Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Product Review: Reverse-A-Purse

Are you short of funds, but still want to be stylish?  Do you like to match your purses to your outfits, but don't have the room for hundreds of purses?  Well then, Reverse-a-Purse is the product to meet all your needs!  You design it exactly as you want it in just a few easy steps via their website

I was lucky enough to win this from a fellow blogger and immediately knew I had to share it with you.  The purse is available in many different styles...there are clutch versions, contemporary, urban (which is what I received), club, and tote.  There's a style for every occasion from partying to running errands.  After you choose a style, you then choose the base color of the purse.  The two options are brown or black and go beautifully with all the color combinations that the covers come in.  The final step is choosing the color/pattern of the cover.  They offer many color and pattern variations to please everyone's mood and style.

Once you receive your self-designed purse it's incredibly easy to coordinate it to every outfit just by adding or removing the cover.  Without any cover you have a simple, yet stylized bag.  By adding the cover and attaching it to buttons hidden under the lip of the purse, you now have a completely different look to your purse.  And as a final option, all you do is remove the cover and turn it inside/out and reattach it to the buttons for yet another completely different look.  The pictures above show the color options I was sent, but there are many more options.  There are animal prints, neon colors, stripes, flowers, and many other choices to reflect your personality.

I absolutely love this purse!  It's comfortable to wear and has plenty of room on the inside to carry things, as well as a zippered pouch and pockets for safe storage.  Changing the cover is quick and easy and allows you to go from business to club in literally thirty seconds.  The color options and purse styles are contemporary and stylish and creating the perfect purse is a fun and fast process.

So all you fashionistas should definitely look into this.  It makes a great addition to your wardrobe at a very economical price.


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