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Book Blitz for Blameless by Franca Storm (Review)

As a fan of MC-themed romances and the sexy and dangerous men who inhabit that gritty world, I'm thrilled to introduce you to this next installment in the Black Thorns series.  Keep reading to get a tempting glimpse of Blameless by Franca Storm and the erotic connection between two very different people, along with my impressions of it, and then add it to your bookshelf......

He never saw her coming. An angel doesn’t belong with a devil.
Nothing will ever be the same….
Zeb “Runner” Wilkes has always been the wild playboy of Black Thorns MC. The shallow joker who spends his life partying and screwing. He never once imagined it would get tired. Until it does. When he steps in one night to protect shy diner owner, Sarah, he quickly realizes there’s more to her than he gave her credit for. But this down and dirty biker doesn’t do sweet and innocent. Or, so he thinks, until he gets a taste of her. Before long, he’s unable to maintain his own denial. He’s in trouble, because she’s on his mind.
He wants more than a taste. But can a man like him really have a woman like her?
Sarah Hughes has been living her life in peace, running her diner in Brockford. She keeps to herself and never lets herself get mixed up with any men, not after her awful past. But when her ex finds her and starts trouble in her diner, everything changes. Her biker crush steps in like a knight in shining armor. Her ex and his business partners turn out to be enemies of Runner’s club and the mutual threat throws her and the sexy biker together.
Runner and Sarah find what they didn’t even realize they needed in each other. He gives her strength and brings out her fire. She becomes the only thing standing between him and absolute darkness.
But when a blast from the past attacks Runner in the most sadistic way, their relationship is put in jeopardy. In the aftermath, he’s sent into a tailspin and being pulled into his old life.
Can he hold on? Can Sarah bring him back from the edge? Or will he end up losing everything: the club, Sarah and even his life?



Readers, like myself, obsessed with MC-themed romances will want to add the Black Thorns series to their bookshelf for its compelling characters and gritty world that's full of intense emotions and danger from unexpected places.  When two apparent opposites make a commitment it leads to heartache, tears, and numerous erotic encounters that kept me glued to the pages and on the edge of my seat as HEA didn't always seem possible.

Runner (Zeb) has always been seen as the party-loving, whoring biker.  He never took responsibility and never wanted to commit to anything other than his Club.  Lately though those vices aren't satisfying him and he's starting to feel lost.  Meeting the shy and meek Sarah unexpectedly reignites his zest for life though and amps up his protective instincts as her kind heart calls to his bruised soul.  He doesn't think himself worthy of her because of his dirty past and his partying ways but he can't stay away from her, especially now as her past has come to hurt her all over again.  His past has come back to haunt him too, forcing him back into the misery of drugs he left behind twenty years ago.  It's an abyss of pain that's palpable, sadness and feelings of being out of control had me aching for him as he goes as low as any person can with only Sarah's love to pull him back.  Even as he recovers danger still lurks, closer than ever before which puts Sarah in even more danger.  Though he and Sarah look to be complete opposites they're perfect for each other as he gives her strength and rebuilds her self-esteem with his sexy words while she brings peace to his turbulent mind.  Though he doesn't feel worthy she makes him feel like the most important man in her world.  I adored Zeb and all his rough edges with his way of speaking that's not at all refined but strengthened the image I had of him that had me connecting to him even more.  He had a hidden heart of gold that had him treating Sarah like a queen, going slowly with her to help her work through her painful past.  He was a different man with Sarah, a stronger man in mind and body...a phoenix rising from the ashes.

Sarah's past is one of pain due to the physical and sexual abuse of a vile man causing problems for the Black Thorns and bringing him back into her life. Sarah's made a life for herself, one she's proud of despite the fears she still carries.  She's shy around men, hiding her body and the scars it carries.  Being around Zeb doesn't make her fearful though, it makes her feel powerful and brings out her long-dormant sexuality in numerous erotic encounters that start out slowly to morph into something more meaningful.  She's fearful of losing control of the new life he's helped her discover but with danger inside the Club and out she'll have to rely on Zeb more than ever before.  With their HEA in doubt from her self-doubts, her angry ex, and someone else close to the Club, it all leads to a conclusion that had my heart racing.  For the most part I liked Sarah as she's always there for Zeb, even at his lowest point.  She brings meaning to his life, gives him pride in being the man she needs.  She's weak early on though and riddled with low self-esteem, letting her past rule her future with fear, and I never thought she'd get a backbone.  Being in the MC though brings out a badass side to her that ultimately had me applauding as she finally became worthy of being called his Old Lady.

This was a compelling read full of intense emotions.  Issues of drug addiction and all the pain surrounding it was vividly depicted.  The loneliness and depression of it were powerfully portrayed and brought out a few tears in me as Zeb's desperation became more apparent.  Sarah's pain was obvious too and I admired her rebuilding her life from the degradation her ex heaped on her.  The relationship between Zeb and Sarah was immensely satisfying, sweet and sexy. They gave unconditional love to each other and it's that love that helped them reach their HEA despite all the danger and self-doubts.  I also enjoyed the large cast of secondary characters who are like family with their support and heartfelt banter and I'll definitely be going back to read the previous installments as these characters called to me.  With all its steaminess and unflinching realism this was a story I was sad to see end but I look forward to more stories set in this unforgettable world.

My rating for this is an A.

*I got this book from the author for review in exchange for my honest opinion.


Franca was born in Surrey, England and currently lives in Niagara Falls, Canada with her husband and their labrador, Rocky.
She is a long-time lover of erotica and romance novels, especially those with sexy-as-sin alpha males. She decided to try her hand at writing her own and writing romance is now her obsession and the perfect way to put her dirty mind to good use!
Her writing spans many different sub-genres of romance: contemporary, biker romance, paranormal romance, new adult, romantic erotica and romance suspense. She’s got a ton of stories to tell and many more works up her sleeve.


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