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Book Tour for A Beautiful Idea by Emily McKee (GIVEAWAY)

Today I bring to you another steamy read with witty banter, A Beautiful Ideby Emily McKee.  Keep reading to get a glimpse of this book and then visit the other blogs hosting this tour to get even more info.  Make sure to fill out the form below for your chance to win an e-copy of this book too!

Isabelle Clark always had ideas, but that’s all they ever were . . . until now. She grew up in a world filled with poverty and hatred from the person who gave birth to her and had decided she would finally make her ideas a reality. After moving away to college as a junior she ran into theUniversity of Maryland’s walking one-night stand. Literally.
Maddox Mitchell was every girl’s wet dream all in one muscled, tattooed, pierced, baseball playing package. He thought he had the life: going to school, tattooing people by day, and giving girls the best orgasms of their life by night. When he found out that Financial Aid didn’t fully cover Isabelle’s room and board Maddox had an idea: Isabelle should move in with him.
On the outside everybody sees Isabelle as a quiet bookworm and Maddox as a player, both on and off the baseball diamond. They soon learn who the other truly is. Either way, they’re about to realize this idea was a beautiful one.


“Shut the front door, you bitch!” Jade was jumping up and down and squealing. Sarah just had this mega watt smile on her face and her eyes were twinkling. “So what, are you guys like a couple or something? Oh my god, this is fucking crazy!”
I stood up and started to pull Jade back down to her seat. “Jade please calm down, we are in the library for goodness sakes.”
The second Jade’s ass touched the seat she jumped back up and started to leave the library. “Jade, where do you think you’re going?”
Jade stopped dead in her tracks and turned around. “Um, what does it look like I’m doing? I’ve never seen pigs fly. I’m just going outside to see what they look like.” With that she turned and walked out of the library.
“Cheese and rice, it’s not that crazy that we’re dating. Is it Sarah?”
Sarah was still smiling at me and I hadn’t seen in her blink in a while so I waved my hand in front of her face. “Sarah, are you ok? Are you broken or something? Do I need to reboot you?”
Sarah laughed and slapped my hand away. “Oh you smartass, I’m fine. I’m just shocked is all and extremely happy. My two best friends are dating. I just can’t wait to help you pick out your wedding gown and throw you the best bachelorette party ever!”
The second I heard the word wedding my stomach dropped and I became speechless.
Sarah waved a hand in front of my face like what she had just said was not that big of a deal. “Oh sweetie, calm down. I’m just kidding around, but honestly, I could see it happening. Don’t worry and don’t you dare let it get to you, ok. Matter of fact, how about you just forget I said anything, ok?”
“Um, yeah. O – Ok.” Like that would happen.
By the time I was done with my internal freak out Jade came back in the room and fell down into her seat. “Well, I missed them. Thanks a lot, Iz. So how amazeballs is he at kissing? Did you instantly orgasm?”
“Oh my gosh Jade, you really are crazy! All I will tell you is that his lips are amazing and his hands are . . .”
“What about my hands, sweetheart?”
My heart sped up and I started to turn around. Maddox was looking down at me with a huge smile on his face and those damn dimples were making a sexy ass appearance. “Um, exactly how much did you hear? And who said I was talking about you, munchkin?”
He started to laugh and bent down and kissed me on the lips. I thought it was going to be a simple peck but he put one of his hands behind my head to deepen the kiss. Then his tongue was in my mouth swirling around with mine and the other was on my hips holding me still. I heard sighs from behind me but I was way too mesmerized by Maddox’s lips. I was hypnotized. I started to put my hands up around his neck to play with his wavy hair but he broke away. His lips moved up into a devilish grin and his eyes sparkled. “So who were you talking about, sweetheart?”
Maddox knew he had me right where he wanted me. I decided to go with the truth and see what he had to say about that. “You. Only you.”
His smile got even bigger and I swear I saw fireworks go off in his eyes. “So you ready to leave? I’m really hungry and am ready to have some dinner.”
“Um yea-” I didn’t get to finish my sentence because Maddox pulled me up over his shoulders and turned to walk away. Before we made our way out of the library I heard Gabe yelling, “Atta boy,” Sarah laughing and Jade yelled, “So that’s what the kids are calling it these days? Dinner? Well, I hope you two have some really spicy, hot, dirty dinner!” and then she winked at us.



When I’m not writing future books in The Beautiful Series, as well as coming up with ideas for standalones I am buying every single Young Adult novel there is out there in the hopes to read them in the future.  I am also currently working towards a major in Liberal Arts where I had planned on writing about real life – real people in real situations.  Although that all changed over Christmas Break of 2012 when I got the idea for A Beautiful idea and that part became Chapter 16.  I guess the best things in life really do come from the unexpected and I now know what I want to do for the rest of mine.  In my spare time I have a part-time job and I take care of my little barking girl Annabelle Leigh.  I love listening to music of all genres and I love going to the movies, as well as the mall.  Come on?  I’m a girl!

Interesting Facts:

-I’m obsessed with coffee . . . Green Mountain Dark magic.  If you use milk, sugar or both you are evil!
-I love to cuddle!
-I have a weird fascination with pillows . . . my bed is covered with them.
-Cheetos are my kryptonite.
-Channing Tatum is my boyfriend.



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