Monday, October 6, 2014

I Interrupt Our Usual Program With a Brief Message......

I'm interrupting our usual book love to address an issue that's been weighing heavily on me the last week or two.  Those of us who love books have probably heard about the maelstrom surrounding publisher Ellora's Cave and the questionable practices and poor treatment of their authors which has recently come to light (and if you don't know, please search out the information).  I therefore won't go into the issue too in-depth other than to say it's a big disappointment as they were once a shining beacon for erotic works/authors.  I in no way want those who visit my site to think I condone their actions when they see me promoting their books as I don't like bullies or those who seek to gain at the expense of others.  As I see it though these authors are stuck in a bad situation that I don't want to make worse.  Therefore, when you see an Ellora's Cave book being spotlighted on my site, please know that it's the author I'm supporting and NOT the publisher.  I LOVE authors, am in awe of their talent, and want them to succeed....which means they'll always be welcome here despite who their publisher is.  Hopefully the authors caught in this mess will prevail and until then know that I stand (well...sit in my wheelchair) beside you in solidarity!


  1. Very well said. It's very sad that this had to happen to these people.

    1. TY Lauren for your comment. I agonized over this issue and feel this was a decision I could live with it. Here's hoping we can all get back to reading and writing in peace soon!

      The Scarf Princess