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Book Tour for Once Perfect by Cecy Robson (Review & GIVEAWAY)

I love stories with misunderstood bad boy heroes and with Once Perfect by Cecy Robson we get a drool-worthy hero and the former rich girl brought down by tragedy.  Keep reading to get a glimpse of the tantalizing and rocky romance between two very different people along with my impressions of this story.  Learn even more about this delectable read by visiting the other blogs hosting this tour too.  Make sure to fill out the form below for the chance to win a $25 bookstore GC and a Loveswept Publishing tote and mug!

His life was never easy. Hers wasn’t supposed to be this hard. They come from different worlds, but fate lures them together in a way neither expected in Cecy Robson’s raw, steamy series debut—perfect for fans of Monica Murphy and J. Lynn.
Evelyn Preston’s future once looked perfect—until her wealthy father was caught in an embezzlement scandal and took his own life. Alone and struggling to pay her college tuition and bills, Evelyn finds a job as a waitress at the ultra-hip nightclub Excess, where she used to have more in common with the privileged private-school clientele than her fellow staff members. But something attracts her to the sexy six-foot-four bouncer and underground MMA fighter MateoTres Santos. Although they’ve led different lives, their troubled pasts bonds them in both survival and love.
Mateo is ex-army who wound up in prison for assaulting the man who harmed his sister. Now he’s feeling the same protective impulse for this petite blond waitress. When Evelyn experiences a panic attack at the club, Mateo comes to her rescue. And when Mateo is wounded shielding her from a brawl, Evelyn returns the favor and comes to his aid.
As their attraction intensifies, Mateo is determined to find out what nightmares are lurking in Evelyn’s past—even if that means tackling his own to save her.


“Malibu Barbie. We need more cocktail napkins!”
I stopped wiping the bar booth, torn between throwing my bucket at Sam or at the cluster of bouncers chuckling at his Barbie dig. I still had two more booths to clean before the doors to the Main Line’s infamous Club Excess opened and the real work began. A crowd of spoiled brats―offspring of Philly’s wealthiest families―with too much money and too much attitude already crowded the doors. I should know. I used to be one of them. Except they still had the money.
I had a screaming boss.
“Jesus, Sam, I’m going.” I tossed my towel on the table and stomped across the dance floor in my black, thigh-high boots. If it weren’t for the crazy tips the drunk idiots dropped like bowling balls, no way would I work at a place where I had to accessorize tiny black shorts and a skimpy tank with these hooker boots. The white dress shirt tied at my belly was Sam’s way of compromising when me  and a few of the other waitresses complained about our new “uniforms.” The more desperate among us tied it closer to their cleavage. I didn’t. Even if it meant less money, I wanted to hang on to what little pride I had left.
My steps slowed as I neared the group of bouncers huddled around Mateo. He was young, younger than at least half of them, and still they looked up to him. ’’Considering Mateo was an ex-con who fought in fight clubs, you’d think the staff would avoid him’’. I sure did. Hell, I’d barely spoken to him in the six months I’d worked at Excess, using any excuse to keep my distance. That said, there was something about him that made people take notice. His burly arms crossed his chest. Power was inked on one forearm in bold Gothic lettering, Wrath on theother, and black flames crawled up both, disappearing beneath the sleeves of his tight black T-shirt.
My puny shoulders tensed as I drew closer. Mateo had served time for beating some poor guy so brutally the guy had spent two weeks in the hospital recovering from the bashes to his face and body. I watched Mateo, a lot. Every now and then, I’d catch him glancing my way, too. He’d offer me a brief nod or a small smile, but I never offered anything in return. His size, the depth of his voice, and his aptitude for violence scared me, despite his captivating looks. He moved like a panther staking out his turf, ready for anything, his steely hazel eyes taking everything in.
He spoke low and rough as the last of his crew arrived. “Listen up. Keep the drugs and the dealers out. They come in with that shit, you see anyone selling―send their asses out the door. Sam doesn’t want another OD in his place. If those rich pricks want to die, they can do it somewhere else.”
The others answered Mateo with stiff nods, except for Dale, who whistled as I walked by. “Nice ass, Evelyn . . .”
His voice trailed off. I turned to shoot him a dirty look over my shoulder only to catch the death glare Mateo was firing his way. “Leave Evie the fuck alone and pay attention, Dale,” Mateo told him. Dale immediately dropped his gaze, allowing Mateo to return his attention to the rest of the group. “With the first week of classes over, these fools are looking to party hard, and the dealers are ready to assist. ““Don’t go it alone. Call for backup if you need it, when you need it. I’ll take point near the bar. Ant’s my second. He’ll take point left of the floor. If I’m mixed up in some other shit, you call him. Got me?”
The bouncers collectively muttered in agreement. Even Dale.
My heart was thumping against my sternum and I lost my footing. I reached for my ponytail and tightened it fast, trying to pretend that was the reason I’d tripped and not, absolutely not, because ’Mateo had stuck up for me and shut Dale up on my behalf. Or because he’d called me “Evie.” Again. No one else had ever called me that.




