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Book Tour for Roamer by Janine Infante Bosco (Review & GIVEAWAY)

Fans of gritty reads that pull at your heartstrings while steaming up the pages on your eReader will find themselves quickly consumed by the unexpected connection between a girl held captive who's now trying to start over and a man running from his past.  Keep reading to get a tempting taste of Roamer by Janine Infante Bosco, along with getting my impressions of this sensual and suspenseful romance, then discover even more about this book by visiting the other sites hosting this tour.  In honor of this third installment in the MC-themed Nomad series make sure to fill out the form below for the chance to win a $50 Amazon GC too!


The first moment I stared into Ally’s tortured blue eyes, my subconscious knew I’d never escape her. She called to the darkest part of my soul and made it impossible to ignore the strange pull I felt towards her.
Some things are just meant to be.
As long as we were both breathing, my heart would do time with hers. Like the famous outlaw lovers, Bonnie and Clyde, Ally and I committed the perfect crime. I claimed her heart, and she stole mine.
I only meant to save her.
To heal her.
Now, my past threatens to ruin her.
Wanted dead or alive, I’ve got her by my side and together we’ll ride.
I thought the world forgot me.
That I had died at fourteen.
But, I never knew life until I knew him.
Rescued and healed, I found love in the face of an outlaw.
Whether he fails or flies, I’ll ride until I die.
I’m his Bonnie and he’s my Clyde.
A love as strong as ours will never die.


