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Book Tour for Cry Wolf: A New Gotham Fairy Tale by Sophie Avett (GIVEAWAY)

Today I'm bringing you a new-to-me author with her engaging dark fantasy read.  Keep reading to get a unique glimpse of Cry Wolf: A New Gotham Fairytale by Sophie Avett a m/m read in the NA genre and then fill out the form below for the chance to win a bracelet, other trinkets and 10 e-copies of ‘Twas the Darkest Night too.

There is a boutique hiding out between the fractured, narrow storefronts lining New Gotham’s foggy docks. The shingles are ribbed and black. Washed, peeling paint and displays offering views into wicked leather and lace studded glam. The mannequins are ghoulish beauties stitched together from whatever was left from the last fool to cross one of the sinister witches.

Welcome to Sinister Stitches“…apparel for a wicked fairy tale.”

A spicy trinity of black magic sisters breathe star-dusted dreams to life with their gothic apparel boutique. They are schooled in the old ways of “fabric-bending” by the Needlewitches of old. With this knowledge, they’ve created an entire line of clothing that all share the same basic design element: one-size fits all. Each garment will magically tailor itself to its wearer once worn. Last time the Witches-Who-Stitch, hosted a literary catwalk, heroines were called from all walks of life and genres to challenge their seamstress skills. This time, their men have joined the fun—apparently, they’ve been sent to the boutique. (Whether they like it, or not.)
The witches were NOT expecting men. Their expertise is usually limited to DEMANDING their husbands NOT wear that in public, and, of course, the fashioning of fantastic clothing for all of literature’s heroines. (New Gotham’s men usually get their goods from Rumpel’s Twisted Threads, BUT that’s beyond the point, the girls put a quill to their interview, changed some bits, and rose to the occasion.)
To enjoy the hilarity, please check out some of the questionnaire Alix Richards’s Blake Ravenstone from Twin Flames: Soul Design was asked to fill out after he was swaggered into Sinister Stitches. 


