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Book Tour for Lukas, Sometimes by Tempest Phan (REVIEW)…….

 Two bruised people, mired in darkness, find an instant attraction that leads to a slow burn journey full of ups and downs that will pull at reader's heartstrings.  Keep reading to get a tempting taste of Lukas, Sometimes by Tempest Phan, along with my impressions of it, then add this newest addition to the Art of Sinners series to your bookshelf!

A slow burn billionaire romance with a touch of angst, a hint of forced proximity, and a whole lot of heat.
There once was a prince, in a bungalow by the sea...
He's the ocean roaring into my life, an ocean whose depths I can't resist even though I must. I want him, but I'm not supposed to want more. And yet, when I look at him, this damaged artist, this kindred soul who paints my dark world with his laughter and his pain, I want to give in...But I can't, not when I'm not the one he sees, not when doing so would mean losing my voice all over again.
There once was a prince, in a bungalow by the sea. But he's not my prince; he never was for me.
Along came a pixie, in a faded hoodie...
She's the wave crashing through my world, the wave that brought me to my knees and threatens to sweep me under. I want her, but I'm not supposed to want more. And yet, when I look at her, this paper bag princess, this impossible minx who dances her way into my dark, I start to lose control... But I can't, not when I have nothing left to give, not when doing so would mean digging into the wounds of my past all over again.
Along came a pixie, in a faded hoodie.
Just a minx, a pixie...and she's all that I see.
The ART OF SINNERS Series...An exquisite fall from grace.

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After being introduced to Lukas Stone in the previous book in this series I was breathlessly awaiting getting to know more about him...and this book definitely was worth the wait as readers get fully immersed in his messy life and the life-altering connection he finds with the exotic Lily.  In this tale of opposites attracting, readers will be put through the emotional wringer right alongside this unforgettable couple, be pulled into their dark lives and the expectations of others, all while the healing power of love tries to bring a bit of light to their darkness.  In a story full of ups and downs, readers will be pulled along in a tsunami of emotions as these two try to find themselves, live their lives as they want, and embrace a love that quickly becomes all-consuming to both of them.

Lukas is a British billionaire, a lawyer who's always yearned to do and be more.  He comes from a rich and famous family, weighed down by their expectations, all while wanting to contribute more to society through pro bono lawyering and through his art. Add in a heart devastated by a recent break-up and you see a man at his lowest, a man hiding from the world and the promise of pure love (after being humiliated by it)...aimlessly surfing away his days on his private beach.

The moment Lily walks down Lukas's beach he's captivated.  She's tiny in body (lost in the folds of her hoodie) but big in spirit, a woman who looks fragile but is anything but! She's got her own issues though too as the daughter of Asian parents, trying to live up to what the culture expects and demands, trying to be what others want while trying to be who she needs to be.  Lily is forever tying herself up in knots trying to be everything to everyone...and the recent death of someone close to her is only making that tightrope she's walking even more shaky.  The moment she meets Lukas though he becomes the perfect distraction.  Day after day she barges into his darkness, giving him hints of a beautiful light just on the horizon and with each encounter they slowly grow closer in a connection that brings out more layers to them, showing them growing and becoming stronger as individuals and ultimately as a couple.  Lily's a delightful heroine, a small but sassy wall of strength who slowly melts the icy anger surrounding Lukas's heart.  She has a presence and became just what Lukas needed when he needed it most and it made for an epic romance that I was honored to read about.

On a whole this is a slow and sensuous tale, one that elicited all sorts of feelings in me. I laughed, I cried, I felt every hurt Lily and Lukas experienced as if it were my own.  I was rooting for them every step of the way, particularly Lukas whose anger was deeply entrenched in him over a past betrayal of the heart.  Lukas and Lily were two wounded souls who fate brought together in a painful, yet beautiful, romance that gave each other just what they needed.  Along with its powerful romance, this story had a nice bit of suspense with a stalker for Lily and an enemy seeking to ruin Lukas in scenes that bound these two together even more profoundly.  From the first page to the last this is yet another winner from Tempest I'm just left hoping that the character to have their story told next is Saint!  He has me utterly intrigued!

My rating for this is an A.

*I got this book from the author for review in exchange for my honest opinion.


Tempest Phan loves ink, words, leather pants, and emo (#SorryNotSorry). She lives in a grey, rainy region with her own real-life tattooed bad boy lawyer, their littles, and a pup. Good news is that all the terrible weather means more time for book boyfriends and writing about broken heroes and indomitable heroines. (By the way, she’s never met a bar of dark chocolate that she hasn’t fallen head-over-Loubs for).

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