Thursday, March 26, 2020

Book Review Blitz for Shooting Stars by Clara Fox (REVIEW)

Readers return to the sensual and competitive world of music in this contemporary romance that picks up right where the previous book in this series left off.  Keep reading to get a tempting taste of Shooting Stars by Clara Fox, along with my impressions of it, then add this second installment in the Last Moment series to your bookshelf!

Alexandra “Alex” Walton and the members of her band were given an amazing opportunity when Destiny brought them together.
Now that Last Moment has proven their talent, Alex has caught the eye of none other than sexy rock star Noah Dreagan, the lead singer of Carnal Imagination. Regardless of the fact that she has a boyfriend, Noah is determined to do whatever it takes to keep her around.
The music industry is an overwhelming place. One side can be fun and exciting, while another can be shady and dark. Craziest of all is that careers can be made or broken overnight.
What is in the cards for Alex and Last Moment? Will the fans and industry welcome them with open arms? Or will they struggle to even be heard, just trying to get in the door?
When your band is flaming hot one minute, you can end up ice cold the next. Fame can have you soaring high, then falling fast and fading away, just like Shooting Stars.
***This is NOT a standalone novel, you must first read Destiny (Last Moments Series Book 1) to understand where this story begins and takes place.




Alex Walton and the rest of Last Moment return in this tale of love and life on the road that picks up right where the previous book in this compelling series left off.  With her band earning the coveted spot of opening act for the popular Carnal Imagination things are speeding along for them amidst the glitz and glamour of the rockstar world and it leads to lots of unexpected twists and turns.  The biggest twists and turns involve who will claim Alex’s heart as there’s plenty of delicious candidates vying for the role.  Among the candidates is Noah Dreagan, lead singer for Carnal Imagination, whose first meeting with Alex teemed with sensuality and whose flirty interactions with her here made their connection crackle even more.  There’s much about Noah that’s familiar when it comes to rockstars but I still enjoyed seeing the two of them bond over music and more.  Other attractions came from surprising individuals, some I totally sensed in the previous book while some were new to this story, but it all added even more angst to this story that wrung me out at times.  Alex’s HEA was ultimately a journey full of rocky twists and turns but by the final page I found myself satisfied by her decision and yet hoping to return to this world as there’s other characters whose stories need to be told.

Alex is a likable heroine whose confidence grows as the story progresses.  She’s strong-willed on her own but I very much enjoyed her flirty interludes with others as it was nice to see her do something for herself instead of what was best for the band.  Along with this strong lead heroine came her equally self-assured friend Paige, an outspoken support to Alex who had her own romantic intrigue playing out in the background and who I’d love to see more of in the future. The remaining members of Last Moment were a sexy bunch with each of them tempting me wholeheartedly.  They too deserve to take center stage and here’s hoping that Ms. Fox brings them back.  While I was completely caught up in the emotional parts of the story I was equally captivated by the rockstar imagery.  Ms. Fox realistically depicted their chaotic life on the road along with the glamour and sensuality of being on stage and I felt like a voyeur when it came to these scenes and I applaud her presentation.  Fans of rockstar romances will find this a very satisfying addition to the genre and will enjoy Alex’s rollercoaster ride to HEA.

My rating for this is an A-

*I got this book from the author for review in exchange for my honest opinion.



Clara Fox lives in the Washington, D.C. area, affectionately known as Northern Virginia (or NoVA). She’s married to a man who loves hockey and sports as much as she does. She reads close to 3 books a week, even when writing (it’s the only way she can escape and get quiet with two young kids at home). She joins the normal full time working force during the day and plays writer on her laptop at night. Dual life…she isn’t a Gemini for nothing. 

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