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Book Tour for Broken Little Melodies by Jennifer Ann (Review & GIVEAWAY)

A connection formed as teens blossoms into something deeper before being torn asunder in this epic tale of second chances set amidst the world of music and dealing with issues of abuse, addiction, and the jumbled emotions of growing up.  Keep reading to get a tempting taste of Broken Little Melodies by Jennifer Ann, along with my impressions of it, then add it to your bookshelf.  In honor of this powerful friends-to-lovers romance make sure to fill out the form below for the chance to win a $100 Amazon GC too!

Star-crossed lovers...
Deep among the Jeffrey Pines of Lake Tahoe, Isabelle Martin and Roman Stone find comfort in each other at a summer camp for musically gifted teens where their love grows stronger every year. But they couldn’t be more different. She’s an orphan from the West Coast running with the wild crowd, and he’s a rich kid from New York hiding the scars of an abusive home. When their worlds finally collide, the future they planned comes crashing down around them and Belle is forced to cut Roman from her life without any explanation.
Five years later...
Roman’s on top of the world. His successful rock band is preparing for their first headlining tour, but when he unexpectedly runs into Belle, old feelings for her come rushing back, and his new found bravado fails him.
Belle has learned that some things in life have the power to break your spirit, and trying to forget Roman has made her bitter—she’s merely a waitress headlining a bar-band, and he’s had everything handed to him on a silver platter. Seeing him again makes her question whether time can mend a broken heart.
Their struggles brought them together, and their differences tore them apart, but now that they’re together again, can they repair the broken pieces and get a second chance at love?


When she spun around to look at me, arms crossed over her already large breasts, I was so nervous that I feared I’d throw up all over her. Her gaze slipped downward, appearing humored by my $10 sundress. Or maybe she was amused by my flat chest.
Part of me wanted to bolt from there and run after my aunt. But the stubborn side of me remained rooted in place, matching the girl’s calloused smile. Looking into her heavily made-up eyes, I was slightly embarrassed that I didn’t even own mascara.
“Are you sure you’re in the right place?” she asked with narrowed eyes. “I would think the entrance for help would be out back somewhere."
“I’m here to sing, same as you,” I replied, crossing my arms over my stomach. Thankfully, I sounded a lot braver than I felt.
She pressed a manicured hand to her lips. “Oh, my god! You must be one of those welfare cases, here on a free ride! Am I right?"
“Stop being a bitch, Brooke,” a tenor voice snapped behind me.
A lanky boy with sandy colored hair and a wide nose appeared at her side, only slightly taller than either one of us. Though he had a nerdy presence and appeared awkward, as if he had yet to grow into his features, it was glaringly obvious he came from money like the other kids. Even his neatly trimmed haircut looked expensive. He was dressed in khaki pants and a sea green polo shirt the same cool tone as his eyes. They were the prettiest eyes I’d ever seen, surrounded by thick lashes and peppered with a little cluster of golden specks that reminded me of the kind of beautifully starry nights I saw the time my dad took us camping in the Sequoia National Park.
And those mesmerizing eyes were locked on me.
A weird little flush crept over my skin.
“She’s just pissed her parents shipped her out here for another summer because she hates singing,” he told me as his lips pressed into a friendly smile. “I’m Roman, and this is Brooke. We’re from New York. How ‘bout you?"
“Isabelle,” I mumbled in reply. It was obvious he was friends with the bitchy girl the way he draped his arm over the edge of her shoulder. At the time, I really didn’t want anything to do with him.
“Isabelle, from…” He cocked his head, waiting for me to answer.
“Down by Fresno."
The friendly smile grew. “A California girl. Is this your first time here?"
Brooke laughed with an annoyingly high cackle. I knew then and there she was a first soprano. I also decided that I hated her. “Obviously. Look at her, Roman. She’s as scared as one of those stray kittens you can only get rid of by drowning."
For a split second, Roman’s eyes warmed with sympathy before he reeled on her. “You know, Brooke, just because my father works for yours doesn’t mean I have to kiss your ass all the time. You could be nice for once in your life."
“Oh, come on.” She rolled her eyes. “Like you really expect me to be friends with this girl? She doesn’t belong here."
Roman flashed me another sympathetic look—one that took my breath away. In that moment I saw the type of worldly kindness you didn’t normally see in kids our age, like he knew of my struggles.
“I’ll catch up with you later, Isabelle.” His gentle smile did nothing to erase the pain in his eyes.




