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Book Tour for Banished by Anita Philmar (Review & GIVEAWAY)

Fans of the paranormal and steamy reads will find much to satisfy them in Anita Philmar's 3-in-one story entitled Banished.  Today you get a glimpse into this entertaining trio of stories as well as the chance to win an Amazon gift card.  So give Anita a big welcome as you read more about Banished.....

Three girls from Ardenia step outside of their world. Captured and a forget spell placed on them, they don't know they're royalty or where they come from. Will they ever find their way home?

Banished Hero Blurb:

With no memory of her past, Faye Lynn Berton clings to a father who curses her ability to shape-shift, then uses her special skill to scam local villagers. The only freedom she knows comes as she soars through the sky in falcon form. A chance meeting with another changling turns her world upside down. Beyond satisfying the powerful sexual cravings that follow transformation, he reveals a surprising dimension of sex between their kind…one to unlock the secrets of her soul.
Havyn Westmore has questions…Faye Lynn holds the answers. Determined to unravel her secrets, he must strives to gain her freedom and trust. Teaching her the finer techniques of transformation keeps her close while sex strengthens their bond. But on the trail of discovery, Havyn must confront his own past. Accused of a heinous crime, he was banned from his homeland. Now, he must choose between returning to face certain execution—or robbing Faye Lynn of her birthright and a life in Paradise.

Banished Scoundrel Blurb:

Known scoundrel Jack Avery must earn the queen's forgiveness by rescuing her missing daughter from the human world. His sources reveal the Princess Noelani is being held by a powerful man who likes a good game of chance. So with twenty borrowed pieces of gold Jack enters the high-stakes game. Only the lady he encounters is no princess. This pretty Kitty makes him want to hear her purr.
Under a memory spell, Kitty recalls nothing before the governor bought her from her parents and offered her protection from those he claims would kill her kind. So what if, in order to control her, he forces Kitty to morph then deprives her of sexual release after transformation. But the crafty card player she is assigned to “entertain” reveals himself as a kindred spirit—a shape shifter—and unravels the lie she’s been forced to live.
Together Jack and Kitty risk it all, for the stakes are high and the prize is worth it...freedom, forgiveness, love.

Banished Witch Blurb:

Once a princess of Ardenia, Danella, left her homeland to warn her childhood sweetheart only to be kidnapped and sold into slavery. Learning the dark magic from her keeper, she grew to accept her role as a witch to protect her family and track down the traitor to the crown. But when Omar Mandel, the love from her past, arrives to bring her home, she realizes she can never go home. That doesn't mean she can't use his assistance in her plan for revenge and, in the meantime, live out a few unfulfilled fantasies.
The queen wants her daughter to come home and Omar’s job is to see that it happens. However, Danella isn’t the same sweet girl he remembers. In her place is a sexy woman who excites his lust and claims his heart. He must teach her to trust in his love and face the sins of the past if they are to have a future together.


From Banished Scoundrel:

The sweet fragrance of honey-suckle filtered through his senses. Did she crush the delicate petals against her skin or sprinkle the pollen in her hair? Moreover, where could she find the springtime flowers at this time of year?
“Have you dropped off your stipend for the game tomorrow?” She laid her finely, manicured hand on his arm. The dainty touch sent sparks of awareness through him, and his cock swelled. “The governor likes to put all the money in his strongbox for safekeeping before the party begins.”
Jack reined in his desire and reminded himself of his primary objective—to transport the lady back to Ardenia.
However, he liked Sloan’s clever rule. If a man didn’t contribute the required gold coins to the game, the governor shouldn’t waste resources entertaining him. “No, I can’t say that I have. I arrived just a few moments ago.”
“Then let me show you to the study, and I’ll fetch you a drink.” She touched his arm again and stepped into the foyer.
He bowed his head slightly and played the unfamiliar part of a refined gentleman. “And you are?”
She fluttered her hand over her face and brushed a wisp of light brown hair from her brow. “The governor calls me Kitty. It’d probably be best if you did, too.”
“What an alluring name? It makes me think of a cat with its lips covered by a luscious coat of cream.” Jack stared at Kitty’s mouth, and his tongue tingled at the idea of tasting her rich, flavorful lust.
She giggled and wove her hand through the crook in his arm. The soft swell of her breast bumped against his arm. “Oh, you’re naughty, but I love the alluring image.”
“Then, I hope you’ll let me have a taste later.” He didn’t crowd her but allowed her to step back. She led him across the entranceway to a door on the other side.
Remember she’s a princess.


With three to die for heroes and three women whose lives have been changed drastically comes this super steamy paranormal read featuring three of Anita Philmar's previous releases Banished Witch, Banished Scoundrel, and Banished Hero.  With its likable characters and a storyline that flows seamlessly from one story to the next it's hard to pick a favorite.  Those wanting Alpha heroes or emotionally scarred heroes will find themselves wanting to be saved by any of these rugged and sexy heroes.  With its vivid worldbuilding it's easy to become immersed into these stories as Ms. Philmar nicely balances the storyline with its erotic scenes while maintaining its intriguing paranormal slant.

The action is heartpounding and keeps you turning the pages to reach an immensely satisfying conclusion.  With these fine examples of Ms. Philmar's talent I'll definitely be looking for more books by her.

My rating for this is a B+

*I received this book from the author in exchange for my honest opinion.



Anita Philmar likes to create stories that push the limit. A writer by day and a dreamer by night she wants her readers to see the world in a new way.
Influenced by sci-fi programs, she likes to develop places where anything can happen and where erotic moments come to life in a great read.
Naughty or Nice?
Read her books and decide.



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