There are two fucking things I despise in this world. The first is admitting when I’m wrong and the second is shopping. I really fucking hate shopping. So tell me, why the fuck am I pushing a red wagon into Target? Better yet, tell me why this was my idea? Actually, I’ll give you a gold star if you can explain why I’m not bothered by it so much either?
“I thought you said we were getting food,” Ally says as we step inside a shopaholic’s mothership.
Yeah, so did I.
That was the fucking plan.
I should probably stop planning anything considering none of them seem to go accordingly. Making a note of it, I try to place where I went wrong. Sitting in my room and staring at the wall that separated Ally and I was probably it. I thought putting her in Cobra’s room was a no-brainer. She had her own space, and I had mine. There was a connecting door in case she needed anything, but other than that we could go about our business.
Yeah, not so much.
The truth was, before the fucking world flipped on its axis I was rarely ever at the motel. Other than sleeping and showering, I didn’t do much there. When I wasn’t riding or fucking my way through life, I was playing the Satan’s Knights prodigal cowboy, shooting shit and digging graves. Not one to be confined, I was climbing the four fucking walls of that room.
After Ally’s moment outside the hospital, I listened as she relived another traumatic experience. It’s one thing to assume what she’s been through but hearing her say it—shit, that left me reeling. I spent half the night wondering if she was okay or if she was reliving more agony. I could have checked in on her during the night but I was too chicken shit. Sure, I was experienced in post-traumatic stress but not Ally’s kind. I knew Stryker had suffered after the war and there were certain triggers that left it impossible to obtain peace. I feared handing that helmet to Ally had opened the door to a night full of terror and that bothered me. I didn’t want to be the one who enticed her demons to come out and play.  I wanted to be the guy who gave her a reprieve from all that shit, the guy who could maybe show her there was a great big world out there waiting for her.
Like it or not, she was my responsibility now. Her well-being and her peace of mind was my newfound commitment.
That’s why I opened that door today.
That’s the fucking reason I sat on her bed and counted her freckles.
After realizing she was okay, that she was just bored, I should have left her alone and gone back to my room, but then we started to talk. Talking to Ally was an experience. Hell, you couldn’t go a moment without wondering what she was going to say next. One minute she was an ordinary woman making it easy to forget her story. The next minute she was the wounded warrior, holding onto a book of matches, fighting for the strength to overcome her past. I was getting whiplash trying to keep up.
What broke me though was when she willingly gave me more of her story. Trust isn’t something I imagine comes easy for her and knowing she trusted me enough to confide in me did something to me. It fucked with me in more ways than one. It made me want to rewrite her past. Knowing that was impossible, I did the stupidest thing I could have ever done.
I kissed her.
I fucking kissed her.
And Jesus Christ, her lips were plump and pliable—fucking perfect.
And her taste—fuck me.
Someone needs to create a word for how fucked I am.
Motherfucked isn’t cutting it anymore.
The torture didn’t stop there though.
Nope, it continued when Ally pulled out her ace.
She smiled and I folded.
Game over.
No fucking sane man could compete with that smile let alone one who had lost all his fucking logic. It was breathtaking and intoxicating all the same. Fucking captivating was what it was.
And like a fool, I wanted to see more of it.
“You need stuff, don’t you?” I ask, pushing the cart like a total jackass. Grinding my teeth, I make a turn and nearly take down the display of Goldfish crackers. Give me two wheels and I’ll make that baby purr, give me a horse and I’ll make her gallop, give me a red wagon with a bull’s-eye and I’m an imbecile.
Frustrated, I park the cart in the center of the aisle and turn to Ally.
“Take this fucking thing, please,” I grind out, taking both her hands and placing them on the handlebar. There, that’s better. Stepping away from the offensive death trap, I pull my shit together and focus.
“Coconuts,” I say finally.
“You want to buy me coconuts?” she asks, looking at me like I’ve got a third eye.
“Your hair smelled like coconuts the other night,” I clarify. “I don’t have any of that fancy shit back at the motel and I’m pretty sure your brother doesn’t either."
“Oh,” she replies thoughtfully. “That was Reina's."
“Well, time to get you some of your own,” I tell her, scratching the scruff lining my jaw. Looking away, I take in the products on the shelf and pick up a toothbrush. Chucking it into the wagon, I glance back at her. “You see something you need you throw it in the wagon."
“I’ve been shopping before, Deuce,” she says, taking the toothbrush out of the wagon. I’m about to argue with her when she grabs a green one instead. “I like this one better,” she adds, reaching for the toothpaste. She grabs two different types and studies them with deep concentration.
“What’s the difference?” she asks.
“Get both,” I reply automatically. She turns to me and I shrug my shoulders. Waiting for her to argue with me, she fools me and dumps them both in the cart. Her eyes travel the length of the aisle and she adds mouthwash, floss and some sort of whitening kit to the growing list of dental products. Once she finishes scoping out the aisle, she grabs the cart and pushes it down the next.
Following her down the aisles, I watch as she lifts things off the shelves and decides what she likes. A half hour goes by and we’re barely out of the toiletry section, not to mention the wagon is half-full.
Turning down the next aisle, she turns to me. A crease works the center of her forehead as she glances at the shelves.
“I never understood the difference,” she says, waving her hand at the condom selection. “Do you have a favorite?"
Unlike the toothpaste, I can’t tell her to grab every variety and give them a whirl, so I say nothing as she grabs a pack.
“Ribbed,” she mutters.
“Fuck,” I hiss.
“You don’t like ribbed?” she questions, lifting her gaze back to me.
“Ally,” I warn. Quickly, she glances around the store, over her shoulder and back to me.
“What? Are people looking at me? I sort of feel like they are. You know, like I’m a fish out of water?"
“They’re not looking at you,” I grind out.
“So I blend in?"
Doesn’t every girl comparing condoms fit in with the crowd at Target? Fuck my life. Man, you can’t make this shit up.
“Totally,” I say, taking the condoms out of her hand. Chucking them into the wagon, her eyes widen and she pokes a finger against my chest.
“You do like ribbed!"
Gripping the wagon with one hand, I grab her arm and lead her out of the aisle.
“I thought you said you’ve been shopping before,” I mutter.
“I have, but this is the first time ever I get to pick anything out,” she says, pushing me aside to take control of the wagon. “Rush would pick everything out, getting me stuff he liked best. I had no idea there were this many choices."
“This store has everything, huh?” she adds as we head down the make-up aisle. I don’t say anything as she mulls over eighty-seven tubes of lipstick. Fuck, I’d buy every single one if she decided she liked them all. Then I’d kiss her like I really want to and smear those colors all over her pretty lips.
“What do you think about make-up?"
“I think it looks awful on me."
Again, she smiles and I lean against the wagon taking it all in.
“I bet,” she replies as she dumps a few things into the wagon. “I never learned how to put it on properly. I always felt like I put so much on that at times I resembled a clown or one of those guys from that band Kiss."
Unable to stop myself, I let out a laugh.
“What else do you need?” I ask, watching as she throws a tube of red lipstick in the wagon. My eyes dart to her lips and I imagine what they might look like painted that shade. She might not know her favorite color yet but I know now mine is undoubtedly red.




Throughout each book set in the world of the Satan's Knights I've become increasingly obsessed with the journeys each of the gritty men who honor loyalty above all have taken.  Each of these bikers have painful pasts that the love of a good woman has helped them to overcome in tales that are gritty yet full of heart and soul.  In this latest installment the heinousness of a Russian engaged in human trafficking hits close to home as the twin sister of one of the brothers tries to adjust to living life on her own terms with the support of a man whose time is running out after his rash decision of revenge.  Through unwavering support and acceptance these two bruised souls find themselves on a path towards HEA, fighting for each other and an empowering love that will leave readers cheering.  By the final turn of the page I'm once again left in awe of Ms. Bosco's talent in turning rough men into the quintessential book boyfriend that keeps me coming back for more!

