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Book Tour for Rising Heat by Helen Grey (Review)

As a reader obsessed with MC-themed romances I was drawn to this book from the moment I saw its drool-worthy cover!  Add in its storyline of a rich boy who took a ride on the wild side and who's now trying to start anew, falling for the good girl who makes him want to be a better man, and you have a story full of angst, suspense, and off-the-charts sexual tension!  Keep reading to get a tempting glimpse of Rising Heat by Helen Grey, along with my impressions of it, then add it to your bookshelf!

Shame and regret hold enigmatic Ash Bascom to his past, a past he can’t stop running from. He thought he’d found solace with some biker friends. He was wrong. He found something very different, very dangerous instead.
Kathy Mason just wants to live her life, finish school and do the work that she loves caring for the animals at the local pet shop. She’s alone, but that’s the way she likes it. Because alone, she can’t be hurt.
She thinks he’s hot, charismatic but full of dangerous secrets. He just can’t get her out of his head. When their lives collide, they’re soon caught up in a web of uncertainty that neither can escape. For the Outlaw Biker Boys, it’s not called blood ties for nothing. Can Ash cut the bonds to save Kathy? Because she’s counting on him to save them both.



Fans of the TV show Sons of Anarchy will find a similar vibe in this storyline that started off a bit slow but quickly accelerated into an edge of your seat thrill ride. From its immensely likable hero who's a bit tarnished but ready to change, to its equally likable heroine who's strong-willed and stands by the bad boy with a heart of gold, this story held me captive. From the first page to the last readers will find themselves drawn to these two people trying to find their place in the world, drawn to each other despite their apparent differences, connecting in a combustible and steamy way that left me parched.

Growing up Ash was always a bit of a wild child, born in wealth and chafing at the familial expectations. He embraced his bad boy label, and after a tragic event, let it consume him and take him down a path that at first felt like a brotherhood but soon took a sinister turn. With age has come wisdom though and he can no longer live the life his MC has chosen which drags him into a war that he hopes to escape. Meeting the sweet Kathy further complicates his plans for his future as she has him thinking things he never thought before when it comes to love and commitment. As they grow closer so too does the danger from his MC who think he's a snitch and seek to shut him up permanently. With her life in jeopardy he'll have to rely on help from his lone friend and an unexpected ally in an ending that's a thrilling beginning. Ash is a compelling hero, a gentleman hiding behind a bad boy facade. He's been lost for so long, full of guilt and frustration, and it was a joy to see him with Kathy. He treated her with care and as a priceless gift in his otherwise gritty and dirty life and it had me rooting for them every step of the way.

Kathy's past is also one of familial issues as her father's alcoholism kept her trapped in its drama until she decided to leave it behind and make a fresh start. It's a tough existence though with two jobs and veterinary school leaving her living paycheck to paycheck. Her life is a lonely one as work and school consume her, leaving life to pass her by. An unconventional meeting with an arrogant bad boy biker though changes her life irrevocably and brings non-stop excitement and sensuality to her life. Being with him has her learning more about herself, her preconceived notions, and finding even more inner strength than ever before as she's made into a pawn in a deadly MC war. Kathy's a strong-willed heroine, immensely likable with her girl-next-door personality, who may appear quiet but stands up for herself and the man she's slowly starting to love. She's the kind of heroine you can easily connect to and I thoroughly enjoyed her journey to HEA.

Though this book started off slow with a bit too much talk and not enough action it quickly took off with numerous twists and turns that kept this dynamic duo in danger. In such close quarters though they learned more about each other, found similarities, that left them clinging to each other in a scorching embrace. Ash's battle with his MC is a thrilling one just gaining momentum in this book that had me on the edge of my seat. Secret spies and nefarious plans are just a part of this war along with introducing readers to the compelling Bones, friend of Ash, with a background and conscience similar to his. Former military man Sarge is another part of this war who crashes on to the scene late in the story, full of secrets of his own, and leaves readers wanting more. From its compelling and likable main couple, to the secondary characters who left me panting for more, this was an exciting and steamy first installment in the Outlaw Biker Boys series. Though certain aspects of this MC felt cliched it was still a well-crafted story that pulled me in wholeheartedly and has me hoping for more as the conclusion left a bit of the storyline unfinished...tempting me and clamoring for more. Readers who enjoy MC-themed romances will definitely want to add this to their bookshelf and wear a bib for all the drooling you'll be doing over these three bad boys and their tarnished hearts of gold!

My rating for this is a B+/A-

*I got this book from the author for review in exchange for my honest opinion.


Helen Grey is the author of the hot alpha military romance series "Serving the Soldier".
Her passion is to write steamy erotic romance and she loves hot billionaire bad boys. Lucky for her, these two go perfectly together... Find out how in her books!

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