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Book Tour for To Have and To Hold by Arell Rivers (Review & GIVEAWAY)

The end is near as the romance between a rock star and his publicist races to an exhilarating conclusion.  After being put through the emotional wringer their romance plays out amidst a ticking time clock of suspense that will keep readers on the edge of their seats.  Keep reading to get a tantalizing taste of To Have and To Hold by Arell Rivers, along with my impressions of this book, and learn even more about this romance by visiting the other sites hosting this tour.  In honor of this thrilling conclusion in The Hold series make sure to fill out the form below for the chance to win a signed print set of the books in this series too!

-Thinking Out Loud, Ed Sheeran ~ Cole loves Rose this much!
-Unconditionally, Katy Perry ~ Rose is right there with Cole!
-All of Me, John Legend ~ I could see Cole singing this on the first leg of his world tour.
-Breakeven, The Script ~ Bad things happen for a reason, right?
-Look Away, Eli Lieb and Steve Grand ~ The first leg of his world tour left Cole singing with half his heart.
-Like I’m Gonna Lose You, Meghan Trainor, feat. John Legend ~ Rose and Cole both know life is precious.
-Invincible, Kelly Clarkson ~ Rose’s theme song.
-Salute, Little Mix ~ Rose and Shari take on Greta (and the world!)
-I Gotta Feeling, Black Eyed Peas ~ for RM Publicity’s debut party.
-Marry Me, Train ~ you need to get to the end of the book and you’ll understand.
-Sunday Morning, Maroon 5 ~ such a sexy song for a sexy couple.

Rally around Cole Manchester and Rose Morgan: the rock star and his publicist are about to face their most perilous trials yet. Cole and Rose’s passionate love story culminates in this third full-length novel in The Hold Series.
Back in the spotlight for his world tour, Cole Manchester performs hit after hit before delighted fans. However, his heart remains firmly in Los Angeles with Rose, whose condition remains critical following their terrible car wreck.
After lying unconscious for weeks, Rose Morgan awakens to find herself professionally and personally adrift. Her scrambled memories have convinced her Cole is dangerous, compelling her to shut him out and face an uncertain future on her own.
With nothing left to lose, Cole’s crazed stalker executes her final desperate act. After an explosive finale, who will survive her deadly rampage?
Destinies will be altered. Intentions stripped bare. Rose and Cole must face all of their remaining demons if their love is to survive. In the trilogy’s thrilling conclusion, they’ll discover if they truly have each other forever To Have and To Hold.


“Christmas isn’t over yet, Ro."
Excitement races through my bloodstream, questions about Mom and Chris’s ring forgotten. “You can’t have another present for me."
The glint in his eyes turns decidedly wicked. When his dimple winks at me, I know for sure that I’m about to get fully reacquainted with his body. Finally. A smile steals across my face.
“I checked with your doctors, and they all gave their approval."
He called my doctors to ask if we could have sex? Heat creeps up my cheeks. “You didn’t."
“How else could I find out if it’s okay to set your world on fire?"
I bite my lip. “Pretty sure of yourself, huh?"
“You have no idea.” He kisses me and all I can do is wrap my arms around his neck and hold on.
Cole sweeps the duvet and sheets down the bed, then repositions me so I’m sitting on the edge with my legs hanging over the side. Well, leg and boot. He pushes forward so that he’s standing between my legs, then bends down, cups my cheek with his palm and kisses me like a starving man.
Excitement screams through my system when his tongue touches mine. I moan softly, dragging my fingers through his hair, and mold my chest to his.
Growling, Cole whispers in my ear, “I’m going to take off every stitch of your clothes and worship your body like never before."
My breathing hitches. Nodding, I raise both of my arms over my head so Cole can pull off my dress. He bends down and removes my air boot, then stands again. The next instant, my bra joins my other clothes on the floor and his fingers are already pulling my panties down. Directing my arms around his shoulders, he raises my body off the bed and removes that last scrap of clothing, careful with my leg.
When I’m naked, Cole arranges me so that I’m lying on the bed with my legs dangling over the side. Still fully dressed, he goes down on his knees, his fingers opening my sex to his green-eyed gaze. Lifting up on my elbows, I look down at him. Our eyes lock and then a breathtaking smile crosses his face. Deliberately, slowly, he leans forward.



