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Book Tour for Dazed Bullet by Serena Kearney (Review & GIVEAWAY)

Readers who enjoy emotionally intense reads will be drawn to this first installment in the Scarred Bullet series and its tale of a strong-willed heroine and the mysterious stranger always there when she needs him.  Keep reading to get a tempting glimpse of Dazed Bullet by Serena Kearney, along with my impressions of it, then add it to your bookshelf.  Learn even more about this book by visiting the other sites hosting this tour then make sure to fill out the form below for the chance to win 2-$10 Amazon GCs too!

I have a temper. I’m angry. That’s a given.
How I take it out? At my job in the boxing room of our gym. I’ve spent over a year trying to harness it, but I wasn’t by myself.
Almost every night, like clockwork, he’s there on one side and I’m at the other. He is big, rugged, but handsome.
He’s also scary. Silent. Deadly.
When I hear the name Bullet, you would think I would have gone running in the other direction.
I didn’t. I should.
He has a past.
He has secrets. Danger. Pain. Sorrow.
Little did I know that it would just bring us closer together.


“Spar?” Wow. I’ve never actually done this. “You want me to hit you?” I pointed to him.
He crossed his arms. “Don’t worry, I can take a hit.” He smirked.
“Oh, I don’t doubt that.” I gave a small laugh.
“Are you scared of me?” He tilted his head slightly.
Yes. “No.” I cleared my throat.
“Look, I’m not going to go full-force on you, because obviously, I could just break you.” He pointed up and down my body. “I already know you can handle yourself, but it’s about having control and defending yourself properly, especially from someone tw—” his eyes roamed me again as he paused “—three times your size."
I rolled my eyes.
“Now, we’ll start off slow, get you used to it.” He got in his boxing stance, and so did I. “Now, I’m going to throw three jabs at you, and you’re going to block, okay?"
I nodded. His fists went flying at my arm as I held it up, the first two weren’t bad, but the last one stung hard on my forearm, but I took it.
“Did that hurt?"
Yes. “No."
His eyes flinched like he knew I was lying. “Again.” When he punched, he took in breaths through his nose and let out three sharp grunts. It took my mind somewhere else in the bedroom… until the three hits stung so hard on my arms, but I gritted my teeth and took it. “Did that hurt?"
Fuck yes. “No."
He let out a big sigh and put his arms down as he stood straight. “Listen, the thing about sparring, it’s about control and trust.” I swallowed. “If you aren’t honest with each other, it’s not safe for either of you. Sparring is a relationship. You have to be honest, and I know those hits hurt, because even though I was holding back, I know my hits and I wasn’t gentle."
Nothing like being caught in my own lies. “Okay, fine.” I sighed.
He got back in his stance and threw the same hits at me again. “Now, did that hurt?” He watched me and was staring me down.
“Yes.” I sighed.




Readers who enjoy unconventional romances will find themselves drawn to this emotionally intense tale of the deep connection between a brother and sister and the mysterious man who enters their lives. From a childhood of abuse Daze and Dem have risen from the ashes, making a life for themselves with only each other to count on. Outside forces soon intervene in a story full of twists and turns that have you on the edge of your seat.

Daze's life changed the day she realized her mother was abusing her brother. From that moment on anger became her constant companion, eating at her and keeping her from finding love. She's always set to explode, which is starting to affect her health, but she knows of no other way to live. Meeting the controlled and caring Bullet though brings moments of calm to her and leaves her conflicted as to their connection. Daze is a likable woman who's been through a lot. Her love for her brother was unwavering and she would do anything to protect him, becoming his parent at the age of 19 and guiding him to a better future. Theirs is a connection that's heartwarming as well as heartbreaking for all they've been through that binds them today. He's her weakness and his safety drags her down into a dark abyss whenever memories of their past become too much. When someone she cares about runs into trouble with a loan shark her life becomes even more complicated as Bullet's past collides with her wanting to help her friend and leaves her uncertain about her feelings for him.

Bullet comes on the scene full of sexiness and mystery. He's quiet yet commanding, bubbling with contained strength. He's immediately drawn to Daze and in many subtle ways tries to ease her pain. He's protective, comforting her at her darkest moments, and it endeared him to me. He's got a dark past of his own though, one he's ashamed of, one he's trying to keep in the past. But when Daze asks for his help, his past and their future becomes embroiled in a dangerous war that's bubbling over. Bullet's a compelling dichotomy of good and bad wrapped up in a sweet and sexy wrapper and I look forward to getting to know more about him.

This story may start off at a slow pace but quickly ramps up with action, conflict, and issues of trust as not everyone is who they appear. There's a forboding feeling permeating the story which leaves Daze and Dem's future in question. With its intriguing cast of characters there's never a dull moment as each is unique and adds another engaging piece to the puzzle. The romance is intense between Daze and Dem and had me rooting for them as they needed each other to heal. With unexpected twists and turns, and a jaw dropping encounter towards the end, this story will leave you clamoring for more and counting down the days until we revisit this unforgettable world.

My rating for this is an A-

*I got this book from the author for review in exchange for my honest opinion.


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  1. Thank you for sharing your amazing review!! So happy you enjoyed!

    1. Thank YOU for your kind comments! Powerful read that has me excited for the next installment!

      The Scarf Princess

  2. Thank you for your review Jody, so glad you liked it!