I love bad boys with their tats and commanding presence who are big teddy bears deep inside which is exactly what drew me to this book.  From the delicious book cover to the introduction of Mateo I was in full schoolgirl mode as this bad boy completely won me over with merely a glance.  Mateo is the strong but silent type who was once in the Army before going to jail in defense of his sister.  He's a true gentleman always protective of women and loyal to his coworkers at the bar Excess who are like family.  In a life-altering moment he rescues Evelyn who he senses has a dark past of pain which is the first step in a burgeoning relationship that has her dealing with her past and him protecting her every step of the way.  Mateo is the unequivocal highlight of this story!  He's sweet yet sexy and respects Evelyn's fears as to taking their relationship slowly.  He's an MMA fighter along with a lover though which causes friction in their relationship but made him even more enticing.  Every book hero should aspire to be like Mateo and I'm still dreaming of him long after I finished the book.  

Evelyn was once a spoiled rich girl until her daddy killed himself.  From that moment on she was alone as her rich friends and remaining family members all abandoned her.  It's left her untrusting and closed off which gives the impression of being standoffish.  As if that didn't make life difficult enough for her, she also has an ex-boyfriend who's stalking her and nightmares she has difficulty remembering along with a crippling fear of the dark which all allude to something terrible befalling her in the past.  What that event was is obvious to me which made me immensely grateful for Mateo's care and patience in helping her deal with her past.  While I admired Evelyn making her way on her own I found her a bit naive, juvenile in her emotions, and judgmental.  She was hard to relate to early on with her cool demeanor but being with Mateo helped her open up, make friends, and become a stronger person.

The relationship between Mateo and Evelyn started slowly with sweet and shy looks.  Teeming with sexual tension it felt like it took forever for them to finally get together in a richly rewarding sexual interlude.   For all their differences in class and status they were a wonderful couple who balanced each other out in a heartwarming, yet heartbreaking at times, relationship.  Surrounding them was a delightful cast of secondary characters who I can't wait to get to know more about.  The workers at Excess, particularly Ant and Noelle, are a colorful and outspoken group with pasts just waiting to be discovered.  Though the ending was a bit rushed and some parts of the story a bit melodramatic this was an engaging start to the Shattered Past series that has me greatly anticipating the next installment.

My rating for this is a B+

*I got this book from NetGalley for review in exchange for my honest opinion.


Cecy Robson is the New Adult author of Once Perfect, Once Loved, and Once Pure and the award-winning author of the Weird Girls urban fantasy romance series. A self-proclaimed professional napper, Cecy counts among her talents a jaw-dropping knowledge of useless trivia, the ability to make her hair big, and a knack for breaking into song despite her family’s vehement protests. A full-time writer, registered nurse, wife, and mother living in the Great Northwest, Cecy enjoys spending time with her family and silencing the yappy characters in her head by telling their stories.



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