Monday, January 25, 2016

Book Spotlight for The Rogue Debutante by Maggie Dallen

Fans of Steampunk romances will be drawn to this fast-paced and exhilarating tale of a young woman breaking the chains of her planned-out life to find excitement with a rugged pirate.  Keep reading to get a tantalizing taste of The Rogue Debutante by Maggie Dallen, the first installment in the Beau Monde Chronicles, and then add it to your bookshelf!

A rebellion is brewing and everyone must pick a side....even pirates and debutantes.
Delia Langley has been a prisoner all her life - a prisoner to high society and its conventions. A prisoner to her wealthy father's overprotective measures. A prisoner to a fiance-to-be in an arrangement made by her father to have a royal heir. In fact, the only time in her life that Delia ever felt free was when she was captured by the much-feared pirate Blackheart and his crew, and held for months while her father negotiated her ransom.
Now nineteen, the beautiful Delia is ready to leave another prison, the manmade "city in the sky," Beau Monde, where she's been tucked away, high above London all these many years. The plan is that after her debutante ball, her marriage to Lord Thaddeus Templeton will be announced, and the wheels will be set in motion for Delia to take her place as a proper society lady. Except she has other plans. Frustrated by the greed of the rich and the plight of the poor who live in the Shadowlands, a ghetto cast in darkness by the floating city of wealth above, Delia has been masquerading as Madame X, a French pirate, who has arranged to purchase her own pirate airship from the mysterious "Professor." Then there's Nicholas Crawley, the dashing, bachelor son of the family who have opened their home to Delia for her London visit. He's ruggedly handsome - and he's impossible. She doesn't expect to fall for him, but there's no denying the electricity that surges between them. A future with him would ruin everything, but her attraction to him is only one of many surprises poised to thwart her pirating plans in this charming steampunk tale.


The spires of London grew in the distance as Delia hurtled through the air, her petticoats and skirts flapping in the wind. Delia opened her mouth to scream but her cry was drowned out by the sound of air rushing past as she tumbled toward the earth.
A rough grip on her arm brought her to a sudden and painful stop. Her shoulder shrieked in agony as she dangled in midair. She latched onto the rope that swung in front of her face, but whoever was holding on to her arm didn't loosen his hold. She looked up to see who was keeping her from a grim and grotesque death.
She could only see her savior's dark form; his face was hidden in the shadow cast by the airship hovering overhead.
She felt the rope hoisting her toward the vessel and she resisted the urge to look down. When at last she reached the airship, a strong hand reached out to help her overboard, and she was finally able to see the face of her rescuer.




Maggie Dallen is a big city girl living in Montana. She writes adult and young adult romantic comedies in a range of genres. An unapologetic addict of all things romance and she loves to connect with fellow avid readers.

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