Monday, June 30, 2014

Book Review of Grizzly by Bonnie Bliss

One Alpha shape-shifting bear.
Plus one geeky computer girl.
Equals an explosive mated pairing.
Living her life as a reclusive computer programmer, Sorscha never expected much out of life. That was until the man who had not only ignored her for her whole life—but was hired as her bodyguard—suddenly shifts into a huge, hulking—bear.
Watching over Sorscha has been a pain, right in Tethur’s big, fat—well, you get the point. Suddenly Sorscha’s life is threatened, their deep mutual sexual attraction is exposed, and Tethur reveals he’s a shape-shifting hunk from a world right out of one of Sorscha’s favorite movies.
The unlikely pair are thrust into a world of fantasy, sexual hunger, and mysterious powers. Join Sorscha as she discovers that she is not quite the no body she thought she was, and after years of trying to get in the Grumpy ole’ bear’s pants—she is going to have to start ‘trying’ to keep him out of hers.


As the first book in a new series entitled The Realms there's a lot going on in this book.  There are numerous characters, lots of action-packed sequences, and a mythology that is multi-layered and mostly takes place in a vividly depicted world of fantasy.  Not to mention the intensely erotic overtones and sensual haze hanging over the entire story from start to finish.  Considering all that you end up with a story that will appeal to readers of every genre.

Sorscha has lived a very solitary life being cosseted by loving parents and guarded by a man who she's always been drawn to but who's kept her at arms length.  Her loneliness drew her to the world of fantasy where The Hobbit, Doctor Who, and Sherlock became her comfort.  Everything changed for her though on Valentine's Day and life will never be the same again as she discovers that fantasy is sometimes real and everything she thought she knew about herself is turned on end.  The man she thought hated her is now claiming she's his mate, she discovers a whole new family of faes and otherworldly creatures after jumping through a mirror, and just like Alice her life is now in jeopardy and she'll have to rely on powers she's just discovering to save her.  She's also battling her hormones as Tethur's constantly taunting her with his dirty words and sensual promises which keeps her constantly on edge and struggling to find her place in this new world.  Sorscha is a likable character for all her imperfections.  She's not svelte or worldly and she's a self-confessed geek but she longs to live a life of excitement.  Being with Tethur in his world brings her unexpected excitement and is just the beginning of a battle for power courtesy of a jealous woman who enjoys pain and employs drastic methods to create an army.  There are times though where Sorscha becomes a bit too hysterical in demanding her independence, a bit too shrew-like.  Her ignorance puts her in jeopardy and though she should be happy with such a strong guardian angel she still fights him at every turn.  Their relationship looks to be one of a constant push and pull which will keep readers entertained for a long time to come.

Tethur is a Celt Warrior, one of a small band of brothers who can shift into various creatures, and is an immortal of massive strength and size.  He was promised Sorscha when she was very young and it took all his strength not to claim her before now.  With their enemies at their doorstep he's forced into showing her the truth of their existence before he planned on it with her introduction being a bit overwhelming.  He's constantly on edge keeping others away from what he considers his and it brings out his aggressive Alpha tendencies which causes friction between him and Sorscha.  His bear side constantly emerges to warn off those who try to use their sexual prowess to overwhelm her and he was left being overbearing and smothering because of it.  His and Sorscha's relationship boils down to sex, they're drawn to each other every moment as seen by the numerous sexual interludes they partake in at the most inopportune moments sometimes.  We don't get deep insight into who Tethur is beyond his strength and sexual prowess.  He's loyal though and willing to do whatever it takes to keep Sorscha safe even if it makes her mad.  He's a super sexy beast who loves to fight and has a talent for talking dirty which made me blush while also making him an even more drool-worthy warrior.

This was a fast-paced story teeming with sexual tension and out right sensuality.  Every creature in this fantasy world oozed sex appeal, even the villains.  There was equal amounts of sex on display as there was blood dripping on the battlefield.  There were numerous characters introduced which made it hard to keep track of everyone as well as their purposes.  The goal of the villain is obvious and we're just getting a hint as to what she's willing to do to reach that goal, which doesn't bode well for the heroes as one of their own is in dire straits due to her machinations.  Sorscha is the first of four daughters to re-enter their homeland which sets up the books yet to come as other warriors will be as aggressive as Tethur in keeping their mates safe.  Fans of erotica will find this a tantalizing read but have paper nearby to keep all the characters straight as it's a crowded cast and hold on tight as the journey to stopping the villain will be a rocky one both physically and mentally as all the sisters adjust to a world without Netflix and Starbucks!

My rating for this is a B-

*I received this book from the author for review in exchange for my honest opinion.

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