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Book Spotlight for Finished by Claire Kent (GIVEAWAY)

Who doesn't dream of being spoiled by two attentive mates?  In Finished by Claire Kent you'll find out how wonderful and conflicted it can be.  Keep reading to get a glimpse of this story as well as a brief interview with Ms. Kent before adding this book to your bookshelf.  Make sure to fill out the form below for the chance to win a $25 GC and a signed copy of this book too!


Who is your favorite character that you have written, the one who pulls the most at your heartstrings?
I can never really answer that question because it feels like choosing between my children. I always feel guilty about all the characters I didn’t choose because I love them all in different ways. But, in terms of heroes, the one who makes my heart ache the most is Gideon from Salvation (one of my Noelle Adams books). And, for heroines, I think it would be Leslie from No Regrets. She just feels so real to me, and my heart always breaks for her in the first chapters of that book.
What was the inspiration for this book?
I was thinking about menage books and wondering how I might write one, if I ever decided to do so. And this was the story that came to me. It’s not a menage romance, but it starts that way.
What is your next project?
I’ve got a Noelle Adams book called A Family for Christmas that will be coming out soon. It’s the third book in the Willow Park series. The next Claire Kent will be a huge, sprawling, sexy revenge book called Untouched, which will probably come out some time in the middle of next year.

For the last year, Julia has lived with two men.
Drayton is hot and mysterious, and Mike takes care of her. Together, they have great sex and a mostly stable relationship—one Julia thought satisfied her. After all, how can she complain about having two sexy men at the same time?
Then everything starts to change. Drayton is keeping a dark secret that threatens more than their arrangement. It might actually threaten their lives. And Mike keeps becoming more alpha than she’s ever known him to be.
What once was fun and casual is now a tangle of conflicting desires. Drayton wants to keep his freedom. Julia wants a real commitment.
And Mike…well, Mike just wants her.


When she closed the front door behind her and put down her leather bag in the entryway chair, she smelled something deliciously familiar—pungent and garlicky. The television wasn’t on, and classical music was playing on the stereo. And someone was rattling around in the kitchen.
“Hello?” she called out. “Are we having company?”
“I’m in the kitchen,” Drayton said.
She wandered in and found him incongruously dressed in black trousers, gray dress shirt, and her frilly pink apron. “What’s going on?”
“Nothing.” Drayton was pushing something around in the frying pan, but he pulled her over to him with his free hand and gave her a peck on the lips. “I’m glad you’re back.”
“Stuffed mushrooms! Yum!” She tried to sneak a taste of the filling but he swatted her away. “To what do I owe my favorite food? Do you have bad news for me or something?”
Beginning to scoop out spoonfuls of stuffing and place them in the large mushroom caps he had lined up neatly on a cookie tray, Drayton smiled at her over his shoulder. “Why do you assume there’s an underlying agenda?”
Julia let her skeptical expression answer the question for her.
Chuckling, Drayton admitted, “All right. To tell you the truth, Mike said you’d been having a rough time lately and we should pamper you for an evening.”
Her jaw dropped, even as her heart bounced up into her throat. “Pamper?”
“That was my response to such an embarrassingly trite word. But, linguistic choices aside, I thought perhaps he was right.”
It took a minute for his dry words to sink into her consciousness. “Why do I need to be pampered?”
The look Drayton slanted her was half-knowing and half-sheepish. “You’ve been stressed lately—regarding us. Don’t try to deny it. And then this weekend…” He shrugged gracefully. “I’m sorry about Saturday night.”
For one horrifying moment, Julia thought she was going to cry. This was why she always forgave Drayton, no matter how arrogant and infuriating he could be at times. He always made sure she remembered his more frustrating characteristics weren’t the things that mattered most.
And that he and Mike would make efforts to make sure she was feeling appreciated—to give her a special evening—was just about the sweetest thing she could imagine.
“If you’re considering crying, please try to squelch the urge. My mushrooms don’t need any more humidity.”
Julia burst out laughing, and she leaned over to give Drayton a warm hug.




Claire has been writing romance novels since she was twelve years old. She has a PhD in British literature and, when she's not writing, she teaches English at the university level.  She also writes contemporary romance under the pen name Noelle Adams.


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