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Book Tour for Legion by Rider Jacobs (GIVEAWAY)

Fans of the m/m genre will find Legion by Rider Jacobs a unique and creative book.  Keep reading to get a tantalizing taste of this book and learn even more by visiting the other blogs hosting this tour.  Make sure to fill out the form below for your chance to win an e-copy of this book!

Even the darkest of hearts can find love.
Banished to the mortal realm for a crime he didn't commit all Nico wants to do is return home. Legion feels love is weakness, it's an emotion only felt by fools. Answering a bundled summoning attempt Legion's world is turned upside down by the exotic Nico. Intrigued by the mortal, Legion finds himself unable to stay away. Refusing to believe he might actually be falling in love he sets out to discover who has cast such a wicked spell on him. Nico has a secret though, one that could end his relationship and destroy his chance to return home.


Nico kissed him once more, his lips like soft rose petals. Legion was unsure how to respond. He had never been kissed like this before, he had never been with a mortal before. There were a few in the celestial realm that had gotten his attention but never, and he did mean never, had a dust bunny been able to capture his attention. He wasn’t really quite sure how they did satisfy thecravings of the flesh. He had an idea but had never actually done it himself so he wasn’t sure how the whole thing worked.
Nico’s body continued to press against him, his hands slid into his hair. Legion searched his mind trying to figure out how he wanted him to respond but once again all he could see was him tied to the bed, his legs tied to his wrists, crying out as if in pain. Legion didn’t want to hurt him and for the life of him he wasn’t sure why Nico wanted him to cause him such pain.
“Have you ever been kissed by a guy?” Nico whispered, continuing to run his fingers through the dark shaggy hair.
“Uh, yes.” He sort of lied.
He had been kissed by a guy before, plenty of them, just never by a mortal one. This was somehow primitive, it wasn’t the touching of bodies, the joining of auras that they had on the celestial plane. This was hot, wet, full of feelings he knew little about. He concentrated more on controlling his reaction to Nico’s touches; it was getting harder by the moment though.
Legion looked at the top of Nico’s head as those perfect lips found his nipple. This was new to him, they never touched like this in his realm. His brain was assaulted by the new feelings. Suddenly a sharp pain shot threw his body hitting his brain like an explosion, he realized thatNico was biting him and he liked it. Then it hit him, the images he saw when he tried to read his mind had nothing to do with pain or torture, it was sex Nico wanted. It seemed like in a cruel joke, but the joy of sex looked like the scrunched up face of pain.
“Let’s go upstairs,” Nico whispered.
“I can’t.” Legion pulled away. He didn’t know if he was ready for this. To get in bed with a mortal and do such carnal things was a big step for him. “I have to go.”
“Was I too forward?” Nico’s large eyes suddenly filled with tears. Once again Legion’s heart ached. He hated these emotions, why should he care if Nico cried? He had seen plenty of people cry before, he had seen them beg and plead and it never bothered him. This one mortal dust bunny though changed everything. It made Legion’s heart ache at the thought of ever doing anything to hurt or displease Nico. He had to find out who bewitched him, how they did it and then destroy them so it could never happen again.
“You’ve done nothing wrong. I have things I need to do, when we’re ready to join our bodies in such a way I want to make sure no one bothers us,” he stated, trying to keep all emotion from his voice. He didn’t want Nico to know what he was doing to him.
He nodded, blinking back the tears.
Legion reached over kissing him ever so gently on the lips. “I promise I will return soon and we can finish what we started.”



A.J. Kelton are the dynamic writing team of Angel and Jordan. The couple met online several years ago on an Alexander fan site and have been friends ever since. Angel soon found that Jordan had a flare for storytelling with several half-finished stories on her computer. Angel encouraged Jordan to finish the stories and with help in creative description she decided to send the stories off to MLR press. They were both shocked and excited when they got the news that Faelon was accepted for publication. While Jordan may have a flare for storytelling she doesn’t enjoy the smaller details in getting a story ready for publication. That is where Angel comes in; she spends countless hours getting the story ready after line edits, going over each line in proofing and formatting, making decisions such as covers and fonts, all things that Jordan just has problems focusing on.
Angel is always on the lookout for her perfect mate, a cross between Ethan from Under the Australian Sky and Evan from Marco.  Until Mr. Perfect appears at her door, or in front of her booth wanting an autograph she loves to read, take pictures and attend concerts of all kinds. She loves all things 80’s. Angel lives in Texas with her two dogs, Daisy a beagle who she insists is nothing like snoopy and her Chihuahua Bonita.
When not writing Jordan loves to read anything from Amish romance to the dark taboo books of fiction both M/M and Het. She is a very avid reader, except when writing because she doesn’t want to be influenced by what she is reading. Jordan loves to travel and often her latest vacation spots show up in his books. While Jordan is always looking for that perfect place to live at the moment she can be found in Kansas.
Both writers have solo projects coming out in the future, Angel with Misunderstandings under the name Angel Rothamel. Jordan with Legion under the name Rider Jacobs.
Both authors would love to hear from you. You can contact them at You can also find them on Facebook under both AJ Kelton, Angel Rothamel and Rider Jacobs.

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