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Book Blitz for Tell Me You Want Me by Kris Embrey (GIVEAWAY)

Readers looking for a powerful tale set in the music world will find themselves drawn to this story of fame, addiction, and finding oneself while juggling fame and fortune.  Keep reading to get a tantalizing taste of Tell Me You Want Me by Kris Embrey then add this unforgettable read to your bookshelf.  In honor of this intensely emotional book make sure to fill out the form below for the chance to win a Louis Vuitton prize pack with a signed print copy of the book, 2 eBooks along with a Starbucks card, as well as 2 Kindle copies of this book too!

Nineteen-year-old Gina Kelly is used to working hard for everything in life. Despite her challenges, Gina has dreams and one of them is to become an actor. One day when she sees an ad in Playbill for open auditions, she heads to New York where she surprisingly secures the lead role in a Broadway production. But little does she know that acting on Broadway is just the first step in what is about to become an adventurous new life.
The play is ready to end when Gina’s theatre director introduces her to the manager of one of rock’s biggest bands. He is desperate to find a backup singer before the band goes on tour and Gina is thrilled when he hires her. The chemistry between Gina and lead singer, Sebastian Roland, is instantaneous. Unfortunately, Sebastian is a married, pill-popping addict. As the group sets out on an adventure fueled by sex and drugs, Gina quickly falls in love with Sebastian. But when his drug use escalates, Gina is forced to make a decision with the power to change her future once again.
Tell Me You Want Me shares the tale of a young woman’s journey of self-discovery as she follows her dreams to New York, falls in love, and realizes that she is the only one in charge of her destiny.


