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Book Tour for Glory Dogs by DeZre Storm (Review)

As a sci-fi fan I'm excited to have discovered a new-to-me author who's crafted a unique read with lots of steam entitled Glory Dogs.  Keep reading to get a tantalizing taste of this book along with my impressions of it.  You can learn even more about it by visiting the other blogs hosting this tour.  So let's get to it......

Yoland “Kitten” Sleek is used to living in a world of secrets. Born a mixed breed of humanoid, one engineered to kill and another made for pleasure, she explores the galaxy searching for the one source that can protect the privacy of her family: her father. The pleasure breed’s illegal bloodline endangers her existence and brands her with a death sentence. Blackmailed into an agreement with the superiors of her employer, she lands in dangerous hands.
Special Operations Sergeant Brinks “Watch” Dog leads his squadron into the most challenging of planetary environments in service to the Compound Operations Research Exploration (CORE) Unit of the United Human Alliance. Bound to his Squad Leader, Jeremy “Sanction” Weaver, they scour the galaxies hunting to fulfill the missions of the CORE and save a planet’s people. After the rare addition of female Enlist Yoland Sleek to the team, the secrecy surrounding her threatens the squadron’s existence.
Can they keep their minds focused on the mission, or should their attentions deviate to the temptation of Yoland Sleek?