Everything comes to a head in this edge of your seat thrill ride where there's an overwhelming sense of foreboding from the first page of this book to the last. Picking up after the traumatic events of the previous installment lives and loves are in limbo as obsessed stalker Starr is still on the run and speeding towards an endgame that will lead to bloodshed.  Readers have no choice but to hold on tight as changes to Rose's future and her relationship with Cole drive this story to its shocking conclusion.

Rose is left bruised, battered, and in a coma after the car accident Starr's rage caused.  Surrounded by her judgmental mother and her manipulative ex, while Cole is on a World Tour, causes a rift in her romance early on due to her fears and their lies that leads to a bit of a reset.  Rose has to re-learn what made her fall for Cole in the first place, work past her fears, and embrace a future that FINALLY sees her standing up for herself.  Her near-death experience had her embracing life to the fullest, going out on her own when it comes to business, and letting her love for Cole go public.  There's a bit of uncertainty surrounding her decisions but I couldn't have been happier seeing her make decisions for herself.  It enriched her relationship with Cole and made them a formidable couple against Starr's attacks.  Cole remained just as amazing and steadfast as ever!  While on tour he did his duty but Rose was always in his thoughts.  His seeing her upon her waking up from her coma was both heartwarming and heartbreaking and brought a tear to my eye as he held none of his love for her back.  He was understanding though regarding her fears and gave her the time she needed to work through those fears and doubts which further endeared him to me.  He's still a sweet, sexy, and charming beast which aided him in winning back Rose 2.0 and through each wonderful deed he did to prove his love my heartstrings were constantly being pulled.  Ultimately, their romance was an epic one that spanned the world and was both scorching yet sentimental on their road to HEA.

Rose and Cole are an entertaining couple who showed strong solidarity in this installment.  For far too long Rose treated Cole as a dirty little secret but here they'll need that strong bond to survive the ever-increasing danger Starr poses. As her actions get more deadly more people are put in jeopardy trying to keep this couple alive as her obsession permeates every facet of this story.  There's always a sense of foreboding that she'll get too close eventually which had me embracing every sweet and sexy moment they experienced.  Along with the emotional ups and downs of this compelling main couple comes the slowly evolving romance between French model Emilie and bodyguard Wills.  Their attraction is more than apparent but distance and her ex keep them dancing around each other.  With his role in Starr's final act weighing on him I'm intrigued to see what kind of man Emilie will find when she moves to L.A. in the next installment that has me counting down the days until its release.  Rose and Cole were put through the wringer in their hard-fought HEA and I'm honored I got to enjoy their journey that put me through a multitude of emotions as well. Readers looking for a scorching yet sentimental read teeming with suspense will find all that and more in this exhilarating journey to HEA.

My rating for this is an A-

*I got this book from the author for review in exchange for my honest opinion.





For as long as I can remember, I have been lost in a book. During my senior year in college, I picked up a Danielle Steel novel … and instantly was hooked on romance.
I started writing my first novel, No One to Hold, because the characters were screaming at me to do so. The story started coming out in my dreams and attacking me in the shower, so I took to the computer to shut them up. But they kept talking.
Born and raised in New Jersey, I have what some may call a “checkered past.” Prior to discovering my passion for writing romance, I practiced law, was a wedding and event planner and even dabbled in marketing. I live with a very supportive husband and two mischievous cats. When not in my writing cave, I can be found making dinner in the crock pot, working out with Shaun T or hitting the beach.
I hope you enjoy my stories about driven men, strong women and the passions that ignite!


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