Friday, October 1, 2021

Book Tour for Brutal Boys On Devils Night Anthology (REVIEW)…..

 Readers looking for a raw and gritty decadent delight will get just that with this collection of 8 stories telling intense tales and featuring sexy and complicated heroes!  Keep reading to get a tempting taste of Callous Boys by Laura Lee, just one of the stories in this anthology, then add the entire collection to your bookshelf!

Boys can be brutal.
What starts as a game, a night full of mischief, turns out to be something darker. More sinister.
More depraved.
There’s foreboding in the air on Devil’s Night – the night before Halloween when brutal boys come out to play.
Only this’s going to be so much worse. I can hardly wait.

*Brutal Boys on Devil’s Night is a collection of eight brand new, never-before-seen stories from your favorite dark and sexy bully romance authors. Get your fix of broken bad boys, enemies-to-lovers, tough heroines, deviant games, secret societies, high school and college drama, and cruel book boyfriends we love to hate.



With this being a prologue readers will definitely feel a bit cheated as there's a cliffhanger.  Just when things get going good the lights get turned off which had me screaming for more.  From the moment you start reading you're introduced to the heroine, Andi, and the three young men who will forever be the center of her universe...Cruz, Nico, and Vaughn.  These four were friends from the very start, laying a foundation that will never be broken but will definitely evolve as hormones and feelings start bubbling to the surface in this reverse harem tale that's just starting to steam up the pages.

From what we see of Andi, she's an average girl with complicated feelings for the three boys in her life.  She's always been drawn to them, valued their close friendship, but as she starts feeling more she fears for their friendship.  Worried about jealousies she's held off in stating her true desires.  She even tries to move on through her attraction to the new boy in town, Hunter.

It's Hunter that's the impetus for the three friends finally making their moves.  From an early age they took an oath not to push Andi into being more than friends as they never want to sacrifice their closeness.  As they get older though they no longer want to be just friends.  But with their unique personalities a relationship won't be easy, especially a polyamory one.  Nico's open to sharing but the outside forces of his family will be a heavy burden indeed.  Cruz is laid back and more than ready to claim Andi while Vaughn's feelings of jealousy concerning everything will be the biggest issue to deal with.  With each turn of the page these four slowly start to embrace a relationship, work out the logistics and the feelings.  It's a raw and realistic discussion leading to steamy temptations.

As I raced to the final page there were hints of suspense courtesy of the mafia's infiltration into town.  It all made for an exhilarating read full of temptations that I can't wait to see more of in this prologue to a gritty and erotically-charged anthology.

My rating for this is a B+

*I got this book from the author for review in exchange for my honest opinion.

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