Please provide the witches with your name: Blake Ravenstone
Please provide the witches with the following:
Hair Color: Black
Hair Length: [ ] Short and Sharp, [X] Shaggy and Sexy, [ ] Lush and Long
Eye Color:  Silvery Brown
Skin Tone: [ ] Ghoulish, [ ] Snow White, [X] Cina-baby, [ ] Mochalicious, [ ] Dark Chocolate, [ ]  Other:__________
Please provide the witches with your measurements and body-type.
a.) Height: 
b.) Body Type: [ ] Skeletal, [ ] Lean and Tender, [X] Lean and Tough, [ ] Ripe and Edible
Do you have any extra extremities? Place an “X” to all that apply.
[ ] Horns or [ ] Halo
[ ] 20 ft. of Hair or More
[ ] Gills and Fins or [ ] Hooves
[ ] Wings (Span:   )
[ ] Tail (How many:  )
How many heads do you have? (Your boy bit doesn’t count!)
Do you have arms and legs? If so, how many?
The last I checked it was a pair of both. Although, hang on…yep, still have two of each. Haven’t had to sell one yet. *grin*
How dead are you? [X] Living, [ ] Undead, [ ] Astral Form
What are you? (Species/Breed)
Cursed human with a splash of feline and canine in for good measure. It really sucks being caught up in the petty jealousies of deities.
What is the occasion? (Ideas include: Wedding, Funeral, Sabbath, etc. Oh, and seduction is a valid occasion. The more details, the better.)
Seduction date.
What’s the occasion setting? (Beach, haunted castle, grand ball, etc.)
A private dining room at a restaurant.
Will you be fighting for your life atsome point in the evening? 
I don’t think so. I’m leaving my cousins behind. The last time we were all together it wasn’t pretty. *cringe*
Will you be set on fire? Better yet, will you be setting other people on fire?
Uh…my plan is to set my mate on fire. Other than that no. No setting people on fire.
Will you be grave-robbing? (Dirt is a tailor’s tedium.)
Ye-ah, no. Not happening.
What are you wearing right now? Who picked that outfit out? (Basically, who let you leave the crypt in those?)
Torn faded jeans, black wife beater and a button down long sleeve shirt with the sleeves rolled up. Can’t handle that shit around my wrists. *grin* Gotta be able to move. I did, why? *eyebrow raised* Doesn’t look good? I’m a tattoo artist after all.
Do you hope to be naked at some point in the evening? (All right, dirty birds. Such questions are actually intended toward the weres and shifters in regards to their transformations.)
Oh most definitely! Oh, wait…you didn’t mean it like that. Sorry. *blush* Uh, than no. Changing forms in front of non-shifters is a no-go.
Describe your last brush with Death in two sentences. (Helps us plan for the unexpected.)
My mate’s Eldest Elder. It was harmless really, every young one does it time to time. Unfortunately, most don’t have an Elder like Lady Ana. *shivers* I still have nightmares.
Do you need a secret compartment for gigantic swords? Guns and condoms? Eyeliner, maybe?
I don’t think so. Normally I use fangs and claws.
What are your three favorite colors?
Black, silver and blue
What two colors ninja your brain, sweetie?
Any that mess with my vision.
Please pick a style that you feel embodies you the best. If none apply, feel free to surprise us by providing your own brilliant description in the “other” slot.
[X] Dark AngelThis is for the spoonfuls of charming. The good-natured and naughty boys next door types. Thoughtful and sensual. Loyal and intelligent. More often than not, his head is in the clouds, but those dreams and that smile holds hope for all of us. Our philosophers.
[ ] Beast King: This is for the warlords and alphas. The type of men who walk into a room and their presence hushes out the sun. They live in their bodies, but their minds are searching for the next challenge. Hands for fighting and these boots for ass-kickings. Our protectors.
[ ] Smooth Criminal: This is for the bad boys. You know, the types---mother’s worse nightmares. The kind of man that makes your skin itch every time he devours you with that hundred yard stare. Chances are his senses of humor is as wicked as his tongue. To hold him, isn’t to catch him. Our scheming rogues.
[ ] Black Knight: This for the mysteries. The ones no one can quite make heads or tails out off. He’s a mixture, a melting pot of strong, sinister, and sweet. He might be Dark Angel one day, and a Smooth Criminal other days. Our brothers.
[ ] Other: _____________________
Who is your favorite comic/storybook villain?
It’s a toss between the Riddler and the Joker. Both are interesting and funny as hell. Showmen of the awesome variety. You pick.
If you could be any comic/storybook book hero, who would it be?
Most def the Batman. Only because he has cool as shit toys. What billionaire wouldn’t want to have the stuff he has? The motorcycles, the plane, boat…car! Yeah, I’d be the bat for sure. *smirk*
Now, tell us who you love the most.
My mate, Josslyn. She’s everything that’s right within the world.
Anything else you’d like to add…
If you can make me look awesome, that’ll be great. Joss is forever saying I need a new wardrobe. Not that she doesn’t like my choices, she does. Just want to show her I clean up well.
After many barrels of chocolate, a dash of magic, and furious sewing…
Sinister Stitches’ Rockabilly Starlet
Gillian Dweyer presents Blake’s
Completed Threads

