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Book Tour for The Faceoff by Cali Melle (REVIEW)……….

 Burned by her relationship with a hockey player in the past has a young ice skater desperately trying to ignore her growing feelings for the sexy new hockey star in this romance that steams up things on the ice and off.  Keep reading to get a tempting taste of The Faceoff by Cali Melle, along with my impressions of it, then add this fourth installment in the Wyncote Wolves series to your bookshelf!

After experiencing a nasty break-up during my freshman year, there is one type of guy that I refuse to get involved with.
Anyone from the university’s hockey team.
Hayden King is arrogant, cocky, has a reputation for being a playboy and there isn’t a single thing about him that I like.
One drunken summer night turns into a bad decision with Hayden. One that I swear that I’ll never make again.
But once senior year starts, I can’t seem to get away from him. He’s everywhere I go, everywhere I turn. He’s under my skin and I find myself making mistake after mistake with him.
We better learn from our mistakes before our hearts get involved...
Eden Finley is as cold as the ice that she skates on.
She’s the best figure skater at Wyncote University and I don’t know how I missed her when I first came here.
After one night with her over the summer, I can’t get her out of my head. She has a chip on her shoulder, a nasty attitude and she hates my guts. Which all only makes her more appealing.
I live for the chase, for the challenge.
And Eden Finley has no idea what she’s gotten herself into....

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The moment I picked up this book is the moment I became invested in this steamy and angsty journey to HEA as two enemies became oh so much more in this New Adult book.  While some of the storyline felt familiar, the crackling chemistry between the two leads kept me glued to the pages and rooting for them every step of the way.

From the very beginning Eden Finley definitely left her mark on readers, with her sassy attitude and determined nature she's one tough cookie!  She's a woman focused on becoming an Olympic ice skating champ and won't let anything get in the way of that goal...especially the sexy hockey star!  After a heartbreaking end to a past relationship with another hockey player, Eden's sworn off ALL hockey players, locked away her heart and thrown away the key, and kept herself separate from everyone else to keep her focus on her goal of ice skating glory.  She wants absolutely nothing to do with hockey players but after a one-time summer fling with the sexy Hayden she finds her determination tested.  It soon becomes a slow-burn connection full of fun, flirtiness, and angst as emotional walls come down and true selves are revealed.

Hayden King has always shown himself to be quite the player...both on and off the ice. Having to leave his previous college because of his libido, he's now having to start again in his goal of reaching NHL glory.  Whereas Eden's goal has her embracing isolation, Hayden continues to live life to the fullest.  He never forgot their summertime fling and when he sees her again he's more than ready to pick up where they left off in a hard-fought journey to win her heart.  To the world Hayden shows a cocky and arrogant nature but behind that facade is a truly charming and endearing man, someone who's truly caring and considerate.  He’s always prided himself on “one and done” encounters in the past, but with Eden he shows himself to be a true romantic at heart as he keeps coming back to Eden for more.  It all makes for a sweet and sexy romance that made me blush and smile.

From the first page to the last I found much to enjoy about this book.  From its strong and appealing heroine to its charming and sexy hero, the angsty journey to HEA these two undertook was a well-crafted and satisfying journey.  It was often familiar in its journey but it was a sensual comfort in the way things progressed.  By the turn of the final page readers are left happy but clamoring for more in this thoroughly entertaining sports-themed series.

My rating for this is an A-

*I got this book from the author for review in exchange for my honest opinion.


Cali Melle is a contemporary romance author who loves writing stories that will pull at your heartstrings. You can always expect her stories to come fully equipped with heartthrobs and a happy ending, along with some steamy scenes and some sports action. In her free time, Cali can usually be found spending time with her family or with her nose in a book.
As a hockey mom herself, Cali Melle will be bringing readers a brand new hockey series this fall that will definitely have you in your feels!

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