’s readers and bloggers, so I’m going to give y’all a sneak peek.
Bases Empty begins with our favorite blonde realizing that forever is not guaranteed. Nothing is going right for Sophia Franco. Her longtime boyfriend leaves and she slowly wakes up to the fact that her happily ever after isn’t with Doug. She leans on the support of her longtime friend, Nick Christensen. Together, the two agree that broken hearts can’t keep them down.
I’m still in the planning stages of Bases Empty, but so far its a ton of fun. The first few chapters were heart wrenching and just planning them took a lot out of me.
In addition to Bases Empty and some more tales from the Liberty world, I am also planning a trip back in time. I think it would be amazing to explore women’s baseball in World War II. The Philadelphia Belles is something I’m still planning, but rest assured, we will see some of Mrs. O’s and Ella’s younger days.
Outside of the writing world, I am working on launching a crochet shop and a line of custom-made dog treats. I pretty much can’t function unless I’m being creative, so there is nearly always something in the works.

Mattie Duvall is just starting to rediscover his dreams. Signing with the minor league Philadelphia Liberty gives him a second shot at playing professional baseball. What he didn’t expect was to fall for the cider-haired pixie haunting his dreams. Ashlynn Davis isn’t looking for love. She’s busy chasing down her own big dream: finding a way to use her cooking skills to give back to Philadelphia’s less fortunate. The two cannot deny their mutual attraction, or that they’re heading rapidly towards that four letter word they thought they’d never say: LOVE. When secrets from Mattie’s past bubble to the surface, Ashlynn begins to question her position in his life. Can the two put the past behind them in time to race toward a future together? Or is love destined to play second fiddle to big dreams and even bigger secrets?



Those who like their romances on the sweet side with very little conflict will get exactly that with Line Drive.  From its too good to be true characters to the perfect dates to their love at first sight, readers are taken on a journey that has a fantasy-like feel in its perfection.

Both protagonists have sacrificed for those they love and become bound by their kindheartedness.  For Mattie, he gave up a pro baseball career to help run the family bakery.  He now feeds both his needs by playing in the minors alongside baking which has fulfilled him until the day he meets Ashlynn.  She's the ingredient that makes him feel whole and the former commitment-phobic athlete now sees his future in her.  He has a secret from his past though that hangs over him which he fears will ruin his relationship before it even starts.  Mattie is a loyal and kindhearted hero.  He's a true gentleman too as he never pushes Ashlynn for more than she's willing to give.

Ashlynn is the perfect match for Mattie as she too is extremely loyal to family.  She's equally kindhearted in that she takes food to her elderly neighbors and gives them the attention lacking from their own families.  She easily gets swept off her feet and quickly knows he's her future through numerous picture perfect dates and sweetly sensual encounters.  She too has obligations from her past that are eating at her and it's shared grief that binds her to Mattie.

From it's sweet to sensual romance to its immensely likable characters I found their path to HEA a heartwarming, and at times heartbreaking, journey.  I would've liked a bit more drama to their story as their romance was almost too good to be true, but a misunderstanding late in the story felt like an afterthought and was too rushed.  Overall though, this was a satisfying story that will put a smile on people's faces and with so many likable secondary characters I look forward to more books in this series.

My rating for this is a C+

*I received this book from the author for review in exchange for my honest opinion.


Erin Lindsey Maurer grew up surrounded by stories. She made up stories about well everything and often got caught reading under her covers with a flashlight. Today, she is still cooking up tales, with a spicier spin. Line Drive is the first title in her Philadelphia Liberty series, celebrating the boys of baseball and the women they love.


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