Deuce was born the son of an MC's president, content with his unconventional upbringing.  The day his father died though set him on a self-destructive path of bad decisions that ended in bloodshed, a broken heart, and on the road as a Nomad.  Ending up a member of the Satan's Knights MC was like coming home and though their club's been put through the wringer he's still committed to his brothers.  When a mission has him locking gazes with a woman with familiar eyes his life will never be the same.  Becoming caretaker to that same damaged woman reawakens all his protective instincts and has him doing all he can to save her through unwavering support, gentle words, and endearingly kindhearted deeds.  Helping Ally cleanses his soul, takes away some of the guilt for not saving another woman long ago.  He and Ally become a formidable match, a modern-day Bonnie and Clyde (which Ms. Bosco often references throughout the story).  Deuce's always been seen as the snarky and fun-loving brother, but here we see a bit of seriousness alongside his humor.  We learn about the darkness he's living with, the guilt, that's been surrounding him since he joined the club and it had me aching for him.  Before it was his humor that called to me, but here it's his kind heart that endears him to me.  He's gentle with Ally, protects her but isn't smothering, and empowers her through many subtle words and deeds.  He didn't count on falling in love, but when he did he embraced it wholeheartedly in a declaration that brought a smile to my face.

Ally's life was stolen from her by a man who's done so to many other young girls and who's getting ever closer to bringing down the Satan's Knights along with mob boss, Rocco.  Years of being sexually abused led to an addiction to drugs to escape the degradation which has left her badly bruised, but not quite broken.  Being rescued by Satan's Knights has given her back her twin brother, her former best friend, along with a whole new family of rugged bikers sworn to protect her.  From the moment she met Deuce she felt a connection and as he helps her recover both mentally and physically their relationship morphs from friends to lovers.  He gives her unwavering support in grabbing onto life with both hands, doing everything she's always wanted to do.  With Deuce she gets a HEA that she never thought possible, a man who cares for her as the woman she is now instead of what she was forced into becoming by other vile men. Ally's very broken at the start of this story but in Ms. Bosco's talented hands her journey becomes an uplifting one.  The vile acts done to her are touched on throughout the narrative and her survival is all the more impressive because of these heartbreaking reveals.  With a single sentence from Deuce she sees all sorts of possibilities and with one step forward at a time readers can see her gaining strength.  Her joy in the simplest things is infectious and her empowerment was a delight to witness.  By the end of the story Ally became the perfect heroine as she stood beside her man through their unforgettable, and explosive, HEA.

With this third installment in the gritty MC-fueled Nomad series, readers are getting one step closer to what will surely be an explosive climax.  Glimpses of the vile human trafficker show a game of cat-and-mouse, a taunting that will have readers on edge.  The love story between Ally and Deuce is a powerful one, full of sensuality as well as unwavering support, that had me rooting for them from start to finish.  Theirs is a hard-fought journey to HEA though as they work through their pasts together in a tale full of heart and soul that showed them to be a formidable couple.  Helping them in their journey are the colorful and supportive brothers of Satan's Knights.  Through humorous and heartwarming interactions they show their unwavering loyalty to each other and to ending the nightmare that has harmed the women that they love.  They're an unforgettable group of men who appear rough around the edges but who wear their hearts on their sleeves when it comes to those they claim as "Property of Parrish".  With the final act of this near-perfect series on the horizon, and paralyzed brother Linc looking to find his own redemption, readers will be left in breathless anticipation waiting for the next installment in a series that I wholeheartedly recommend!

My rating for this is an A+.

*I got this book from the author for review in exchange for my honest opinion.


DRIFTER (Book #1)

WANDERER (Book #2)


Janine Infante Bosco lives in New York City, she has always loved reading and writing. When she was thirteen, she began to write her own stories and her passion for writing took off as the years went on. At eighteen, she even wrote a full screenplay with dreams of one day becoming a member of the Screen Actors Guild.
Janine writes emotionally charged novels with an emphasis on family bonds, strong willed female characters, and alpha male men who will do anything for the women they love. She loves to interact with fans and fellow avid romance readers like herself.
She is proud of her success as an author and the friendships she’s made in the book community but her greatest accomplishment to date would be her two sons Joseph and Paul.







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