Friday, June 10, 2022

Book Teaser for Roughing The Kicker by Emily Silver……

 Friends are tempted to become more in this charming sports-fueled romance where an injury has them seeing each other in a different light.  Keep reading to get a tempting glimpse of Roughing The Kicker by Emily Silver, then start counting down the days until this first installment in the Denver Mountain Lions series hits bookshelves on June 16th!

Jackson Fields. Denver’s star kicker. Best friend since 9th grade. And love of my life since he moved in next door.But what happens when I move in with him?
When an injury sidelines him, I step up. Living with him will be easy. I can hide my feelings long enough to take care of him. I’ve done it for 13 years. A few weeks will be a piece of cake.
Except he depends on me for everything. Every touch, every move he makes has butterflies swarming my stomach. I can’t fall for him. Because he’s my friend. And he doesn’t see me as anything else.
But when his situation changes, he starts to see me in a new light. Am I willing to risk everything to see if we’ll be good together? Or will we always be destined to be just friends?



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