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Book Tour for Reclaiming the Edge by Sara Brookes (Review & GIVEAWAY)

Readers love when they get to revisit their favorite characters.  In Reclaiming the Edge by Sara Brookes we get to see that the road to romance is sometimes rocky even when we think everything is going perfectly.  Today you'll get a glimpse of the reaffirming steamy side to a ménage as well as having the chance to win an Amazon GC just for commenting.

Time and time again, I find myself drawn to writing a ménage storyline. Not all of my stories fall into this category, and it’s always, always, always the story/characters that dictate the pairing of the romance/sex storyline. Reclaiming the Edge is one of my triad stories, and a visit with characters I introduced to readers in Ragged Edge.

Oddly enough, writing sex scenes for Dalton, Erin and Cade isn’t much different from when I write a sex scene that only involves two people. Sure there are more body parts to deal with and more careful choreography is required but surprisingly, sometimes having that extra person in the scene makes the maneuvering easier! It certainly keeps my imagination going while writing those kinds of scenes, that’s for sure. *g*

During those ménage scenes I’m always careful to make certain all three people are active participants in some way. They may not physically be part of the act at some point during the scene, but there is usually a reason. This is especially true with these three because of the D/s dynamic—Dalton is the Dom while both Erin and Cade are his submissives.

There’s a part in Reclaiming the Edge where Dalton is re-familiarizing Erin with how talented his fingers are. Cade walks in during this and stands there watching (these characters are not shy about voyeurism with one another LOL) them together. Erin looks at him standing “there in all his six-foot glory, vibrating with need” while Dalton tells her how he punished Cade for an earlier infraction. So while Cade is not physically part of the contact between Dalton and Erin, he is certainly a part of the act.  

The sexual journey of Dalton, Cade and Erin begins in Ragged Edge. You won’t want to miss the beginning of their lusty connection!

It isn’t a birthday celebration without a little pain to chase the pleasure—at least according to Dalton and Cade, the two men who stole Erin’s heart. Relationships are complicated and Erin has been retreating—both emotionally and physically—from her lovers. Pushed away for reasons they don’t understand, and determined to erode her resistance, the men devise a wicked plan. They intend to use two very special gifts and one captivating night to reclaim her submission. But Erin’s trip to subspace extracts a heart-wrenching confession that threatens to rip the triad apart forever.

Warning: Contains a well-trained, dirty-talking submissive who succumbs to the commands of her Master, custom nipple clamps, tongue wagging oral sex, a well-deserved punishment with a butt plug, men who share more than a few heart-racing kisses and a custom-made-work-of-art sex chair that shows this M/M/F triad just how powerful their passion for one another is. And that’s just chapter one.


They drew her closer, cosseting her in their strong arms. How foolish had she been to push this away? She’d never doubted their love for a second, but she’d certainly doubted herself. “My men.”

A shadow darkened Cade’s eyes as he slowly exhaled. “I really want to stay, but my shift starts in an hour since I’m covering for Tommy while he’s away. And unless I want to go to work smelling like you two, I need to take a shower.”

He nudged her mouth with the tip of his tongue. She accepted him, loving the slide of his flesh against hers. Loving the way his careful, patient strokes seemed to melt away the last bands of constriction around her heart. His eyes were alight with arousal when he finally broke away and he turned, capturing Dalton’s mouth next. She treasured sitting this close, feeling the heat radiate from their bodies as they kissed. Though Cade was submissive, the kiss he branded on Dalton’s lips was anything but.

“Take care of our girl.” He moved away, gathered his clothes and closed the door as he left.


This book picks up immediately after the conclusion of Ragged Edge and answers the question of why Erin ran from her two loves.  The answer to that is a bit stereotypical and one we've seen before but doesn't lessen the satisfaction.  You can sense the overwhelming connection between Erin, Cade, and Dalton which manifests itself in a super steamy BDSM encounter.  This story is short yet immensely satisfying featuring three likable characters who know what they want and go after it wholeheartedly.

Sara Bookes has an intense writing style that laces their menage scene with lots of sexual tension that has me looking forward to what else she can do.  So get on board and enjoy this delectable treat!

My rating for this is a B.

*I received this book from the author in exchange for my honest opinion.


Sara Brookes is an award-winning author who has always been fascinated by the strange, the unusual, the twisted and the lost (tortured heroes are her personal favorite). She is an action movie junkie, addicted to coffee and has been known to stay up until the wee hours of the morning playing RPG video games. Despite all this, she is a romantic at heart and is always a sucker for an excellent love story.

You can contact Sara at or PO Box 5583 Suffolk, VA 23435

Twitter: @Sara_Brookes
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