Friday, June 10, 2022

Book Release Blast for Tristan & Isabel: Apartment 11F by Aly Stiles (REVIEW)……

 Readers will find an emotionally intense romance between two people trying to make something of their lives in this enemies-to-lovers tale that will keep you glued to the pages with each new page amping up the steam and the heartache.  Keep reading to get a tempting taste of Tristan & Isabel: Apartment 11F by Aly Stiles, along with my impressions of it, then be sure to add this third installment in the Wreck Me series to your bookshelf!

Her life is just beginning.

His ended before it began.

Isabel Gardner knows two things for certain. One, she fought like hell to scrape together a life worth living. Two, nothing good will come of her best friend’s brother crashing on their couch after being released from prison. Her crush on the cocky party boy was bad enough in high school. After four years in a state penitentiary, who knows what chaos his dangerous charm will bring?

If only she could hate him as much as she wants him.

Tristan Haverford loved being Suncrest Valley’s notorious bad boy—until a tragic accident tore his life apart. He may have changed, but the world he left doesn’t want him back. Even worse, the forbidden sparks with Isabel have become an untamed blaze he’ll have to control more than ever.

Because Tristan also knows one thing for certain:

Their painful story may be built on lies, but it’s the devastating truth that will break them.

Tristan & Isabel: Apartment 11F is a standalone enemies-to-lovers, second-chance romance in the emotionally gripping Wreck Me series.

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Over the years Ms. Stiles has become quite the underrated author, an author with a talent for playing with our emotions before putting us back together in anticipation of her next unforgettable book release!  With this third installment in the Wreck Me series readers will find a story that was well worth the wait, a story of second chances that will pull you into the lives of three people trying to start their lives over.  This series is called Wreck Me for a reason and with each turn of the page I shed a few more tears, fell in love with Tristan a bit more, all while rooting for these characters to rise above the nastiness of others.

At one time Tristan Haverford was the boy everyone wanted to hang out with, the life of the party with a larger than life personality.  A tragic accident changed his life irrevocably though, leading to a 4 year stint in jail that's left him a shell of his former self, and desperately trying to start over.  It's a transition that doesn't go smoothly though as others see him as a pariah, someone not worth knowing, and definitely not worth giving a second chance to.  The town's prejudices were painful to witness, breaking my heart as Tristan just wanted to live his life in peace.  Despite the prejudices there's much more to Tristan than what others think and see, he's a truly caring and supportive man with a big heart, someone who's willing to sacrifice everything for those he loves.  Unfortunately there's not many willing to support him after the town and his own parents turn their backs on him.  All he has is his sister Kim, who lets him live with her, and Isabel who's also his new roommate and who once had a crush on him.  The three of them become a formidable trio, it becomes them against the world.  I was drawn to all three of these characters, ached for each of them, and the rocky road their lives have traveled on.  For Isabel, she grew up poor under the prejudice of living in a trailer park before her hard work paid off with a college degree in engineering.  The crush she once had on Tristan was thrown back in her face, for a reason, but Tristan needs her more than air if he truly wants to start over now.  Isabel needs Tristan too as her current relationship is toxic, abusive and controlling, as well as dangerous to Tristan's future.  Kim has also had a rough time since her brother got sent away.  Her life fell apart, the plans she had for herself went up in smoke, and the only family she has supporting her now is Tristan.  All three of these characters needed a chance to start over and I was rooting for them wholeheartedly to find any small moment of happiness.

With each turn of the page the truth of what happened four years ago threatens to come out...and while truths are necessary, I felt that things were going to take an even more painful turn.  From start to finish this was a story full of harsh realities, a hero who was truly heroic at the expense of his soul, and the heartwarming proof of the love of a good woman making all the difference.  There were lots of tears and lots of anger at the small-minded townspeople, moments nicely balanced with those occasional acts of human decency, as well as the growing heartfelt connection between Tristan and Isabel.  It all makes for a powerful tale, one teeming with painful truths, that kept me glued to the pages while I raced to yet another unforgettable conclusion from Ms. Stiles!

My rating for this is an A+

*I got this book from the author for review in exchange for my honest opinion.


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