The Christmas and New Year’s holiday had passed, and the production was winding down. No more Playbills were being printed, and we had four more performances left. It was the second week of January, and the last few performances, the cast have found ways to piss each other off. Crying jags brought on by a tightly wound theater director became more excessive. I called the last week the “showgirl shutdown” phase, and we were in it.
I arrived to rehearsal at my usual time, and Lex was talking to someone when he motioned me over to join him. Lex introduced me to his good friend Stan Altman, the touring manager for a band called Tin Garden.
“Hello,” I said as I extended my hand.
Lex introduced me as his prized pupil, with an incredible range. Stan was looking me over, and I was feeling uncomfortable as he did, which prompted me to tell Lex I needed to get ready for rehearsal. Lex stopped me with an awkward laugh and said rehearsal had been called off for the day, but he wanted me to talk to Stan, who happened to be looking for a new backup singer for his band. I was flattered but told them I wasn’t a Tin Garden fan. Stan was jubilant with that welcome news and stated that was actually perfect for what the band is looking for. Fans they had; a backup singer with a wide range for their lead singer was proving difficult to locate at the ninth hour with a tour starting.
I had been encouraged by Stan to audition for the spot that was taking place in a few hours. I looked at Lex, who had a beaming smile as he nodded for me to say yes. Stan told Lex and I that he was bringing the band over in a few hours, but first he had to wrangle them from their beds and kick out some groupies, stating sarcastically that was his favorite part of his job.
After Stan left and standing there perplexed I asked, “Lex how did this happen?"
“Gina, Stan is an old friend, and he came to see the show the other night and asked about you. I told him we’re done after next week you would be able to do the tour,” Lex said, very excited.
He was excited that I could be touring with one of the biggest bands in music and it was the doorway to a lucrative singing career, but he insisted that I needed get myself ready for them. As Stan put it, “Go put on a slutty little number.” Explaining that I didn’t have such an outfit, Lex insisted we would need Carl’s help. Lex was yelling for Carl, who came running from behind the stage. Lex insisted to Carl that he needed all of magic powers, and that included his inner positive gay, knowing that he had to be in there somewhere, and if he could pull him out for a few minutes to help find me some slut clothes and stat.
Carl, with a confused look on his face, was looking me over and stated to Lex that when he saw me he didn’t see slut. I was thinking to myself, Thanks, Carl. Maybe you’re not as evil as I thought you were. Lex, hearing none of it, told Carl to hit every X-rated store by the theater.
Broadway was loaded with sluts-r-us shops, and Lex wanted Carl to find something that said, “I just fucked the entire band,” but to stay away from the hooker reds and to buy anything in black lace, or something tragic like that.
Carl, with his marching orders, Lex’s credit card, and a very pissed-off demeanor, headed out for the forever slutty stores that lined Broadway.
Lex, shaking his head, said, “God knows what he will bring back for you."
Lex was in a panic to get me ready and wanted the makeup trollop, Gloria, as I typically referred to her, to come out of the gossip session in Hilda’s office and to bring the makeup chest. Gloria, strolling out with her “it’s not eleven-thirty” face on, was informed to make me look like I was either dating or fucking Tin Garden. Gloria, unbeknownst to her, was not given the background story of said comment but did decided to inform me of her sexual desires for the lead singer and things she would do to him given opportunity. (How vivid.)
Lex interrupted her over-imaginative dramatization and said, “Well you may get your wish. They are coming here today."
Gloria was in a frenzied rush to get my makeup finished upon hearing that exciting news. She told me that she needed to get her own ready-to-fuck face done, mentioning Jesus, dying, and blow-jobs all in the same sentence.
Carl had come back from his shopping excursion and had a look of pride with the outfit he had selected. His picks contained a black pushup bra and a leather miniskirt with a rhinestone skull embedded that was accessorized with rips in the sides to show one’s personal business. If you could actually call this a skirt was stretching it a bit; it looked more like a Halloween cocktail napkin. That was bad enough until he showed us the shoes he had purchased, which were thigh-high pleather boots that only an S&M dominatrix would ever appreciate.
Lex, without hesitation, inquired where the whip was. “Jesus Christ, Carl, I want her looking sexy, not screaming I just came from Paddles.” Lex, looking at the clothes, said, “Fuck it, I didn’t spend my entire life in the theater without having a few tricks to pull out of my ass."
Carl, giggling, said, “That’s not the only thing you have pulled from your ass."
Lex took the tragic outfit and said, “Come, Gina dear, and Carl can go fuck himself like he usually does on a Friday night."
We went to my dressing room, and I took off all of my clothes and was standing there in my bra and panties. Lex took notice of my body and complimented me and asked if I had stopped eating bagels with cream cheese. It was actually stress weight from the play, but thanks for noticing, I thought. Lex took the tragic skirt and had me put it on. No matter which way I stood, it was exposing my personal business. I had no choice; I had to put on some black granny underwear. Looking at myself in the mirror, I looked like a slut ready for some action. Lex took an oversized top and did some draping on me that kind of cleaned up the look and made it doable and less tragic.
After I got into the costume, Lex told Gloria to hang back to wait to meet “whatever the fuck his name is” after I was finished with my audition. Lex had Hilda grab a Tin Garden album for me to study the lyrics printed on the sleeve as I made my way out to the stage. I was reading the lyrics when Lex walked us over to where Stan was waiting.
Stan took me to meet Rick Roland, the guitar player of the band. He was tall, good looking, and had beautiful brown eyes. Rick said, “Hello, Gina, nice to meet you."
I was reading the album sleeve when Stan walked me over to the lead singer, Sebastian Roland, Rick’s brother and Gloria’s fantasy man. When I looked up and saw him, our eyes locked tight, and I was hit by a thunderbolt that vibrated electricity around the room. I couldn’t take my sight off of his deep, penetrating blue eyes. The only sound I could hear was my own inner voice saying, Holy shit this guy is hot. This man was stunningly beautiful, with shoulder-length dark hair, and had the face of a Greek god.
I heard sound again when he said, “Hey, what’s up?"
Looking down at the floor, I said bashfully, “Hello."
Sebastian walked over to me and with a soft whisper that tickled close to my ear said, “What are you doing later?” He was looking through me, and it was excitingly uncomfortable not being able to take my eyes off of him.
Stan was clearing his throat when he took me over to the drummer, Marcus Elliott. “Hello, Gina, nice to meet you. Nice boots. I have to get my girlfriend some of those. Tell me later where you got them."
I was still looking over at Sebastian when Marcus was talking to me. I couldn’t get enough of him. Nervously Lex, who had been standing behind me, interrupted and asked Marcus what size she wore as Marcus was thinking. “Like an eight?"
Lex appeared to be nervous and turned to Carl to go fetch a size eight and pointed toward my feet. Carl gave Lex the, “I’m a personal shopper now” look.
Lex barked, “Don’t start with me today, Carl. Go."
Stan then walked me over to be introduced to the bass player, Chip Margolis. He was cute, with long, light brown hair, and with a smile Chip said, “Hello, Gina. I saw your show the other night with Stan. Your voice is great. I’m the single guy in the group."
I thought, Single? No thanks, guy. I’m ready to mingle with your lead singer.
Tin Garden’s crew had finished the band’s setup while we were making chitchat about the tour. Sebastian kept staring at me, and it was hard to keep my eyes off of him. They were all talking, and Sebastian and I continued looking at each other, saying nothing. Then I remembered that he was married to a model I had seen in my magazines, Vail Varland. After I remembered that, I got bummed out and broke my gaze with him.




Kris Embrey has had a love of music since she can remember. She studied music engineering and worked for Dick Clark as a runner for his music production company. Her professional career has included working for various television productions such as the American Music Awards and the Academy Awards. This is her first book.


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