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Book Tour for The Trouble With Memories by Eva LeFoy (Review)

As a fan of the sci-fi genre I'm constantly on the hunt for creative and exciting reads and with this release I found exactly that and more.  Keep reading to learn more about The Trouble With Memories by Eva LeFoy through Ms. LeFoy's insight into the main couple to my impressions of it as well.  You can learn even more about this exciting read by visiting the other blogs hosting this tour too!  So let's get the fun started by giving a big Welcome to Ms. LeFoy...............

Space cowboys do it rocket style!
Who likes to fly at warp speed and aren’t afraid of death-defying acts? Who, like Captain Kirk, puts their ships and careers first, even over their girlfriends? And who almost always has a very hunky  way of making up for their shortcomings? Space cowboys of course!
Captain California Sykes is all male, tough as nails and ready to overcome any obstacle. He’s so good at winning the day that even his commanders assume he’s got a plan. But Cal, he’s not a planner, he’s a doer. His fly by the seat of his pants method almost always works, however. He’s got the charm and the brains! In fact, he’s got everything going for him that a space cowboy should have. Until he loses Lucy.
His hair-brained idea to take a few months off from their relationship to focus on his career backfires. With his uber studliness, he’s quickly selected for the Mars Mission and that’s when things to upside down radioactive quarks on him. His mind is invaded by an alien entity, he attacks the Mars Base and he loses his memories. All of them. Even the ones of hot sex and lovin’ with Lucy.
Right now you’re saying, “that’s not good.” And you’re right. It’s not. Lucy’s a little upset with her man when the story opens and she lets him know it:
When he didn’t respond—not even his usual half-hearted grunt of a greeting—she stepped closer. “I said, your breakfast, sir. Where would you like me to put it?” Her teeth ground together and her mind instantly supplied a few suggestions.
The fighters made another pass and he seemed to sway in their wake. In fact, he closed his eyes as if savoring the moment. Lost in some invisible lover’s embrace like he’d once been lost in hers.
Frozen comet tails. That does it.
“How about here?” She didn’t merely drop the platter, she slammed it downward, adding an extra helping of gravity to the potatoes, mustard, and ketchup, so the tray crashed to the floor and sent ceramic shards scattering. The tray’s destruction echoed off the windows, crooning sweet vengeance to her ears.
He at last turned his head, one eyebrow raised, cold eyes assessing.
“Breakfast is served, sir,” she snarled, hands fisted at her sides. “Enjoy. Your. Meal.” Quick, purposeful strides carried her to the door. Her bags lay packed on her bed, her resignation filed and already approved. She only had to step on the flight and be out of his life forever.
“One moment, Lieutenant.” His deep voice resonated in the empty room.
Oh, asteroids. She paused mere feet from the door sensors and swallowed her shock. He’d barely said a word to her since he’d been back and now this? How ironic she’d finally get his attention on her way out the door. Blinking, determined not to let him see her pain, she swiveled to face him.
He locked his ultra-authoritative gaze with hers and crooked his finger. “Come here.”
She stifled a snort. So her last meeting with him was going to end with a stiff reprimand from the former love of her life? As though she deserved that from the man who’d once held her in his arms and promised he’d marry her? I don’t think so. With her chin held high and heart galloping, she straightened her shoulders and stomped back to where he waited, intent on showing him where else he could put that fork.
He leaned toward her, head cocked, and searched her face as though seeing her for the first time. His gaze dipped to her name badge.
“What did you say, Lieutenant…Borasco, is it?” He frowned, pulling dark eyebrows downward in apparent confusion.
What the fragged orbit was he trying to pull? “You ought to know my name, Sir.” Her fists clenched at her sides, her arms shaking with tension. Go back to your quarters, get your bags, and go. Leave him and this stupid rock of a planet and find a normal life.
“Do I?” He stepped closer, examining her, scrutinizing her features. “Are you saying that I know you, Lieutenant?”
The words, you know my naked body like the back of your hand, nearly spilled from her gaping mouth.
Will everything turn out all right for these two long lost lovers? Sort of…. They do find their way back to each other, but both of them are very CHANGED. Cal gets his memories back, all of them and apologizes to Lucy for his stupidity.  Lucy gets a new complexion to go with her sassy red hair. Please, for your own safety, don’t call her a Christmas tree!
Thanks for having me here today! Look for book II to be out soon!

Helium toads!
Lieutenant Lucy Borasco has her phase pistol ready and her ex-boyfriend in her sights. She has every intention of making him pay for choosing his career over her. But she hadn’t factored in a Martian sneak invasion, Cal’s incessant need to save the universe, or the risk of permanent damage to her complexion. Getting Cal back will cost her more than she thinks, leaving her changed forever.
Captain California Sykes’ memories are gone, his career is in ruins, and his ex-girlfriend nearly kills him with a kiss. Can he overcome the Martian invasion, save the rest of the team and win Lucy back again in the process? Or will his seat-of-the-pants plans and the canned fish rations cost him everything he holds dear, including his sanity?

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As a sci-fi fan I was impressed by the punch Eva LeFoy packed in less than a hundred pages with this first book in her Martian Mating series.  From start to finish the action accelerates to a jaw dropping ending which offers big implications for the next installment.  In between all the action is political intrigue, a love affair that never dies, a nefarious plan from a long dead race, and a few steamy scenes to make your heart race and keep you fully immersed in the story.

Cal was always dedicated to being a pilot until the day he met Lucy left him torn between his two loves.  Believing a secret and cutting edge mission to be the highlight of his career, he and other pilots allowed themselves to have implants put in and AI technology implemented that took him away from Lucy and changed his life forever.  The technology invaded his brain and led him to actions branding him a traitor with the results leaving him with lost memories and a lost love.  I ached for Cal and everything he went through.  He's a strong man left with a body he can't understand.  With cyborg implants and blackouts that leave his body acting on its own he's not even sure Lucy wants him back but he'll do whatever necessary to get her back, including putting his life on the line.

Lucy is a strong-willed woman who's capable of going toe to toe with Cal and winning but she soon tires of being chosen last.  When Cal came back a changed man she fought to bring his memories back and was willing to stand by his side to help him regain his heart and soul.....and her love.  She was no shrinking violet as she jumped right into the action to fight alongside him and I admired her strength and loyalty despite all the evidence piling up against Cal.  Her life changes dramatically in a life or death incident that happens late in the story which was a clever twist to the story that opened up a whole new can of worms.

With its compelling main couple and brief glimpses of enticingly mysterious secondary characters I was kept completely immersed in this story from start to finish.  Ms. LeFoy crafted an exciting and clever storyline full of unexpected twists and turns that kept me on the edge of my seat.  From political intrigue to the subtle sensuality permeating the scenes between Cal and Lucy to the nefarious plan from an extinct culture, I was impressed by Ms. LeFoy's vividly depicted sci-fi story and can't wait for the next installment in this series after being left with such an entertainingly over-the-top (in a good way) ending.

My rating for this is an A-

*I received this book from the author for review in exchange for my honest opinion.


Eva Lefoy writes and reads all kinds of romance, and is a certified Trekkie. She’s also terribly addicted to chocolate, tea, and hiking. One of these days, she’ll figure out the meaning of life, quit her job, and go travel the galaxy. Until then, she’s writing down all her dirty thoughts for the sake of future explorers.


  1. mwa! Yes the next story is done - just needs some tweaking. I'll be working on that this month and hopefully have out soon. Fennik finds his lady despite his .... obvious ailments. Or maybe because of LOL!

    1. Thanks so much for being here & the low down on the next book! Glad we don't have to wait too much longer for Fennick's story as he was left in quite a quandary!

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