Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Book Release Blitz for 1012 Curvy Way by Shaw Hart & Cameron Hart…….

Readers will find themselves drawn to this latest addition to the Cherry Falls Romance series as a stressed-out doctor finds himself distracted by the kind and caring florist determined to bring a bit of joy to his day.  Keep reading to get a tempting taste of 1012 Curvy Way by Shaw Hart & Cameron Hart, then add this sweet and sensual small town romance to your bookshelf!

Ken Coleman has a problem.

He’s the town doctor in Cherry Falls, which is normally a pretty fun job, only his nurse just retired and now his easy-going routine is shattered and he’s desperate to find someone to fill the position.

He’s focused on keeping his clinic running smoothly but a certain raven haired beauty is wreaking havoc with his concentration.

Gracie just might be the solution.

Gracie owns the local flower shop and she lives to create the perfect bouquet that can brighten someone’s day. When she notices how stressed-out Dr. Coleman is, she decides to do what she does best and send him flowers.

The two of them grow close but work commitments and Ken’s too high standards might just be too much for them to overcome.

Will she be able to convince him to slow down and smell the roses?


“Oh! Sorry, I didn’t hear you come in,” Gracie apologizes as she straightens from where she was bent over, dusting some shelf.
She looks like a dainty pixie among all of her flowers. She’s curvy and precious, and practically glowing with the sun coming in from the windows. She’s like a modern-day Tinker Bell and my heart does something funny at the sight.
I’m a doctor, and I know my heart didn’t really just skip a beat. But tell that to the organ rioting against my ribcage. Bright blue eyes blink up at me, and for a crazy moment, I have the urge to reach across the counter and plant my lips on hers. Need courses through me at the thought of claiming her, feeling her soft curves, her heat, her skin on my skin as we move together, seeking our end.
I must be more sleep deprived than I thought.
I shake my head, trying to clear those thoughts as I remember why I’m here in the first place.
“Hi, these were delivered to my office by mistake,” I explain. She frowns, the tiny smile that was on her lips slipping.
“Um, actually, these were for you,” she whispers, nibbling on her bottom lip.
“What?” I ask with a little too much shock. Her shoulders stiffen at my sharp tone, and I want to kick myself for being a brute. “I mean, who sent them?”
The prettiest pink blush stains Gracie’s cheeks and she gathers her long black hair up, slinging it over her shoulder and twisting the strands, almost as if she’s nervous. When her gaze meets mine once more, I have to hold in a groan. She looks so sweet, so pure in this moment.
“I did.”



Shaw Hart is an Amazon Top 100 best-selling author of contemporary and New Adult romance. She loves writing instalove romances that always end in happily ever afters.
She lives in a constant state of motion, chasing after her two children and three dogs. Shaw enjoys the simple things in life, like spending time with her family and friends.
When she’s not doing that, she’s reading romance books, watching stand up comedies or crime TV shows. Her favorite book tropes are secret baby and boss/employee romances. She’s a big fan of James Acaster, Anthony Jeselnik, Nate Bargatze, and John Mulaney’s comedy. Her favorite TV shows are Psych, Burn Notice, Leverage, Barry, Bob’s Burgers, and New Girl.
She’s a Pinterest addict, dog lover, tea snob, and a wannabe yogi.
She also writes contemporary romance books under the pen name, Rebecca Wilder, and she’s one half of the paranormal romance duo, Skye Alder.


Hello. I'm Cameron Hart, and I write sweet steamy romances.

I’m a USA Today Bestselling author with over forty books available. I write romance with lots of heat, plenty of sweet, and just enough drama to keep things interesting. I graduated from the Iowa Writer’s Workshop in 2012 with a degree in creative writing. When I’m not working on my next book, I can be found reading, crocheting, doing yoga, and chasing around my grumpy cat.

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