Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Book Review for Annabella's Oblivion by V.F. Mason

Sometimes love is our only salvation....
My brother and I shared the unbreakable bond that held us through thick and thin.
Nick helped me to achieve my dreams and meet my best friends.
Our shared talents with girls allowed us to create one of the best rock bands of our generation.
We had it all.
Fame, money, freedom.
The future held nothing but endless possibilities for us, and I couldn’t be happier.
Until the person I loved most, my brother, was gone.
And nothing was ever the same.
The Oblivion consumed me, and I never wanted to come back.
But then Nate Jackson decided to save me, and I was powerless to stop him from bulldozing into my life and make me live again.


As a reader obsessed with rock star romances, who's read many books set in the music world, this one made a lasting impression with the gritty uphill battle its heroine went through.  From a childhood of poverty and abuse to a period of drug addiction, Annabella came out of it a bit bruised but definitely a survivor.  As the first installment in the Hard World Tour series readers are introduced to a larger than life heroine whose bond with her brother both saved her, and broke her, and the childhood friend who always wanted to be more in a story full of emotional ups and downs and scorching encounters.  The close bond between the four hard rocking women of Hard World play a big part in making Annabella who she is and aid her in rediscovering herself.  Through flashbacks and current interactions you get a glimpse of each band-mate's unique personality and their sisterly bond which has me excited for future installments.

Growing up Annabella's parents were only concerned with drinking which left her and her brother Nick to fend for themselves.  Nick became her hero and savior, the one to feed her and to keep her nightmares away.  He was also the one to put her on the path to fame in meeting her band-mates in their youth and gave her the self-confidence to rise to the top of the music charts.  He was everything to her until the day fate took him away and sent her down a path of self-destruction, using drugs to keep his image alive.  To save her, her manager reunites her with Nate, the young man who's always loved her though he was nothing but a memory to her.  They've both changed through the years though and he's now hoping to make new memories with her once he helps her get clean.  With the help of his friends and family she'll slowly piece her life back together and find the strength to carry on without the unconditional support of Nick and his calming influence.  With Annabella at her lowest, truths will come out and bonds will be tested in this emotional and gut-wrenching tale.

Despite her addiction Annabella's a strong-willed woman who rose above a childhood of desperation.  Her talent brought her fame and a close-knit group of friends who are like sisters.  Her emotional breakdown was a heartbreaking moment with her subsequent addiction depicted in a realistic and gut-wrenching way that led to a triumph of spirit that honored her brother.  Nate was seen as a geek in his youth, brought into the sheltering circle of Nick, who was drawn to the energy and carefree nature of Annabella.  Their memorable one-night stand changed them both irrevocably, though she'll never admit it, but it has him now acting as her savior when she needs him most.  As a man he's now more outspoken, going after what he wants in a Dominant way.  With Annabella feeling adrift after the loss of her brother, she'll need his strength to keep her from letting her addiction win.  Together, they're a combustible match as seen in their numerous scorching sexual interludes that blends their close-knit connection with eroticism.  Outside the bedroom she discovers new creativity in his presence along with a voice altered through the pain of her loss that has her once again at the top of the charts.  Alongside her every step of the way, despite their own issues just hinted at here, are her band-mates who have stories of their own just bubbling beneath the surface that I long to hear.  Fans of rock-star romances will find themselves drawn to this emotionally intense read with unforgettable characters and a steamy romance that will leave you cheering once the final page is turned!

My rating for this is an A-

*I got this book from the author for review in exchange for my honest opinion.

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