Sleek sat opposite him at her dining table, only big enough for two, in her small kitchen and reached for the Orland fruit. There always seemed to be more to her Helion commander’s behaviors than looking over his squad. She sensed it, somehow, in the way he looked at her. Why is he in my kitchen making sure I eat before training? Could he possibly care?
The bite of Orland sent the juices from its center dancing down her throat with a slightly metallic burst across her tongue. Its properties would infuse her with energy. She could moan every time she ate it but held back under Dog’s intense gaze. The sergeant demonstrated his appreciation of her by bringing her favorite treats. She eyed the platter and noted it full of only those things which could heal and fortify her, making her ready for their next mission.
The sweet flavor of the Orland played to perfection on her taste buds while she puzzled over her reaction to him in her bedchamber. His presence wasn’t unsettling. Even now, with him stuffing her kitchen with his size, the anxiety she’d grown used to experiencing didn’t come. Am I that tired? The silence thickened with unanswered questions she dare not seek resolution for.
“You don’t like it?” Dog’s voice broke her thoughts.
She brought her attentions to him. “Oh, I’m sorry. The food is very good.”
“Perhaps cramming for your exam has left you with other needs.” His voice near purred.
Her nodes flared with the memory of the sound. Her lips tingled. Her belly warmed. She gritted her teeth. Her Prime had begun to associate the purr with the arousal he brought.
Realization sprung on her. Her acceptance of him was not due to exhaustion. She wanted him here. The thought thumped warmth into her lower belly.
Dammit. He did it.
He had given her just enough of his attention to steer the Prime hormone towards control of her responses. She hoped her reaction to his presence would subside. She was trying to grow used to the intensity of his gaze but never thought she could become comfortable around him.Logically, she knew it wasn’t safe to be in a room with him until she reached dormancy. He would wreak hell on her Prime.
He needs to leave.
“What is that look in your eyes?” he asked.
Her mouth fell open. She lost her thought. Had her nodes flared? Did she release pheromone? Did he scent her arousal?
“I’ve seen that look before.” Dog came to a stand. His large form dominated her kitchen and loomed over her.
Don’t let him touch you. Instant defense whipped into her muscle. Sleek took to her feet, thankful the Aknotian muscle control gave her some dominance over the Prime. She couldn’t risk his touch. The Prime would certainly take the new found comfort level to the next step. The rush of anxiety thumped in her chest.
“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” she hissed, angry at her reaction to his statement. Her knees weakened, making backing away from his advance a challenge.
“The look you have now.” He caught her waist, hauled her against him.
Her breasts made contact with his chest. Her legs pressed against the steel of his. She gasped.
He’s so hard. By the Universe, his cock’s harder. She struggled to govern her thought against the Prime mating hormone, but Dog was monitoring her features and inhaling her scent. She needed to find the words to stop him.
“Don’t,” she said.
“Why not, femme?”
“You humiliate me,” she whispered.
“Do I?” He stated the question with a purr close behind.
His lips hovered over hers. The tug of lust fury blurred her vision. Another rumble from his chest and she relaxed in his grip. That damned purr.
“I can’t be touched,” she said.
“I must know the look in your eyes. It doesn’t speak humiliation. It isn’t full desire. I’ve seen that look on you, mon chaton. It isn’t satisfaction. That is the look I prefer on you.” He inhaled. “This one smells of fear. Do I frighten you?”
“No.” Her voice rasped with emotion through her terror. The heat of his closeness and relaxation of his purr ate at her Prime senses. Her body was building pressure in her most sensitive areas. Her heart hammered.
Can I awaken without a single intimate touch? The fear of the pending orgasm was drowned by its persistence. She had to stop.
“I can smell it on your skin.” Dog purred. “Fear.”
“I don’t mean to.” Her voice quivered through the first minor tug of her sex. More horror twisted through her anxiety. Distress shortened her breath. She wanted to come. I can’t.
“Why do you look at me in such a way?” he asked.
A question. The relief of it was short lived. She needed to talk; to distract herself from the pleasure of her body, but the inhale brought the chaos of his scent. His pheromone.
“Do my scars frighten?”
She passed a glance over his face. “No.” The answer came swift and breathy. She’d come to ignore the scars cycles ago, but remained captivated by his hard gaze.
“What causes this fear?” he asked.
His question sharpened her anxiety. The Prime. She went rigid in his hold. Her Prime wanted to taste his lips, sample his DNA so it could build a song suitable to their union.
“I’m sorry.” She turned her head away from the tempting heat of his mouth, praying she wouldn’t burst into lust fury. His chest vibrating in a long purr against her breasts was an intoxication she couldn’t escape.
“I watch over you. Have I failed?” he asked.
“No.” The answer was aimed at her internal struggle. Her sex began toying with the LOWD inside it, undulating the defense device to bring some form of satisfaction to the demands of Dog’s presence. She struggled to grapple her thinking while the Prime compelled her instincts to mating. “I will not…be a victim…of my breeding.”
“Nor I, femme.” He purred.
Her eyelids fluttered at the assault his purr ignited. Its sensations drugged her with ease. Her Prime clawed at her mind, sweetly tensing her clit and swelling her breasts with Prime milk. She drew a sharp inhale, scented his pheromone; felt the mark of his desire against her belly.
So hard.
“I do not wish for you to fear me.” Dog’s nose hovered above the node behind her ear. She struggled to close it. His breath rushed out in a heated pant against her neck. “Mon chaton, my precious, I do not wish to fail you.” His lips lingered above her skin. She needed to turn to him, taste them, but remained paralyzed by the shock of her own lust.
I need my mind. She desperately called for sanity.
Dog growled, lifting her up his body by her ass. Her breasts dragged along his front. Thought fizzled. A shaking cry passed her lips. She took hold of his shoulders. “Please, no.”
He walked her to the kitchen's door frame. Her back pressed against it. The feel of his cock pushing against her flesh through the skins pulled a whimper from her.
“Stop,” she whispered. She met his gaze. Her mind was flooded with images of him loving her body. She bit into her bottom lip to stifle the huffy “Yes” threatening to rip from her throat.
“You beg, Chaton? I can’t stop this anymore than you can. I am beyond saving. I want all you can give until the end of my days.”
The end of his days? She struggled to rationalize his statement. Shut her eyes against the rocketing anxiety his purr crushed into her will to stay grounded and not give in to her Prime. Still, her Prime worked on cataloging the pleasures of his flesh, recalling his hands covering impossible amounts of skin and spreading pleasurable tension. She gasped at the tremors in her sex.
“I can only have you, femme.”
“Please,” she said. The tightening of her clit and breachpoint became a maddening hell. She needed some form of release.
I’ll take anything. Anything. Please. Her desperate thoughts wrapped fear around her. This was what father had warned her of. The Prime easily became slaves to pleasure.
Make it stop. Stop.
Dog’s lips lightly traced hers with his own, silken and smooth, leaving the sting of need wherever they touched. Her Prime ignited from the exposure to his DNA against her mouth. The Prime hormone intensified her sense of touch, adjusting to the pressure and texture of his hands, so that no matter how he stroked her, she would be pleased. Her breachpoint tightened to accommodate his finger, the only part of him he ever pressed against her intimate flesh. To her horror, her body had catalogued his hands expertly.
Dog shifted, dragging his hardened chest against her nipples. Her sharp inhale filled her nose with his scent, calling out to her Prime to open her nodes and share her desire to mate. His purr boiled sensation through her spine.
No. Don’t.
Her vision turned silver. She gripped at the wall behind her to ground her mind on something stable. Sleek plummeted into the exploding orgasm, sending fragments of their song to Dog’s ears. She gyrated against him and drew her lust fury.
He tensed, provided more steel to the friction of their contact and lengthening the time of her song.
“Was that for me, Chaton?” His whisper wrapped her ear.
Damn the Prime. She panted for recovery. Tears of embarrassment stung her eyes. She shivered, finding the word she desperately needed. “Go.”
Dog allowed her to gain her footing and cupped her face. “We’ll continue this. Next time, Chaton, I guarantee there will be less clothing involved.”





