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Book Tour for Snipe by Mary Morano (REVIEW)……

 A young college hockey player on the verge of fame finds himself an unexpected father after a one night stand in this New Adult contemporary romance.  Keep reading to get a tempting taste of Snipe by Mary Morano, along with getting my impressions of it, then add this second installment in the Mooseheads Hockey to your bookshelf!

Serious relationships are NOT meant for College...At least that’s what Justin believes. As a member of the Mooseheads Hockey Team, Justin is known for three things: Hats, Parties, and giving the best advice around.As he starts his junior year of college at Monroe University, he knows it will be the best one yet. Life is going great for Justin, until Becca stumbles her way in. When she tells him she’s pregnant after a drunken one night stand that neither can fully remember, he’s left with a choice. Will he step up and be the man they need him to be, or will he run away like his own parents did?
This story is told from both Justin and Becca’s POV. It involves themed college parties, lots of different hats, and some interesting ideas for baby gifts.
The Mooseheads Hockey Series is a set of standalone hockey romance books. They can be read separately, but may be better enjoyed in order.


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I'm not usually a fan of stories with unexpected pregnancies, but courtesy of its immensely appealing main couple this was a book that eventually won me over.  Set in the world of collegiate hockey there was partying, there was a team of sexy hockey players who became more like family, and there were decisions to be made once life changed dramatically for the big man of campus and the one woman to make him rethink everything.  This was a slow-burn romance, a tale of growing up, and a journey to HEA that didn't go as first....but that couldn't have gone any more perfectly.

Justin Samson is the star of the Mooseheads Hockey team, a junior who embraces the big man on campus lifestyle through parties and a parade of puck bunnies.  Commitment isn't something he believes in as college is a time for fun.  The moment he meets Becca though is the moment something shifts in him and he starts to see her as someone he can't do without.  Class projects worked on together soon leads to playful banter and a one night stand at a party that changes both of their lives irrevocably in a tale that charmed me & warmed my heart.  Justin's a bit footloose and fancy free at the start of the story, a bit arrogant too, but the moment he starts to hang out with Becca their friendship sees him becoming a different man.  When a forgotten night at one of his infamous parties leads to impending fatherhood, Justin becomes a new man, a drool-worthy man who finally accepts his new role as a loving and supportive hero.  Early on Justin was the cause of many problems, but with each turn of the page he became a new addition to my list of book boyfriends.

Becca Addington's a heroine you immediately like.  She’s had a difficult life, seeking to break out from under the weight of her family’s beliefs, she’s finally made it to college where she hopes to live life to the fullest.  Meeting Justin is an eye-opening experience for her and it was enjoyable watching these two friends become something more in a slow-burn connection.  When Becca becomes pregnant she remains that strong-willed heroine readers are first drawn to from the very start.  She rolls with the changes, dealing with her choices in a realistic manner that had me liking her all the more. Together, she and Justin became a couple worth rooting for, a couple whose pairing was steamy with interactions that were full of heart and soul.

On a whole this was an entertaining story about growing up under the weight of unexpected choices!  The interactions were heartwarming courtesy of its appealing main couple in a romance that pulled at my heartstrings.  Add in teammates, and a coach, who quickly come to be more like family, and you end up with a sweet story where love and support are defined by a family of your own making.  After the entertaining first installment in this series I’m happy to report that this second installment is just as delightful!  In a tale that beautifully balances sports with matters of the heart, readers will find themselves captivated by this tale and ready to return to this world after the tempting glimpses of future couples given here.

My rating for this is an A.

*I got this book from the author for review in exchange for my honest opinion.

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Mary is a single mom who decided to take her own advice and follow her dreams of being an author. She's a New York Islanders Fan and can be often found driving her kids to one of their many sports activities. She enjoys reading, and watching Harry Potter, Avengers Movies, and SVU. You can find her on social media, and she would love to hear from you!

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