The witch that greets you is by far the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen. Oil back curls frame her sweet moon-face, little button nose between two lush black suns for eyes. The poet’s shirt hanging off her dainty snow-white shoulders is of pale mauve crepe de Chine, rounded neckline with frill and long full sleeves cut by narrow bands around the wrists. Otherwise, everything else is pink. Pink, pink, pink. The close fitting, long skirt flaring gradually from her hips to the floor, the pink ballerina six-inch stilettos—everything about this woman is princess pink. Her small, pouty mouth curves in a flash of cute, somewhat crooked teeth:
Welcome to Sinister Stitches, handsome. I’m Gillian the Candy Witch. This is my mother’s store. You’re in the wrong place. We’re dressmakers, suga. Twisted Threads is that way, but who could fault your effort? Really. You’re adorable---I could almost take a bite of you. Now, let’s talk about what Gillian is gonna fashion for her babycakes.
In terms of colors, we took our cues from your color requests, and have fashioned Davis blue threads spun from my mother’s silk. That’s right. You have a Madame Mari original—it is one of a kind. It is a heavier silk, so it will suit wintertime, too. It is also stain resistant, so do not be afraid to get a little wild.
Now, in terms of cut, we’re gonna go a classic Italian “thin man” cut. These suits are considered the absolute height of fashion. They speak of power. Very clean, very tailored. You’re gonna be sharp enough to cut glass, baby. Expect some very light shoulder padding and thinner lapels than normal—we wanted to give you a broader chest. And we did not cut a vent in the jacket. This will give the jacket a cleaner look. However, you’re going to be a little more constricted while you’re wearing the jacket. BUT I suggest you keep it buttoned unless you’re seated. That is how gentlemen wear their threads. And you’ll do me proud.
We’ve paired the threads with matching trousers and a matching crimson tie. That should do perfectly. Oh, and while you’ve been standing here Astrid…
My sister is a vampire, and she…lost her mind and cut your hair. I am so sorry. Here’s your gift bag, the threads are on the house. No, really, I insist. Here, take a business card. And a cookie. Goodbye!
*flees the tearoom*
For more information about Alix Richard’s and Blake Ravenstone’s adventures in Soul Design (Twin Flames series), please check out her publisher’s website.
Care to check out the last round of Sinister Stitches interviews? Check out Sophie Avett and Jennifer Blackstream’s paranormal den, the Brimstone Pub. All SS interviews are retired there after their tour until the release of the SS e-book.
Fancy a tour of New Gotham? Check out New Gotham’s Survival Guide! It might save your life! 
For more information about Sophie Avett’s New Gotham Fairy Tales, the Sinister Stitches series, and recent releases, please check out her website.
Image Credit(s): Viorel Sima
Image Editing Credit(s): Elaina, For the Muse Design

There’s a wild animal on the loose in the black forests surrounding New Gotham...
Not that anyone cares.
Well, Peter doesn't care.
Peter Ume is more interested in finding a way to alleviate the skull-numbing boredom of a city wide shut down. So far his ideas for excitement hover between stealing an unwary idiot’s underwear (soul works, too), setting someone’s eyebrows on fire, or stabbing the next person he meets in the eye with a hot French fry.
It turns out, he’ll be able to save assault and theft for a rainy day. As luck would have it, this naughty kitsune is about to meet the big bad wolf.
And man, is the wolf in for a surprise...


With little reserve or care for polite niceties, the wolf nuzzled the curve between Peter’s ear and his shoulder. Inhaling deeply. It was a standard animal greeting—and it was almost too much.
“You…” his breath was hot. “…have a fever.”
Peter shuddered and dropped his head back, offering him complete access. “I don’t.”
Luca’s soft lips roved across Peter’s skin, leaving a trail of rapid-fire goosebumps pebbled to life down the fox’s arms. The tip of his tongue tingled. His insides were melting. Everywhere Luca put his mouth burned. And it felt like his mouth was everywhere.

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Sophie Avett is kind of a nerd. Like not even one of the cute, hip ones everyone brags about nowadays. More like the socially awkward hippie who eats way too much bread and dreams about being a dragon from behind towers of mythology books. Um...yeah. Picture old, tattered paperbacks and comic books--mostly Batman and Wonder Woman--dwarfing a tiny desk, with just barely enough room for the troll who writes there and the 70 pound hell-hound that insists on laying it's wet nose on top of her bare foot.
Granted not the most exciting existence, but she tries to make up for it by writing romances populated with her own peculiar ilk of paranormal beasties.  Trolls, wyverns, the obscure Nordic brownie--she likes to keep things interesting. And bloody. (And mostly naked--but, we'll keep that bit between us.) 


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