As a fan of the sci-fi genre I'm impressed by the author's worldbuilding and the unique premise seen in this story.  From the vividly depicted variety of alien species to the advanced scientific technology it was easy to become immersed in this story.  As the first book in a series it laid some compelling groundwork for future stories that leave me excited for what's to come.

Along with the intriguing and eye-catching scientific background there's a compelling and steamy romance between two very different people, people whose existence is frowned upon but have found a purpose in the military.  After the bloody end to her previous placement in a squad, the truth about Yoland was discovered and the importance of her ethnicity and the hormones she secretes leads to her being blackmailed.  She's chosen to be in a new squad that knows of how her previous assignment ended with each member going out of their way to ignore the potent pheromones she gives off, almost treating her delicately and brotherly.  Yoland is scared of the potency of the pheromones she gives off and dreads being touched because of the loss of control that overtakes her body.  It's hard to know what's real when her body so easily betrays her.  She can be seen as a strong-willed woman in most cases but when it comes to her genetics things are beyond her control and I ached for her in those situations.  Everyone wanted to take advantage of her hormones, from the scientists who wanted to collect her pheromones to combat disease to those men who tried to violate her.  Through it all, she had to keep the truth of her heritage hidden as it's illegal and places her family in jeopardy and lead her to doing whatever necessary to keep them safe.

Dog is an intimidating man with his larger than life looks.  Behind these looks hides a man full of loyalty, a protector of the weak and downtrodden, someone honorable yet able to admit that when he sees something he wants he goes after it.  Yoland is exactly what he wants the moment he sees her and he unleashes a sensual onslaught to claim her.  He's a powerful man used to taking control and Yoland becomes his perfect match as his Alpha hormones call to her Prime ones.  At no time does he take her against her will as he's sworn to keep her safe and his honor won't let him sway.

Theirs is a relationship full of twists and turns, as is the storyline and who's on the side of good and who has nefarious deeds in mind.  The romance is hot and nicely incorporated into the action that sometimes dragged though, especially early on.  There's a lot of characters introduced throughout the story that sometimes caused confusion, though some were immensely appealing and leave me wanting to see more of them.  Ultimately this was a satisfying story vividly depicting the best of what sci-fi can be.  The storyline was compelling and though there's completion at the end there's still room for more storytelling and I'm greatly anticipating what the future brings!

My rating for this is a B+

*I received this book from the author for review in exchange for my honest opinion.


Tales of adventure, love and sexuality have always intrigued and inspired DeZré Storm. Weaving stories of strong character, action adventure, paranormal encounters and steaming sex make DeZré Storm tales perfect for anyone seeking a heart-pounding and spicy get away. This author doesn’t mind taking your imagination to exciting new places.
Readers that crave adventurous sexy stories set in imperfect worlds will enjoy DeZré Storm novels. Glory Dog’s action and sensuality is guaranteed to keep you panting.
Careful.  It gets hot under the cover.


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