Young love rises to epic proportions in this emotionally intense romance between two people from opposite sides of the tracks.  As readers become more captivated by their unforgettable romance outside influences, distance, and self-perceptions all weigh on them to pull them apart in a heartbreaking and hard-fought journey to HEA.  By the turn of the final page readers will be left exhausted but immensely satisfied by the journey undertaken and the victory of love over hate that had me cheering.

Roman Stone was born into a family of wealth that hid the ugliness of his father's alcoholism and abuse behind his charming smile and good looks.  He tried to be the perfect son by excelling at sports and school, but it's music in which he really shined and which had him connecting with the new girl at music camp.  Unlike many in his social circle he never looked down on the young girl attending music camp on a scholarship and from their first meeting he became Isabelle Martin's protector.  Each summer saw their relationship becoming more intense, and more confusing, as they slowly transitioned from friends to lovers in scenes that were fumbling but endearing.  As Roman's life took darker turns of abuse and depression, Isabelle became the lone bright spot and it's clear he'd do anything to keep her in his life.  His father's rage, her low self-esteem, and his own rash judgments led to years of separation that had him hitting rock bottom personally, but gave him lots of emotional fodder to take him to the top of the music charts.  On the eve of his band's first headlining tour they're reunited with all the love, conflicts, and fears still present.  With weeks being devoted to getting to know each other as adults, with hard truths coming to light, their HEA will be put in doubt until the very end.  Roman's the quintessential book boyfriend because of his sweet words and deeds.  He wore his heart on his sleeve and never hid his feelings for Belle once he claimed her. His youth was one of vicious physical abuse and undermining by his father's mockery of his musical talent which tore at my heart.  He saw a kindred spirit in Belle's pain and swore to protect her tender heart from that day forward.  They were each other's first in so many ways and it made for an enduring connection between them.  The years apart didn't diminish that either and as adults their connection became even more erotically-charged and had me rooting for them even more.

Isabelle was once a happy girl, even though her family struggled financially. Her parent's deaths though set her on a path of darkness and guilt that had her closed off and scared to ever show love towards another.  Music gave her joy and the chance to go to music camp changed her life irrevocably the moment she met Roman.  He was protective and made her feel important.  He helped her find acceptance and encouraged her talent.  They became each other's everything in a romance that started out sweet and awkward and became more assured and scorching through the years.  Their years apart broke her down, took her to a very dark place, and it left her feeling dirty and doubtful of her chances for HEA.  The things she went through, the deception of those who pretended to care for her, and the ultimate hurt that left her with a scar on her neck were particularly heartbreaking.  She was once a sweet and timid girl but as a woman she's a badass.  She dresses in clothes that no longer hide her and her words are snarky and brash.  She's just as quick to assume the worst though, which was frustrating at times.  It felt as if she was purposely sabotaging things between her and Roman out of fear and self-doubts and I was happy Roman didn't let her get away with it.

This was a powerful read that had me invested from the very start.  Roman and Belle are immensely appealing in their realism and seeing their romance evolve had me rooting for them as it became abundantly clear how perfect they are for each other.  Their young love was sweet and sentimental and pulled at my heartstrings.  As adults it was scorching and cleansing after surviving all the pain of their youth.  The abuse they suffered was gut-wrenching and its depiction wasn't sugarcoated, which made their survival of it even more empowering.  The music world is important to both of them, as both have a commanding presence in it, and readers easily get caught up in this seductive world with its all glitz and glamour.  I enjoyed the glimpses of Roman's bandmates as they're a likable and supportive group of guys.  I especially liked Reggie as he's like a brother to Roman and wholeheartedly embraces Belle from the start which made me like him all the more.  I'd definitely love to see more of these sexy rockstars as it would be a great excuse to see more of Roman and Belle in the future.  Though some of the twists in this story, especially Brooke's machinations, were predictable it didn't diminish the emotional impact of this tale.  These characters were survivors.  Their love kept them going, got them through their dark days, and in the end the power of love triumphed.  It's the reason we read romance and though I was emotionally exhausted by the end I was also immensely satisfied and look forward to where Ms. Ann takes us next!

My rating for this is an A-

*I got this book from the author for review in exchange for my honest opinion.


Jennifer Ann is the author of ten contemporary romance novels with complex love stories. Like her characters, she's in love with the city of New York, trips on airplanes or the back of her husband's Harley, and everything rock and roll. Sometimes you can catch her driving a tractor alongside her husband in southern Minnesota while trying to keep up with the madness of their four active children.


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