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Book Tour for High-Sticked by Lily Harlem (Promo)

There's a list of authors I can always count on to write a satisfying sports-themed story.  Lily Harlem is definitely on that list and you'll see why today with her newest release High-Sticked.  Keep reading to get a taste of this book and make sure to visit the other blogs hosting this tour to learn even more.

Dating Todd “Pretty” Carty was a trailblazing, headline-grabbing ride that shocked and divided a team, a sport and a nation. While controversy ruled, our feelings exploded and we couldn’t deny the desire that sizzled between us. Nothing, however, was easy outside the bedroom. Not when my world-class, fearless athlete wanted to shout from Everest that he was in love with another man.
But laying my heart on the line and having my picture dominating the papers was worth it. Everything about Todd turned me on. His bold hockey skills, his courageous attitude and the way he melted in my arms when I kissed him. I melted too, because he knew how to press my buttons, remind me of the man I used to be and take me to those places where ecstasy ruled.
The world might have trouble accepting us, but we’d committed to each other, mind, body and soul, and nothing could change that.


The coffeepot clicked and started its low gurgling routine. I studied the way Todd’s black top stretched over his pecs, the gray scarf that hung in a loose twist around his neck and the dark beanie perched on his head, covering his soft, trademark blond hair. An annoying swell of lust expanded in my chest and I willed the feeling not to travel down to my cock.
But damn! Why does he have to look so edible?
“I’m sorry for telling you to leave,” he said, looking back up at me. “You must think I’m fucking pathetic.”
“No, I just think you’re confused about your sexuality.”
“I’m not.” He took three fast paces toward me. Stopped when he was so close I could have reached out and touched him.
“I’m not confused at all. I like guys, I like you.” He paused. “All this running around with women over the years, okay, I’ve been attracted to them, a few I even thought could be special. But, Matthew, there is something about you, and that kiss. Fuck!” He tugged off his beanie and chucked it at the counter. It landed on a box of biscuits. “For the first time in my life I feel I can get the satisfaction I’ve been hunting for and never fucking finding.” He paused and pulled in a deep breath. “I feel, with you, I can be the person I’m meant to be.” He shook his head and his eyes looked heavy and tired. “Matthew, I’m gay, bi, whichever slot you want to put me in. I’ve accepted that about myself now, more than accepted it, I’ve known it for a while and I’m proud of it.” He moved closer still. “So please say I haven’t ruined my chances with you because of a knee-jerk reaction to something so powerful it took away my damn ability to think.”
My mind was swimming. “Todd, this is a lot to take in.”
“I know. It is for me too.” He shoved a hand through his hair, causing it to stick up in a messy but still ├╝ber-trendy kind of way. “That’s the first time I‘ve said it out loud.”
He swallowed, pulling his lips tight as he did so. “That I’m gay, into guys.” He hesitantly rested his fingertips on my forearm.
I gave a hint of a smile. He deserved recognition for his admission.
“And whatever this is,” he said, “between us. It’s the first time I’ve been honest enough with myself to go for it, and I’m excited and nervous but damn well determined to see it through.”
His touch left my arm, wound up through my black coils of chest hair and settled at the hollow of my throat. Each part of my flesh that connected with his fizzed and burned, a heated trail of longing that was sending blood racing to my cock. There was no way I could stop an erection now. I was hardening by the second.
“Todd,” I managed, my voice shaky as his presence engulfed me entirely. I could smell his tangy cologne, feel his body heat seeping into my skin. He was all I could see, hear, think about. He filled my mind, my thoughts. If I wasn’t careful he would wheedle into a very delicate place in my soul. “Please, don’t make me want you. It’s not fair, I just can’t—”
“Shh.” He pressed his index finger over my lips. “Want me all you want, Matthew. You’ve damn well got me.”
He leaned forward and kissed me, those luscious soft lips of his pressing over mine and his tongue prodding and peeking into my mouth and searching for connection.
I wanted to melt into him. Take everything. Grab him, fuck him, claim him. But I couldn’t. My poor aching heart was screaming in confusion, those tight bolts surrounding it since Tony had left were stiff and unyielding. “Todd.” I pushed at his chest, my palms connecting with an immovable mass that didn’t budge an inch.
“Matthew,” he murmured, “give me another chance.” He wrapped his arms around my shoulders, pulling me close and squeezing me up against his body. “I won’t give you any reason to doubt me.” He trailed kisses over my cheek until his mouth rested at my ear and I could hear his choppy breaths.
I weakened into his embrace. It had been so long since I’d been held like this. In a way that was both protective and passion-infused. I felt my eyes sting. Not that I was one for crying but there was a battle raging within myself. Should I believe him when he said he wanted me or run for the hills? Jekyll was wrestling Hyde, common sense fighting against longing and hope.
“Be cool,” he whispered, stroking down my back in a soothing way. “Let me show you how I feel.”
I pulled away a fraction, just far enough to look into his eyes. I saw anxiety and desire, and an honesty that made me want to fall to my knees. But I didn’t, instead I allowed him to kiss me again. Hungrily, passionately and in a way that cemented all of his words. Todd Carty did indeed want me, and in a deliciously sinful way, if his wandering hands were anything to go by.
He was touching my back, my butt, squeezing my ass cheeks through the towel, checking out contours and firmness, learning my shape.
I groaned, shut my eyes and tipped my head back as his wet kisses traveled down my neck. My cock was in full ready-for-action mode, hot and rock-hard, straining against the flimsy towel.
I hissed in a breath as his kiss suddenly turned sharp and nipping. He sucked hard at my skin, pulling flesh into the taut band of his mouth. I clung to him and realized that I didn’t care, the thought of a hickey from Todd was exquisite; it would remind me this moment had been real—later, when I was alone again.
“Ah, fuck, you taste amazing,” he rumbled, heading lower and kissing over my collarbone.
Opening my eyes, I saw the tousled locks of his hair by my chin. I could feel his fingers brushing through my chest hair, tangling, tugging, sliding and circling my nipples. I willed my weak legs to stay holding me upright, his hands on me the most erotic thing I’d felt in such a fucking long time.
“I want you, Matthew,” he said, dropping to his knees and curling his fingers over the tucked-in section of towel.



Lily Harlem is a multi-published, award winning author of contemporary erotic romance. She lives in the UK with Mr H and a bunch of animals, all rescued, and loves to spend her days immersed in imagination.
Her books are a mixture of full length novels and short stories, some are one offs, some are sequels or part of a series (all can be enjoyed as stand-alone reads). What they each have in common are colourful characters travelling on everyone’s favourite journey — falling in love. If the story isn’t deliciously romantic and down and dirty sexy, it won’t be written, at least not by Lily. So with the bedroom door left well and truly open you are warned to hang on for a steamy, sensual ride - or rides as the case might be!

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